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Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on October 13, 2022

Dear Readers,

Under the Russian news website in German language “” I found an article about the deafening silence of the German government regarding the explosions at the North Stream 2 pipeline. I answered to it to and post it here for you in English language.

I will translate it for you and answer in English below…

The fact that several questions from MPs Żaklin Nastić and Sahra Wagenknecht about the attack on Nord Stream were answered only with a “We don’t say” should be common knowledge. But even this silence reveals more than the German government would like.

One does not and will not get smarter about the attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines. At least the German government does not want to give an answer, and this fact was also picked up and reported. But the devil here, as so often, is in the details. After all, there is no way to say nothing in such cases without saying something.


To do this, one point must be made – answers to parliamentary questions can be worded in an obfuscatory manner, they can have gaps, and they can end in a non-answer in various ways; but as a rule, there is no lying in them. That is the basic requirement for deciphering what happened.

Unfortunately, all the answers to the questions from both Sahra Wagenknecht and Żaklin Nastić have not yet been published; so I only have the sentences that were quoted in the press. They are sufficient, however.

The statement is that the government “after careful consideration came to the conclusion that further information cannot be provided – even in classified form – for reasons of state welfare.” Then comes an invocation of a third party rule that intelligence from other countries could not be disclosed, and then it goes one better: “The requested information thus affects secrecy interests in need of protection to such an extent that the welfare of the state prevails over the parliamentary right to information.”

Now for starters – this third party rule is something that is brought to bear very much on a whim. After all, there are always whispers from the government side that there is this or that intelligence; something like that has the tremendous advantage that you can make claims that way that you don’t have to prove. And in doing so, one always likes to refer to alleged British or US intelligence. In reality, this rule is only used if the result is not to one’s liking. Since the Baltic Sea is an area that is under maximum surveillance, this argument can also be used if one has one’s own findings that one does not want to hand over just because others also have such findings and can be used as an excuse.

Behind the “classified form” is a procedure that is seldom used and itself always shows that something is actually to be hidden here. Many years ago, I had once suggested an inquiry about the MBS papers that were in the bad banks, specifically about papers issued by Deutsche Bank in the USA. This question was first given two honorary rounds of extension (sensational at the time), and then the answer was given that a member of parliament was allowed to see the answer, but neither to take notes nor to pass on what he had seen … Also a variant of non-answer, which at the time, however, signaled to me that I had hit the mark.

So this kind of non-response is found to be too dangerous. And that’s where we get to the interesting part. And back to the list of suspects.

One thing is indisputable – if there was the slightest possibility of blaming Russia, the question of secrecy would not have arisen. On the contrary. But this variant was so unlikely from the start that it was not even seriously attempted. Rather, the subject of the attack was so thoroughly hushed up that the two guys from The Duran were already mocking that soon the Nord Stream pipelines themselves would disappear down a memory hole and European politicians would only answer the question about Nord Stream with “Nord what?”.


How would the issue have been handled if one of the “lesser” suspects had turned out to be the culprit? In the case of Poland, it is safe to assume that the option of viewing the information in a secret room would have been chosen, possibly with the ulterior motive that the information would then get out to the public in one way or another. After all, it is one thing to be basically relieved yourself because the simple solution of lifting the sanctions and thus solving the energy problem no longer exists, but quite another to have Poland interfere. That would be a form of political insult that would certainly be compensated for in some way.

Even with British involvement, some loophole would normally be sought to set the record straight after this unmistakable external attack on German interests. As servile as this federal government is, it is upwards, and the lesser ones in the pecking order remain the lesser ones; even the constant [redacted] whining would fall on completely deaf ears, were it not for the geopolitical background and US involvement.

There is exactly one country on this planet whose naming as a perpetrator would be risky even under the conditions of the secret chamber. Although less in terms of the state’s welfare (that would require publication and a corresponding reaction by the federal government), but in terms of the federal government’s welfare. This country is the United States of America. Only with this result does this complete stonewalling make sense. And there is no need to wonder why Navy divers allegedly went to the attack site without taking the equipment necessary for the given depth.

Particularly difficult in this context would be the question of whether the federal government was informed, if so, when, and why there was no response. These are all questions that touch on the sensitive issue of treason, and the Scholz government has every reason not to let this issue arise. This, too, would be different if it had been the British or the Poles. Because in that case, no one would assume that they had been informed or asked beforehand. But just with such lackeys, who take credit for being at least the first among the servants, as a Robert Habeck with his “servant-lead” has also pronounced, any variant of not having been asked would have triggered a fit of raving madness; not to mention actions of lower-ranking lackeys.

As you can see, this answer reveals quite a lot, it only depends on the correct evaluation of the kind of answer. And, of course, the handling of this question confirms once again that this federal government puts its own personal well-being above the well-being of the country and its inhabitants; but this is nothing new, and anyone who has not understood this by now will probably not understand it again.


so far the original article on Russian news site in german language.


there is more to this!

important more things!


Nord Stream: The Treacherous Silence of the German Government Part II

Recently, while doing research, I came across a short video with an excerpt from a speech by a delegate of the party DIE GRÜNEN from their party conference a few days ago.

She reported on a recent trip she had made together with Minister Robert Habeck.

