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Reader Post | By timjoebob

There’s an infinite amount of so-called spiritual entities vying for our attention. I never buy into any of the articles claiming ascension to another planet. I’m not buying it. I’m not going anywhere except to push up daisies when I’m done with this joke of a life. My spirit will move on to the next adventure whether I like it or not. Sh!/ happens. 

So, as not to point fingers and, heaven forbid, offend anyone, I read an article espousing to be highly spiritual in nature but delivered an eye opening gaping hole in the narrative. It is my opinion that if Christ consciousness is not mentioned as an addition in context to raising one’s vibration then my automatic red flag weird-sh*t-ometer siren goes off. The article probably had 80% – 90% truth and the rest was highly suspicious bs. Instead of including Christ in the context, the article only used Buddha and Arhat as the higher consciousness and initiation. I’d say the article is not only lacking but is quite behind in historical research on the subject of ascension and universe/multiverse levels of consciousness as well as how old or how long we’ve been around. The article is off about 890,000,000,000 years. Yes…billion years.

Ismael Perez is a good historian when it comes to universe/multiverses and usually has positive vibes and leaves the reader with a good feeling. He’s my go-to for historical cosmic stuff. Me thinks the purveyor of the aforementioned article would be in their interest to upgrade their information to include some truth and dispense with the obvious bs. I will not take their articles as reputable anytime soon. I’ve always had reservations about their posts because they’re always tainted with bs. They say they’re of the light when double-speaking. I’m not buying it. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who says you have to get on a spaceship and be wisked off to the Pleides to another planet similar to this one in order to escape the coming tsunami that will wash over the planet in the near future and after the intial evacuation, my bs meter starts flashing. I’m not going anywhere and neither are you. We are part of this planet. This is our home, like it or not. Most of us were born here and this is where we’ll die (our bodies)…or some of us will just transcend like a true, real, authentic Master who is pure in heart and mind and body. A divine plan to unite as one will pull in some believers but we are already ‘one’. This is not a revelation or anything new. As a whole, most people don’t feel as one with anything except their damned cell phones and social media and MSM. 

As an aside, the Satanic Branch Covidian Death Cult is still pushing poison. Chemtrails are still plastering the skies and yet the White Hats are in control. MSM is still spewing crap and is intensifying, if that’s even possible. But, as hard as it is to admit, me thinks Juan O’Savin might actually be a good guy. I admit I could have been wrong about him all along. I can live with that. I still cringe when I hear White Hats are in control. Yep, they’re in control of destroying the world right in front of our eyes. A bad guy can put on a white hat and a good guy can put on a black hat at any given moment. 

Just remember that, because not all is as it seems. Only linear time will tell the tale of a ‘here-and-now-soon-to-be’ moment in the space-time continuum. And why is it that time is said to be a construct because time doesn’t actually exist, yet when talking about history of the universe/multiverses it is used as a linear measurement? If there is only the ‘now’, how do highly advanced intelligent benevolent civilizations reconcile, or work with, time lines, time travel, and outcome revelations? Hmm?

In the meantime, remember to put your mask on. Shut up. Do as you’re told. Get the jab and all of the boosters and especially the children. Orange man bad. Doofus in charge is great. Communism is our savior. Hoorah.

I just threw up my breakfast. 


(Puking…bleck) Our moronic brothers and sisters who have chosen darkness over light will be wishing they had died as children, because what their karma holds in store for them is as horrific as anything imaginable. They chose their path of ignorance.

So be it.



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