(Reader: Thomas Smith) What are we Witnessing? The Truth, the Supposed Truth, or the False Truth?


Reader Post | By Thomas Smith

We must all decide for ourselves what we are witnessing and I think what everyone believes depends on how much critical thinking you do or maybe just what you want to believe. I live in a corrupt democrat state where election have Been rigged for decades. Every time there is a election it is discussed and nothing is done. I’m 72 when I go out I talk to as many people as I can about what is going on out of a 100 people maybe three or four days have the nerve  to tell what they know. Now with that being said, let’s talk about what we been told about current evens. It is now three weeks away from midterms elections we’ve been told many times by Judy and others there not happening. I don’t believe they will happen but that is one possibility another is the Dems will create something to prevent them knowing they can’t win.

According to Judy she’s been told the Supreme Court canceled them and overturned the election it’s just not being reported. If this is true I think events between now and Nov 5 or the seventh will explode and I say Nov 5 be cause we’ve been reminded a number of times about Guy Faukes gun powder revolt. He tried blow up parliament and kill the king in the Late 1600s. I think this a vary important clue. Today Patriot intel report had a Vary interesting report. You must watch. His report could lay out the events between now and Nov 5. This my guess of what could happen between now and November 5. The Saudi are joining BRICS there goes are oil the only option for the fake Biden is is a war. Biden and the un supposedly have Threatened Russia with invasion witch I believe would be a false flag . I don’t think this phase Putin weather it is him or a double but I think it worry his Generals with all the military action on Russia boarder. This would give Biden a reason to postpone the election. Remember Red October the movie the name of the political offer who was killed well guess what his name was Putin. Now a few weeks ago the Russian super sub the Belgorod slipped out of its birth and no one knows where it is this is important its carrying three Poseidon nuclear torpedo that if detonated in the right place could create a title wave of enormous magnitude i.e. against the US and supposedly we have no defense against the Belgorod. If the Russian Generals get really concerned about the US and UN invading or being nuked by the West and see Putin not taking it seriously they may remove or even kill him and make a first strike with the Belgorod against the US east coast. We cannot detect the sub so we wouldn’t be able to prevent the attack just think three 150 ft tidal waves hitting the east coast the deaths involved tens of thousands if not millions of dead. The only saving grace would be if the Belgorod Captain refuses to fire the Poseidon torpedoes because Putin was removed illegally. The White hat military will step in and end this nightmare. If this doesn’t end before midterms I fear that many innocent elderly and poor will die through the winter heating oil in the north east is now between 4.50 and 5.50 a gallon and rising with the Saudis cutting back the supply joining Brics I only see death on the horizon for the elderly and poor with no end in sight they can either choose to starve to death or freeze to death unless patriots take to the streets with their guns and we physically take are country back. Weather this is a bunch of bull crap or not more innocent people will die before it is over. I pray I’m right.

Respectfully yours
An Ardent Patriot
Thomas Smith


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