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Submitted on October 13, 2022

Medical student syndrome:

Baars (2001) writes that medical students who study “frightening diseases” for the first time routinely experience vivid delusions of having contracted such diseases, and describes it as a “temporary kind of hypochondria”. Baars says that the experience is so common that it has become known as “medical student syndrome”.


COVID-19 Genocide:

Problem: Contagion released from American funded laboratory in Wuhan China

Reaction: FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)


Solution: Employ a Murder Weapon mascaraing as a Vaccine (Bait and Switch)

In reality the first groups to die in China, Japan, and Italy were the victims of Huawei 5G electromagnetic radiation. It has been known that some people are vulnerable to radio transitions and will develop Respiratory Distress and die if the source is left on or the victim is not removed from the source.

What is COVID-19 (Re-posted)

It’s been reported the next: Problem > Reaction > Solution:

Let’s call it Radiation Sickness Genocide:

It is being reported the Supper Powers are at a High Nuclear Threat State. (The word “State” is a reference to Mind. In the Mind, not in Fact / Reality.)

Problem: Radioactive Fallout


Reaction: FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Solution: Radiation Sickness Treatment (Pills) Genocide (Bait and Switch)

In reality as I have reported previously ET (Extraterrestrials) will not allow a Thermonuclear War (Exchange) as depicted in WarGames. My sources include video from Vandenberg AFB, Testimony from Service-members at Dr. Steven Greer’s Conferences, Valiant Thor (stranger at the Pentagon), the planet has not died from Chernobyl or Fukushima (Who put the fires out? Answer: ET).

Regarding Nuclear Codes

Order of radiation sickness drug unrelated to recent events in Ukraine, US health officials say

As with all Problem > Reaction > Solution we have more to fear from the “Solution”, than the “Problem”.

I don’t care for the man, but this is a great quote: “We have nothing to fear, but fear it’s self.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Be afraid, be very afraid… NOT!

I’ve recently come to comprehend some of our words are actually Acronyms:

  • WAR = We Are Ready
  • LAW = Land Air Water
  • BAR = British Accreditation Registry
  • FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

You know the Legal System is a Bait and Switch confidence scheme (Fraud). Justice is the Bait, and Extortion is the Switch. The BAR got started in 1650s.


Who is doing that?

Anyone else tired of being plaid?

Peace, love, and blessings,


Young couple wearing gas mask


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