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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

I won’t bore you with news from Germany. Everything is the same. Only that more and more people are walking around with masks again. The only country in the world where “C” still exists, it seems to me. And only because millions keep it alive through their fear and consumption of the MSM. Through their testing for “C” and inability to recognize that it was and still is a huge scam. Even those who witness relatives and acquaintances die or get damage from vaccination completely dismiss a connection. Indoctrination? In Germany a complete success for the cabal. It is quite grotesque to me, with the knowledge of today, how media narratives are still carried along by so many fellow human beings and how ignorantly all signs that they are lies are consistently disregarded. If indoctrination and brainwashing ever worked perfectly, it certainly did in Germany. Even those who call themselves awakening keep falling back into impatience, lamentation and disappointment. Someone like me writes for eyes that don’t want to see, writes for minds that don’t want to comprehend. But also, and I’ m happy about this, for hearts. More and more hearts. I thank all those who have been faithful to me over so many years, I know there are also many who read here on IDC, not only in Germany.

From the text just now, I’m sure you’ve gathered that I think many are not ready for what will inevitably come our way. Some try to prepare their followers for what they think is coming, let’s think about the members of the Guru News Network. And every day they are packed into the starting blocks, only to walk out in the evening. High alert in Reno? Every single day! I wouldn’t want to work there because for years I would have NO FREE TIME there if the GNN had their way. Whatever their intention is, it has been bouncing off me for a long time. Burned children just shun the stove. That is among other things because I have taken off my blinkers and also no longer “fly” low, so I have changed to the eagle perspective and observe broadly. When I write this in my channel that observing and not absorbing is the best strategy right now, it still bounces off some readers. That’s why I repeat it as often as I can. The Khazars’ strategy was the same. Constant repetition of their lies until everyone believed them.

But with all the different news and messages, from whatever camp they may come, are we ready for all this? What are the people doing who are in channels warning about Trump and Putin, who think “Q” is a PsyOp, and who claim in all seriousness that we are being led into a new trap? How are those who bury their hopes, their goals, their projects, merely because their doubts about all the good that is happening (which are perfectly legitimate) get fertilizer? I think such channel operators will disappear, like so many others, and those who followed will be glad that things turned out differently after all. But whether they will be ready then is up to each individual himself. Only it will become easier, because they were already once on the right way.

In the meantime, I’ m also convinced that the alliance has taken over many swindlers and charlatans and also many who pretended to us all to be on the good side, but had a different agenda, namely making money with their half-truths. Since Germany is lagging behind somewhat, as with so many things, it is not yet so here, all continue unhindered with their business models. Presumably, the point will also come at some point where they are either taken over or where they simply disappear from the scene. If nothing is posted in channels anymore, people will walk out.

There are a lot of things you can prepare for, such as a lockdown or a blackout, and the media are full of warnings and warnings all over the world. But for what is really coming, are we prepared for it? I know some people who have not been well off financially all their lives, and now they are juggling nine or twelve figures and want to make the world a better place. No offense, that’s all commendable and also possible, especially because they know how quickly you can get out of the scarcity mindset with a reasonable income. But are they also ready for their plans and projects? I don’t mean the elaborations, the transcripts, generally the planning. I mean the fact that nobody knows what is coming. How can I be prepared for something that I and everyone else doesn’t know? And if I consider everything, if I consider even the impossible, how can I plan based on sound judgment?

Let’s put aside for a moment that no one knows what’s coming. At the stanmer academy ( there is a training course for project managers. It has been completed by many and there are still courses in the future. This is important for all those who have never dealt with planning projects, they learn something they will definitely need in the future. It can be compared to a cooking course for all those who have no idea how to prepare food. In the future, we will also have to plan things, we must then have as much information as possible so that our planning will be good.


Planning for the future today means, first and foremost, preparing to throw the whole plan in the trash. Horrified? Indignant? Sure you’re horrified and indignant, but I’m telling you that you can’t plan here and now with solid information. We simply do not know what else will be in the new world from the old, and we do not know what new things are coming.

For example, many are concerned about the animals. Commendable, because they co-inhabit our planet. But the focus is not only on wild animals, but on animals from factory farms, from experimental laboratories or other institutions, such as zoos or pet shops. Wild animals have it easier, because they will get much larger habitats again. Just as it was before industrialization. But what about the others? Do we want to let them all go free? And just allow the damage they will inevitably do? How would these animals feel if they were suddenly released? Who would feed them? They don’t know what it’s like to get their own food, they’re used to being fed.

