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The Truth In A Nutshell – Part 2 (and Part 1 Recap)

Part 1:

  • Since the beginning of the 206-million-year history of human existence on our planet Earth, Satan, who represents the dark forces of evil, and his puppets have twisted and hidden Truth.
  • ALL KNOWLEDGE such as history, science, and religion has been deliberately altered to conceal Truth so that we continuously break the Laws of God and the Creation by freely choosing evil over good.
  • The “Heavenly Hosts” are our cosmic brothers and sisters from Pleiades, Sirius, and other star systems of the Cosmos. They are HU-man (Higher Universal-man) and look like us though they have higher frequencies than we do and possess greater technology. They have come to bring us Truth one more time before the end of this “last” third dimensional civilization on our Earth.
  • The Cosmic name for our earth is “Shan”, meaning “the planet of tears” and she is a living sentient being.
  • We have been told the lie that our Universe Creator God, Aton, is a God of wrath and judgment. God is purely Love and Light. The concept and practice of human or animal sacrifice originates from Satan and his Dark Brotherhood. 
  • Almost 2000 years of psychological conditioning prevents most people from realizing that religious practices such as the Catholic mass (and others) are in fact Satanic sacrificial rituals.
  • Our God of Love DID NOT send His Son, Esu Immanuel [Jesus of Nazareth], to be killed as a sacrifice for people’s evil. Esu Immanuel came to us as another Truth-bringer of the Laws of Creation and the Laws of God.
  • The Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect demands that everyone is responsible for their own choices and actions, and each will be held accountable for their outcomes.
  • God DOES NOT save or judge us. We save ourselves by living according to the Laws of God and the Creation…and we judge ourselves by the same.
  • Being told that “reincarnation” is untrue is part of Satan’s “lie” [see Part 2]. Esu Immanuel taught reincarnation to his disciples. He taught that the purpose of human life on this planet is to provide experiences through which we are to perfect our soul.


Part 2:


You did not evolve upwardly from unicellular creatures which appeared in the primeval swamps or slowly cooling earth some millions of years ago. Some life-forms were allowed to develop through natural selection, but evolution processes as outlined by Darwin and others, are extremely limited and Mr. Darwin would be the first to tell you so…”


A most significant addition to humanity occurred hundreds of thousands of years ago, when entities from a higher plane–an astral one–came to Earth, took on physical forms and proceeded to interbreed with mankind as he was at that time…”


“When the cross-breeding between Earth humans and other human groups produced offspring with a parent from “each” group, the offspring all had the one capability which humans at that time lacked. They had the facility of remaining focused and individualized without the aid of the physical body…”


“…There would be allowed a speeding up of the individualizing process for human beings, to bring them quickly to the point where they could exist apart and separate from their physical bodies. One of the reasons was to allow the beginning of the reincarnational scheme, in which human entities would live repeated lives in different bodies and would sojourn in the astral realms between earthly lives…”


“These latter ones proceeded in all haste to teach to the more innocent and ignorant the ways of satanic culmination. It was recognized by humanity’s guides that the only way to short-circuit this downward spiral which had been initiated by the astral group was to cut off the physical lives of mankind–through a death process…”

Please see the source for the complete detailed information.

SourcePhoenix Journal 005: FROM HERE TO ARMAGEDDON (


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