Hydrobooster Update: October 2, 2022


Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer

Submitted on October 2, 2022

Dear people,

There are developments underway that we have all been waiting a long time for.

We are hearing about the Global Currency Reset and the revaluation of the money RV.

If we are to believe the reports, and I do 100% everything is about to be able to exchange the foreign currency at redemption centers (Redemption Center) around the world.

I and many have given their E-mail address that one will receive notice of this.

I have not yet received this mail, so there is no reason to panic yet whether or not we will be able to exchange.


The messages I get through I translate because you can see for yourselves what is going on, but they are so far unconfirmed rumors.

Yesterday I consulted with one of the foundation board members that it is now time for us to establish the foundation.

Fellow board members are also going to be informed about this when the notary appointment is made.

As at the last information meeting in Flushing a remark came from the group, it makes no sense to wait that we are liberated, we must do it ourselves.

This refers to the fact that we must become active ourselves in order to shape our new future ourselves.

That is also the reason why I have been trying to get action and movement going by uniting and starting the movement together for our new future.

The old system is of less importance to us as it is not in our interest and is not meant for us, what you give attention to grows, what you don’t want will die off, so will the Bilderberg Cabal government.


Our luck is that the Globalists want to accelerate their Agenda while they are not properly prepared for it.

Now we understand why the [redacted] had to be saved with an insert by Mark Rutte.

Also the MH17 had to be covered up, to camouflage the true agenda.

I realize well, that if Rutte and his NGO cabinet of company Netherlands NV goes down the EU, NATO and the UN will fall with WHO.

Because none of these globalist organizations is legal because co-signer on behalf of the Netherlands was not authorized to enter into a contract with the world while we as Kingdom, State, and country do not exist because of the deception committed by NSB politicians together with Wilhelmina and Nazi Bernhard. 

We were annexed by Germany on May 13, 1940, and as of May 19, 1940, we are under a Nazi administration until today, with the Constitution and the Kingdom lapsed.

On May 5, 1945, the Germans capitulated, but a peace treaty never came, so we are a province of Germany under the administration of Nazi Willem Alexander von Amsberg as heir to Bernhard von Lippe who had received the stadtholdership from Hitler.

We we thought Holland was is in reality from May 5, 1945 the New World Order who lied and deceived the sleeping population.

That is why we should now join forces to leave the old behind, this can only be done if we are united.

Everything hangs together, orchestrated by the most despicable administration of corporate Holland NV.


After WW2 there was a tacit truce, which the losing side violated by supplying weapons to the [redacted] Nazis.

It may be a matter of days that we fall under martial law, only company Nederland NV is not authorized to deploy an army in the service of a company.

An army has the task to protect the population from violence or evil from and or from the traitors of the land administration of company Netherlands NV.

Every civil servant is therefore an NSB Nazi even if they think they are not if they take orders from the Hitler Bilderberg board.

The established Globalists criminals and Genocide perpetrators from politics steered by Klaus Schab, to whom also Fake King Willy the superfluous is subjected by the long-term crime agenda.

Following the deed of abandonment a real king is supposed to protect his country and inhabitants, unfortunately he is in the plot against the people.

A true King would never give his country away to the enemy of his citizens the People.

I deliberately say not a Citizen because I will never vouch for what the Land traitors want to impose on us and make us pay for our own demise.

How long the transition takes is in our own hands.


We can wait to take action until there is nothing left to do or support projects that will benefit us all.

The development of the Ultrasonic Hydrobooster is an example of this, on the site you can read how you can help by supporting the development of products that will make us free of List and deception from politics.

Who have raised energy prices so much that they are almost unaffordable.

Who owns the COUNTRY, the people or the Bilderberg Nazis and WEF traitors who run the country illegally?

Then the soil treasures also belong to the people and not to corrupt politicians who have betrayed and killed you by their Agenda 21 that Berngard von Lippen had Hans Alders recite in 1992 at a UN meeting in 1992 where there had first been a Bilderberg Nazi meeting.

Here is the evil of the NWO western world, distance yourself from it and together form the foundation on which we rebuild the country together.

Not everyone understands or thinks there is self-interest on my part, while I am trying to get something moving.

Criticism is not a bad thing, as long as it is well-founded, but due to shortsightedness of individuals who don’t get it mentally processed or suffer from EGO disorder, to actually create discord, without ever having contributed anything positive.

It’s time to let go of the indoctrination and start thinking for myself, how and what do I need to do to start determining the change for the benefit of me and my family and population myself.


Uneducated is not necessarily DOM, although there are those with 12 trades and 13 accidents who think they are or are in 5D, but have lost all sense of reality.

This due to Powerlessness and frustration over the long road to freedom, want to talk to others to then impose their will while intellectually incapable of it.

Then I have to refuse this so as not to demotivate people who are blessed with common sense to confront them with a DOM person which then demotivates these normal people from having to talk to a dullard.

This is also the reason why I occasionally freak out when confronted with this.

Like Life, roads have bumps and setbacks, this is and was the road we had to take to learn what we need for the future.

As an entire population we have allowed ourselves to be lulled to sleep by insidious politics, now is the time for us to wake up and take back control of our own lives and course.

Invest in the future by increasing value through creative talents.

Suppose you invest €1000, buy raw material for it and start making something out of it (Ultrasonic Hydrobooster, Solar Collectors, Magnet generators, healthy food, giving Workshops in creation and design.

All this contributes to your personal freedom and self-sufficient existence which makes you not dependent on a corrupt illegal government.

Complainers and vinegar pissers have a longer way to go, precisely due to lack of insight and togetherness born of suspicion following their own standard and worldview in their narrow minded malfunctioning brain.


Again I don’t have to do it, if I had the choice to keep my family I would always have chosen my family.

It is once my path that I have had to go as it is.

To all the people who have fears and are afraid, let go of your fear and listen to your own inner strength and conscience.

Like me, that power is in all of you, you just need to have the courage to recognize it and act on it.

A country that is not and cannot be a state as a business has no power to do anything, no justice, no police action to mistreat the people and see them as subjects.

You are not subjects and do not have to be submissive to anyone if you do not do so of your own free will where you give away your own power.

If you have understood this you know that you are filling in GESARA and no one can stop it.

A Bilderberg administration that loses the charge of its own people is a drifting rudderless monstrosity that no one does anything with anymore.

The team I work with is growing by the day, it is the doers who set the example.

Come out of your fear of losing worthless money, because you and I are the real capital, Fiat Money has ZERO value.


That is why my invention is a flywheel to set everything in motion.

How can I manage to make the whole world benefit from this, then in must have no false EGO or greed.

It is an impossibility for me to make it for the whole world, so I will release the whole design and procedure when the prototype is made and tested.

The concept cannot be stopped by anyone, even if I were to be attacked.

This time we the people are the winners and the Cabal will lose out.

As far as the release of Funds is concerned, it will have to be safe so that the people who are called to do this can go and do their job.

This month immediately after or during the collapse of the markets, the military will have to start keeping order.

Without the population on the streets the Genocide Pleggers are so for the taking.

We will not change until it is really safe for us, not a second before.

People who blame me for being out of touch, realize what I am doing, it is a supernatural feat that I could never have done with help from above.


From designing, to making, organizing, communicating, fund raising and info evenings, in between the soup and potatoes I also have to live and take precautions myself.

If I disappoint, everyone may take over immediately, because it does take energy. 



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