“We were in Washington together with the Committee Against Disinformation. And when Robert finally put the kibosh (exact german translation would be  “put an end to it”)  on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, I had a high-five from my Polish colleagues the next morning when I walked in.”

What is implied in this subordinate clause is even more egregious than what has been revealed so far.

We already know that U.S. ships, submarines, and aircraft were near and/or even immediately on the scene at the time in question.

And indeed, if here the “American friends” in the context of securing their completely overpriced LNG exports to Europe and here in particular Germany, were to take from the German people the already existing, fully paid for, operational solution to the emergency in the energy market in order to send them into the safe, cold winter, then that in itself is an extraordinarily hostile act.

Many believe that the Federal Republic of Germany is an independent, free and sovereign state. If that were the case, the German government would have to try with all its might to find out who destroyed these pipelines and on whose behalf and why. But it obviously does not do so. Instead, the whole incident is completely hushed up, the chief investigator Erik Ollsen suddenly dies unexpectedly (1) of a bee sting and is cremated within hours, following the head of the pipeline maintenance company Peter Griesemann, who “died” shortly before the attack and was “seen off” together with his family in his private plane over the sea.

Let’s start with the basics:


The Federal Republic is not a sovereign state, but an occupied country under foreign rule, which was provided with a “Basic Law” for the period of occupation in accordance with the Hague Regulations on Land Warfare (3). This Basic Law and the secret agreement on the so-called “Allied Reservation” provide that the Basic Law loses its “validity on the day on which a constitution comes into force which has been freely decided by the German people” (4). The Allied reservation is contractually assured until the year 2099 and no matter what the Allies do or do not do in Germany, they are ALWAYS above the Basic Law, that is, ABOVE the law, which applies to all Germans. All Germans includes all people on the territory of the still existing German Reich in the borders of 1937 (5) (Federal Constitutional Court 31/07/1973). On top of that, the Federal Republic even lacks a national territory, because the scope of the Basic Law was deleted without replacement in 1990. The action of the “Federal Government” aims thus with nothing at a sovereign state, but at one since 1990 now only virtually existing state-similar structure named “Germany” (so (and not as “Deutschland” or “Bundesrepublik Deutschland” or at least “Federal Republic of Germany”)(or legally correct as “Deutsches Reich”(=german empire) at any rate Wolfgang Schäuble announced it with the UN…).(By the way: the map at the UN headquarter still shows the map of the Deutsches Reich with the borders of 1937 and their flag still is outside(at least I saw it there some years ago!).

Thus, we can actually assume that in this case of blowing up the Nord Stream 2, the legal consequences are irrelevant in relation to the allies, then these have a carte blanche for everything they do.

Only appearances to the outside world want to be maintained, which is why keeping such an action secret on the part of the German government would be all too understandable.

However, the new information from the above speech sheds new light on the curtain of what happened.

Let us consider possible background.

Germany has concluded long-term supply contracts with Russia for the purchase of gas. The guaranteed quantities on the one hand and the low prices on the other ultimately led to a kind of lump-sum agreement: sum X is paid per year until the year 20xx, regardless of whether the gas is taken or not.

Since now in the course of the recent developments the political situation in Germany, mind you steered by a group of politicians under foreign domination from outside, has changed in such a way that one would prefer not to / should / may not buy anything from Russia anymore (depending on one’s point of view and state of knowledge), paying several billion Euros for gas what one does not want to have is not a positive outlook into the future.

However, there would be a small evasion possibility: “force majeure”. For example, a terrorist attack on the pipeline. Preferably one of the kind in which the passports of the assassins are found at the scene of the crime.

“Force majeure” could mean withdrawal from the contract and release Germany from its obligation to pay.

So now, has possible Economics Minister Habeck “put the kibosh” on the pipeline by seeking help from his American friends and asking for the pipeline to be blown up so that he can get out of the contract with Russia and no longer have to pay thanks to “force majeure”?


In any case, the wording of the German delegates of the GREENS seen in the video suggests active action by the Minister of Economy.

And since the above-mentioned events took place shortly after his visit, one may very justifiably ask some questions here.

However: whoever should have done something here:

it was completely useless. Because part of the pipeline is still operational.

This eliminates any possibility of terminating the supply contract on grounds of “force majeure”.

Germany needs gas.

Germany could get gas.

German industry would not have to go to the dogs.

German households could have enough electricity and gas for heating and cooking.

If one would only simply keep and use a closed and in any case payable supply contract.


Sometimes life could be simple.

When everything is available and all you have to do is push the button.

Save thousands of jobs, keep millions of people from freezing.

Avoid a famine.

So much good could be done with a single decision.

But this is not what is wanted.

Every German should be aware of this.


And who thinks my remarks in relation to the sovereignty of Germany for conspiracy theories,

let me tell you: it is MUCH worse than you think.


The sources here are just the tip of the iceberg and I cordially invite everyone to my Telegram channel (6).

Who after much thought then asks himself “why all this, why is everything here deliberately broken, why are more and more “migrants” brought to Europe and esp. to Germany”, I recommend my book (7). There you will find everything you need to know to answer these questions.

  5. (about the middle of the page)

That´s all for now

kind regards



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