Phil Godlewski Rapid Fire News Intel Update: October 16, 2022


Source: Rumor Mill News | By Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]

Date: Monday, 17-Oct-2022 01:00:23

INTEL – Phil Godlewski – Rapid Fire News

October 16, 2022

* This source is all over the place so not real clear on everything. But he is correct. IMO Mr.Ed 🙂

Possible internet outages here and there depending on the network tests and which ones need to be turned off in various areas.

Have money to spend.

If/when the internet goes down, the only thing available will be with cash.


No credit cards or PayPal etc.

We will be watching for the EBS.

The decision was upheld when the Arizona audit results were not represented.

The EBS contains information about no guillotines or hangings!

Confessions recorded from big wigs – you’ll see familiar faces.

Bill Barr was flying across the country flying (in the air) receiving confessions.

These were recorded.


The criminals were given options on the way to GITMO.

You won’t see what many people expect to see.

We are likely to see a smaller group of people involved in sex trafficking.

Major actors will be executed.

Trump’s point of view is that MSM was used against us, lies, inciting riots, etc.

Trump thought he was working with the Cabal to cooperate on free energy, the wall, GESARA, etc.

Many things are happening.

Trump was furious that the MSMs did not report the results of the Arizona audit.

Trump followed the path from A to Z, which included reporting from Arizona.

They didn’t.


Trump launched the attack.

We almost got EBS that night.

Trump was dissuaded from the backlash.

But it will still be from EBS.

It came from the “Quantum” phone.

Calls of this nature are on this device.

Next – Q & A

The Clintons are dead.

The history books will be rewritten.

The QFS will not use digital currency.


You will use guaranteed resources. (gold and silver)

I don’t think any current communication about digital currency is wrong.

Currently no digital currency is supported by features.

Nor will they be.

Paske is just a mouth.

Governors in blue states lose power.

The military decides everything.

Let’s see if they reveal others.

NESARA will not be deployed until Trump returns.

Everything is in its place, so it can be activated instantly.


It depends on the events that are completed.

We’re close.

It will be first on Trump’s agenda.

Fauci falling.

Negative 48 is a false prophet.

We will have a great Christmas.

The market does not affect gold and silver.

Gmail and Yahoo will change ownership.

Bill Barr plays a very important role in all of this.

Most IRA accounts will not be secure.


The chemtrails stopped. (the bad stuff)

There will be credit cards after NESARA.

You will still be able to get loans.

The loans we get now.

Interest will be reduced to almost nothing.

It would be nice to pay interest to a good cause, but as it stands now it will go to the large corporations under the control of the Cabal.

We have access to the Vatican library and it will be leaked to the general public.

The retirement age during NESARA will be earlier than it is now.

Flat Earth:

Q says no, but notice how the question is phrased.


Pay attention to the wording of the question.

I don’t believe in the calendar change now.

Stop inflammation in the body to slow free radical damage.

Free radicals are what cause aging and death.

Medical beds will slow down the aging process.

Supplements and vitamins will fight free radicals.

Up to 30% of all mortgages are forgiven if they are backed by the Federal Reserve. (including credit unions)

No personal loans. (under NESARA)

Bush Jr. was not under the cabal until he took office.

The infrastructure account will be used by Trump when he returns for something specific.


Buy silver.

Any .999 silver is fine.

90% silver in coins is good.

90% is good but .999 is more valuable. (because it takes less work to melt to use)

Silver bars vs coins: a balance of both. (60-70% coins) More flexible / collectable.

Q phones will be free.

Space race goal…to see if we could cross the sky.

401Ks will go with the stock market.

If NESARA is implemented as planned there will be no taxes in 2022.

Tribunals may have already been held in DC but not confirmed.

Offers at GITMO.

Injections are NOT giving children the real vaccine.

The internet will be down for the next two weeks. (sometimes intermittently)

Trump will return in 2022.

Med Beds will be free to the public.

Gavin Newsome took his own life a few weeks ago.

When you know the truth about covid you will be surprised. (you will like)

Real Raw News has a source inside the Pentagon.

Time travel exists but it’s not what you think it is.

Silver is the only material known to man that can conduct current through it and it is widely used.

The government will buy it.

The collectible will melt.

The currency market will explode.

Hold 80% silver 20% gold.

Get 1000 oz. silver if you are new.

You cannot exchange at the bank yet.

Undetermined if NESARA will pay people money.

Steve Jobs cured himself on a medical bed.

Disability funds and Social Security will be restructured.(increased)

NESARA will reveal it.

Gates was arrested a long time ago. (denounced by his wife)

The “shot” heard around the world is the vaccine.

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Phil Godlewski’s Rapid Fire session

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