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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

“First things come differently, secondly than one thinks!” So goes a German proverb. Even if it is expressed somewhat comically, it is meant to point out that not everything that is shown, demonstrated or told to you has to come true that way. We don’t know today what the clone of Friedrich “Blackrock” Merz meant by saying that everyone will forever know where he was on September 24, in any case, that too turned out differently than many thought. It was perhaps a code for the many stooges of the cabal that still exist all over the world and not at all for the anons, who were already immensely excited again. We will know when the time comes to learn what all was preserved in the plan, won’t we?

For years we have not only heard and read that the RV and GCR are coming (mostly yes tomorrow, the day after, but Monday at the latest), that higher TIER groups have already been paid off, or that certain people already have their finger over the start button to push. The staff in Reno has been on alert (for me) for three and a half years and time and time again everything looks totally fine, whether it’s quiet or noisy. Some have also told us that they have already switched, but still have to run paid websites or, as with one German channel, offer paid webinars.

Then, of course, there are the groups whose members are lured with higher rates that the group leader will get if they exchange, organizations that promise to get top rates to anyone who joins them. Then there are those who tell everyone that there will be restrictions, meaning that only certain ZIM bills and other currencies will be exchanged, with all sorts of variations on the restrictions. Others claim that there will be an age restriction on exchange. There is nothing in this regard that I have not read or heard at least once. Also, regarding the first basket of currencies and the currencies in it to revaluate first. And the terms of the banks, TIER one through five, and others you always hear when it comes to the RV issue. We are probably always supposed to link that together, although it should be known by now that with the QFS there will be NO more old guard banks. They cannot match the free, the speed, the impossibility of fraud, rip-off, arbitrariness of the QFS. And they can never guarantee that third parties (primarily themselves) will not be able to access the respective accounts. That’s why I’m surprised when for years there’s been talk of exchanging them in banks.

So I have been applying the adage to these forecasts, predictions and statements for months/years. And the more I have done that, the more I am confirmed that everything is going to be very different. Because NOBODY of all those, who are telling us news every day, can prove or demonstrate that he is an insider, has reliable sources or even gets whispered something from the military. And even if he could prove it, we would all have to doubt it. Rightly so, because NOTHING of what has been said so far has come to pass. NOTHING!

What is true about RV appointments is true about everything else. Ever since “Q” made his first drop, ever since Trump appeared on the political scene, the conjectures, analyses and decoding attempts have also mushroomed. And there is no end to them, on the contrary, it picks up once again with every event we witness. And we all fall for one or the other again and again, every damn day. We let and in high expectation attitudes bring, by naming and fixing on a date, all the same whether it is a delta of a Q-Drop, the cross number “17” results or another important or symbol-rich number or figure. For me and some, including those around me, it’s like sitting in school and getting the same lessons every day, merely because classmates don’t (or won’t) understand what the teacher wants us to do. The lessons are:

Nothing is as it seems.
Nothing can stop what is coming.
The best comes in the end.
Military is the only way.
Trust the plan and enjoy the show.
The plan is event-based, not date-based.
Step by step, point by point. Nothing can be brought forward.


In recent days and weeks the MSM are overflowing with reports of world war threat, blackout threat, power outages, preparedness scenarios. The alternative media is overflowing with reports of BlueBeam, CGI, or even preparedness scenarios. “Stock up, prepare, get money from the bank, fill up your cars, and, and, and….” In Austria, they even made a six-part series about a blackout lasting weeks or months.

Remember your school days. What happened when you were preparing for a test? Was it written then or was it written by surprise when you weren’t prepared? What particularly disturbs me about all these horror scenarios in the media is that there are a lot of people who can’t prepare themselves at all. Either they lack the means to do so, especially because everything has become more expensive, or they don’t believe it all because it’s all far, far away, just as it always was before. And then, of course, consciously or unconsciously, the absolute panic comes to the top. No one can not prevent, even if he is still so strong and grounded. But this is also a lesson, as hard as it may be to believe in it. This lesson is “observe and do not absorb.” So let’s not go for this scare tactic, but still stockpile our budgets as we have been doing, of course get our money out of the account (if we have any), because that way it becomes our money, and continue to observe everything calmly. However, this requires a very strong belief that everything on the outside is really just a show.

