Will Germany Die as a Nation?


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on October 4, 2022


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What is interesting historically as the brushfire war in the Ukraine plays out is that Russia at the beginning of World War Two was defeated by little Finland in the Battle of Finland. If this sounds familiar it is because it is. And who was watching in shock was Adolf Hitler. Little did Hitler know that his plan to take advantage of misconceived Russian weakness would lead to his doom.

The Winter War,[F 6] also known as the First Soviet-Finnish War, was a war between the Soviet Union and Finland. The war began with a Soviet invasion of Finland on 30 November 1939, three months after the outbreak of World War II, and ended three and a half months later with the Moscow Peace Treaty on 13 March 1940. Despite superior military strength, especially in tanks and aircraft, the Soviet Union suffered severe losses and initially made little headway. The League of Nations deemed the attack illegal and expelled the Soviet Union from the organiZation.

Hitler had been quite worried about Russia in 1939 for though Russia and Germany had divided Poland between them England and France only declared war on Germany. Why did they not declare war on Russia unless England and France were setting up Russia as an adversary against Germany while England and France had troops facing Germany from the east. And of course Hitler was correct about England but not Russia.

Stalin would keep his agreement to the end. Sir Winston Churchill had proclaimed on British radio that Russia’s invasion of Poland was to protect what they could of any part of Poland that they could get and therefore this was good. Now if you had asked Poland about that in 1939 they would have told you their entire army faced the Germans and the plan was that England and France had agreed to attack Germany from the east and Poland would fight Germany from the west. What happened was when Russia invaded Poland from the east they confronted the rear of the Polish Army which was totally routed as all their forces faced Germany. Poland did not see this Russian invasion as helping them in any way.


The ostensible reason that Britain had become disillusioned with Germany is because Hitler had not only taken the agreed upon Sudetenland but also the rest of Czechoslovakia. That was not the deal. So England resisted the rightful return of 99% German Danzig and other parts of Germany in the east given to Poland in the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler then offered to withdraw from parts of Czechoslovakia that he had taken excluding the agreed upon Sudetenland which was German but that strangely had no effect.

What the British were really trying to do is set Germany against Russia and was setting up the trap as they had in World War One. Here in World War One England worried about Russia invading India and the German development of a major navy which would threaten British naval supremacy. In World War One they desired to kill two birds with one stone: Germany and Russia and they succeeded.

Britain and France wanted Germany to take Poland in 1939 so that they would be facing Russia. MI6 then guaranteed to Germany that England and France would not keep their word to Poland if Hitler invaded Poland and would sit still. So what would have been a pincer against Germany with the British and French invading Germany from the east as agreed with Poland fighting Germany from the west was not carried out as England and France did not move to all intents and purposes. Hitler knowing this sent 90% of his army into Poland with 10% facing England and France. England and France were not aware that Russia would invade Poland from the west but it did not matter much as the Russian army then faced the German Army. Sir Winston Churchill then went on the radio to say that Russia was protecting part of Poland from the terrible Germans.

So now MI6 in coordination with Churchill, the protege of Lloyd George, was setting up the war between Germany and Russia to destroy both of them as they did in World War One. In fact when the Russian ally of England collapsed in World War One it pleased Lloyd George for it was one down and one to go. The blockade was destroying Germany and starving its population to death. Does that sound familiar today to the food crisis? Then MI6 pushed Hitler to invade Russia. In the meantime, Russia is initially defeated by little Finland.

Joseph Stalin was not pleased with the results of December in the Finnish campaign. The Red Army had been humiliated. By the third week of the war, Soviet propaganda was already working to explain the failures of the Soviet military to the populace: blaming bad terrain and harsh climate, and falsely claiming that the Mannerheim Line was stronger than the Maginot Line, and that the Americans had sent 1,000 of their best pilots to Finland. Chief of Staff Boris Shaposhnikov was given full authority over operations in the Finnish theatre, and he ordered the suspension of frontal assaults in late December. Kliment Voroshilov was replaced with Semyon Timoshenko as the commander of the Soviet forces in the war on 7 January.[169] The main focus of the Soviet attack was switched to the Karelian Isthmus. Timoshenko and Zhdanov reorganised and tightened control between different branches of service in the Red Army. They also changed tactical doctrines to meet the realities of the situation.

