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Reader Post | By Alan Page

Those who review offerings on Operation Disclosure know how much is supposed to be happening that  few hear about. It appears from the recent release of Anna von Reitz’s piece on “What to Expect” that this isolated piece is both simply a warning of the worst that appears to be coming as well as some Good News that may easily be ignored.

Contact with Anna has shown that she is very busy and does not integrate all the possibilities in every article and the same is true with the comments by Tiger about this warning. In the same vein it is completely possible that this is a ghost written piece that Anna had little input into as well?

Tiger has missed some earlier material put out by Anna that would cast some severe doubts about the possibility of “Federal” land being available for the homesteading and small scale farming he proposes. What he has missed is that since the War of 1812 there have been many successful conversions of assets of private Americans into corporate equity that have been used to guarantee debt incurred by various corporations which have been formed using names that look like the original unincorporated Federal contractor to the Union of American States. This has even gone so far as to convert each living being into a corporate person. This means that all of us and all of our assets are tied up as collateral for some other entity’s debt. Anna calls this odious debt – debt that is attributed to an individual that was never personally authorized and does the individual no possible good. The dire predictions illustrate the possible  / likely outcome of the depravity that has caused the damage that has taken place in our lives during the past several years and that there are various layers of power structures attempting to adjust to the impacts of the evil agenda that brought us to this point.

Anna’s Good News:

“The Good News is that not everyone was caught sleeping. Thanks to those who stayed awake and watching great efforts are being made to create a vital “End Run” correction that will release millions of people from the worst impacts we’ve described. There are ways and means for people to be released from mortgages they never owed, ways to underwrite public debt, and ways to open up honest banks, ways to identify and write off Odious Debt, and ways to heal the damage that has been done. Be assured that a majority of the people on this planet are still sane, and as more of them awaken, the balance of power and justice tilts inexorably in our favor.”

So while there may be many caught in the immediate problems mentioned in the Bad News it is important for those who seek remediation to become part of the group who are working on the “End Run”. Many of those who are part of Operation Disclosure are already in that set of problem solvers. They need to find a way to become a stronger part of the local economy even as they work on much larger problems.

One area that may become a part the mitigation is somewhat similar to Tiger’s proposal but is focused on a largely forgotten resource. This is rural land that is privately owned but structurally abandoned – FOREST. There are many reasons for the present condition of forests that have come about from the “design” of the sources currency or liquidity; how liquidity is used in evaluation and valuation of forest potential and the (evil) expectation of those who control the release of currency. Like farming and most of rural life today forest care has been systematically disabled by the design of supposed “Protective” regulation. This recent regulation has been imposed on real people by corporate controllers who it now appear to have a depopulation agenda behind much of what they do.


So Tiger’s altruistic public sector solution of bringing back the family farm is definitely not part of the agenda of the control group that has brought us the “Bad News”. An easier solution may be for those with humanitarian goals to become the funders of the long term maintenance of forests that are in need of regular care that are already in the private sector but have only been mined for value in the past. There will be lots of areas to explore if such funding is released. It will be important that such funding not be grant based. Rather the funds should be provided for the encouragement of finding local potentials and providing employment to family members and neighbors who are in need of real jobs. This should involve local youths as early in life as possible to dismantle the mind control system that now is attempting to alienate us all. So this funding will have to confront and work around the rural destabilization practices that have been put in place during the past three decades.An important aspect of this new approach will have to recognize that those who are closest to the forest are most likely to be able to recognize what is going on if they are encouraged to look for it. Such familiarity will require decades to perfect and we are working from a dysfunctional base that will have to be reconstructed. The inventiveness of youths will be tested in this process – this will become a humanitarian effort targeted to this engagement.

Alan Page


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