Personally, I no longer believe anything that is shown on the outside, be it war in Ukraine or a President Biden, a German “federal government” or the daily babble of “RV-truthers” with “incredibly important contacts” to God knows whom. Things turn out differently first, second than we think. Many have blinders on, praise these blinders to others so that they also put them on, many have their heads in some sand, again others look into the sky and see something only there, many look only to the right, many only to the left or they do not fly, as it is always said, in the eagle perspective of 40,000 feet. Like startled chickens, they run after anyone who promises them something that will give them some kind of advantage. I witness this every day, in many groups, in many chats myself, but also get shown it in channels. There are more of them than we can guess who think this way. Together with the completely clueless, they make up more than two-thirds and I no longer worry about whether they are soulless or human. I will also find out soon enough.

And I also no longer believe anything that we are told in relation to the exchange. The alliance, which consists of members of our soul families, know all of us, they know what we will be capable of when we receive funds. They also know that there are many people who are absolutely good people, but who have no ZIM or currencies, no precious metals and no ABDC. They too will get funds, immediately come out of scarcity thinking and set up great things. Either all people (not the soulless) will come out of 3D and there will be no more hierarchies, no more elite, no more privileged, no more vanguards and no more anyone to tell others what to do. I believe that, and proof of that is that the Alliance has led many of us to that very realization in recent weeks. Because, and I can confirm this, many of those around me feel exactly that. They feel the presence of something higher, which leads them to realizations. I thought for a long time that I was alone with this feeling, but that is not the case. We are becoming more and more and we trust in our soul family. Period!

And in addition, for me there is a great proof that all these horror scenarios will not really exist: It would lead to massive riots, to looting, to riots and to unnecessary victims. We have seen in many disaster movies how people react. Most people think only of themselves, and in a panic they trample over those lying on the ground without regard for others. If that was the goal of the alliance, they could have had that months, even years ago. Why should they wait until now? I don’t want to say I can see it or feel it, but something makes me very sure that things are going to turn out differently than we are being told. No matter by whom. Yes, there will be power outages, but only for a few hours and only region by region. This will involve a switch to free energy, and preparations for this began in 2020.

There will also be no supply shortages or supply bottlenecks, only in food and goods, goods that we all no longer need. Poisoned, genetically modified food, overpriced luxury and fashion items, but also senseless cheap stuff (from China, LOL). For everything important, vital is provided and only because of the logistical distribution, so that the ways do not become too far, there were the delays in my opinion. It just takes time to supply a world population, to create depots (probably underground), to print new currencies, to establish the quantum internet. Surely you will say now that it could have gone faster. But do you consider that it had to remain SECRET up to a certain point? Because there are still henchmen in lower levels of the cabal structure, which could have caused certainly still smaller or middle damage. And also for this the Alliance and the Earth Alliance needed time: to collect evidence, to prepare tribunals, to unmask stooges in order to be able to arrest them conclusively and to condemn them later. This has been going on for some time and is still going on.

The new technologies, above all the Q-Phones, replicators and free energy receivers are also already waiting for us, probably on spaceships or in liberated DUMBS. We will also need them urgently so that we can completely redesign the old economies that have been deliberately destroyed. No matter which economy it is, the more broken it was made, the more changed it will be rebuilt. There is a point to everything the Alliance has allowed to be damaged. Think of all the food production facilities that have been destroyed by fire in recent months. Does anyone seriously believe that this will be rebuilt?


So let’s stay calm and expect the unexpected. No one the alliance needs in the new world will be harmed. We cannot prepare for everything because we cannot know what is really coming. I rule out prolonged power outages because it would cause too much damage. In addition, communication within the military would be impossible, apart from our communications. All heating only works with electricity and if the Alliance wanted us all to freeze, we would have had sub-zero temperatures in August due to weather manipulation. Remember with me, first it comes differently, secondly than one thinks. In the calm lies the strength, so let’s stay prudent and calm.

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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