The reorganized Russian forces then smashed Finland. Mannerheim of Finland calls Hitler saying that their original perception of the Russia Army being weak was in error and the Russians were now conducting a fierce offensive that Finland could not hold back and had to settle. He cautioned Hitler from thinking that Russia would be a pushover but Hitler did not believe him.

Hitler is now resolved to invade Russia but he is worried about potential treachery in his rear with the English and French Armies facing him. So he decides rather than invade Russia as Britain was asking him to do through MI6, he decides to protect his flank by invading France in 1940 instead of Russia. (We explain the actions of MI6 in the 1920s in supporting financially the National Socialist movement was for the purpose for creating an ally in Germany to build up against Russia for another war.) The plan worked brilliantly. (At the end of the war MI6 sent into Germany a team to find their contribution records of the National Socialist Party so they could destroy them which they accomplished.)


England was displeased to be evicted from Europe by Germany when Rudolf Hess flies to England upon England’s invitation to work out a peace deal while Germany planned to invade Russia. Why he was double-crossed is not clear and we may never know unless the MI6 records are opened up as he was murdered as he was about to be freed from Spandau.

The poor performance of the Red Army encouraged German Chancellor Adolf Hitler to believe that an attack on the Soviet Union would be successful and confirmed negative Western opinions of the Soviet military. After 15 months of Interim Peace, in June 1941, Germany commenced Operation Barbarossa, and the Continuation War between Finland and the Soviets began.

Does not the above sound familiar to today? Now the goal of the Anglo-Saxons was to aid Russia for the purpose of destroying both Russia and Germany with one blow. The Anglo-Saxons wanted to bleed to death both Germany and Russia as they had in World War One killing two birds with one stone. But Russia did not bleed to death and the US and England were staggered as Russia took over all of Eastern Europe and part of Germany. When later Russia allied with Mao in China almost the entire Eurasian land mass was now controlled by adverse powers and the Anglo-Saxons had lost Mackinder style the control of the world if Europe went down. World War One and Two had been total wastes.

So they hastily created NATO and SEATO to surround Russia and China with alliances. The US rebuilds Germany, or what is left of it, and Japan. The great break came in 1972 when China and the US became allies against Russia, and now they had Russia in a pincer between NATO and China. This led to Russia’s collapse and dismemberment in 1989-1991.

As China grows in their alliance with the US they begin to worry abut all their natural resources coming by sea under the control of eleven aircraft carrier task forces of the US and so they approach Russia for pipelines for sending them oil and natural gas. China wants alternative supplies of natural resources which is rather natural. In the meantime, Germany is worried about China having a cheap source of natural resources and starts working with Russia for their cheap natural resources so that they can compete in the world market. The US looks upon this in horror and draws the line at Nord Stream Two. They cannot countenance alliances between Germany, Russia and China as then 50 trillion dollars of GDP based on purchasing power parity will be controlled by these three nations against 20 trillion of the US based on purchasing power parity, and to all intents and purposes Germany controls Euroland, and according to Mackinder the Anglo-Saxons have thus lost control of the world. This is partly why we saw BREXIT. England pulled away from this juggernaut and so has the US in its recent action in damaging the Nord Stream One and Two to force Euroland to source their natural resources by sea controlled by the Anglo-Saxons. It is working like a miracle of deception.

However, Germany cannot compete with China or the US with more expensive energy which is fine with the US for as we related below it is the goal of the US to destroy Germany and take their industries over for themselves as the US is now moving toward national self-sufficiency which we see first in the moving of the chip industry to the US and more will follow. The US had allowed Germany and Japan into their markets as a way to build them up against Russia but that is now all over. The US wants its industries back that Germany and Japan have taken. Germany and Euroland are going to die. If they want to live they have to ally with Russia for their energy. China also has to protect their ally Russia for their natural resources and they will. Thus, the Anglo-Saxons will face off with Russia and China and Germany. That is why Germany and Euroland were just hit by the US bombing of Nord Stream One and Two to stop this. They will have to break with the United States once and for all if they wish to survive.

These are the coming outlines of World War Three. The choice is yours USA.

David Lifschultz


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