I can’t tell you what happens to these animals, but I can tell you what I dreamed. And that’s why, again, I trust the alliance that made the liberation plan for us. I dreamed that all the animals from factory farms were taken from our planet to other planets in the universe, where they are needed by those planets’ inhabitants. In return, we would get back the “extinct” species that we as humanity have wiped out. To restore the diversity on our particular planet that was originally envisioned.

I don’t know if this is how it will happen, but to me, this is a solution. A plausible solution that is entirely in the spirit of the Alliance. Dreams don’t come for free. And animals from zoos and pet shops have been released into the wild or distributed to people who have not been able to keep pets. Because that, too, will be possible for everyone. Because our way of life will change. Away from big cities to owning our own properties. I know some plans to save animals as a project. Are those who made these plans ready for such a solution?

Another example: there are masses of plans for communities, for settlements, for residential neighborhoods. Based on the country estates that Vladimir Megre writes about in his Anastasia books and that already exist, or based on One Small Town by Michael Tellinger, or even many people’s own designs. But always only a few options flow into all these projects. Be it the design, the layout, the way the buildings are built. There is a lot of planning going on and hey guys, I was in the middle of all this planning. I have made elaborations with pictures, drawings and with words, which have consumed a lot of time and a lot of brainpower. But because in the meantime there were always new reports about new techniques and more and more theories leaked out, which will turn our world upside down, I discarded it all or gave it to other people as a basis. Why do you want to know? I just say photovoltaic instead of free energy.

So, are all the planners of communities who want to prescribe everything to their future co-inhabitants, who have planned down to the smallest detail according to today’s knowledge and facts, prepared for the fact that they might not have any co-inhabitants? Are those who think they can rule or “reign” or otherwise set the tone over their new roommates prepared to lose them all again? What does the planner of round houses do if there are potential residents who want to continue building square? Is he prepared to compromise or to jump over his shadow?

Are we prepared to deal with high sums? Are we prepared that we will not be the only ones who will have high sums? Are we prepared, with all the help we want to give to others, that they have already helped themselves? Or have they already been helped by others? Are we prepared for those deep valleys into which we can fall, despite the new world, if it turns out, however, that our planning was “for the cat”? And something else very important: Are we prepared for the fact that we will not exchange or not as high as we are told? That perhaps less is more? I ask this question for a reason. Because there has often been talk of sums that sum up all the values of our world. And these sums were utopian, I remember a decilliarde (English vigintillion), that is a “1” with 63 zeros, but which can also be increased to a “1” with 102 zeros. The German word for it is Septendezillion, I don’t know the English word for it. A “septendecillion” in America is a “1” with 54 zeros. To deal with that is a lot of thinking, I think.


If the alliance gave everyone the same amount, and assuming we really are 8 billion people, each person would get an amount of a “1” with 54 zeros, or with 93 zeros. And if a few thousand people get together, what could they finance with it, if there is anything to finance at all? We will get many things for free, as one hears and reads. Are we, who have been dealing with the RV and the exchange for years, prepared for the fact that perhaps everything will turn out quite differently than we think, than we are told? Are we all prepared that maybe there will be no elites or chosen ones that other people will depend on? Whether we are in TIER groups, or in organizations, or in exchange groups, it could well be that we will all be treated equally and no one will be better or worse off. Are we prepared for such a development?

I certainly don’t want to denigrate or badmouth anything here, I just want to use examples to show that we are actually not prepared for much. We are prepared to go to a better world or to rebuild a deliberately destroyed world. We may also be prepared to experience our own leaving the third dimension, getting a higher consciousness. That alone will have tremendous impact, even if we are ready for it. But we know that we definitely or based on fact know nothing as far as the future is concerned. There is just too much and too many different things being reported in the news about one subject.

Let’s just be ready for the new world, ready for prosperity and abundance, ready for a nature that we have all rarely experienced and ready to learn everything necessary when the right time comes. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? And until then, let’s practice getting along better with each other so we can leave division behind. The new communities need unity, cohesion, tolerance and WE instead of ME. Ready when you are!

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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