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RRN has posted an article saying the Military is requiring Trump to apologize to America for condoning or recommending the vaccines: (link https://realrawnews.com/2022/09/military-to-trump-apologize-for-operation-warp-speed-or-youre-on-your-own/).

To this I posted the following reply:

“General Berger, It was you, the Military, that let this s—show happen. You will need to apologize whether Trump does or not. IMO there is no credible case to be made that the US would have sustained more casualties if the Military had arrested all those proxies for the CCP in January of 2020. We now know the path taken sustained massive civilian casualties, and we have only words to indicate the path not taken, immediate arrests, would have failed or would have sustained more casualties.

The phrase, “some times you need to show people” does not take into account what would have happened otherwise, so it obviously does not prove enough and this “show” just brought on suffering.

You need to EBS America NOW and tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The TRUTH will be your foundation. The military should NOT oversee with new elections now but should instead clean up EVERYTHING, which is going to take some time, while educating the country on reality. The military must also preside over REFORM to plug all the holes in our system. Socialism in its many forms is parasitic and criminal by natural law and cannot be condoned (by claiming it is free speech, charity, and reparations) or it grows to what we see NOW. It is slavery to insist other people have a claim on your labor.

General Berger, you have a duty to The People and to the Idea Of America (the INTENT of the Constitution), and this DUTY is NOT subordinate to any duty to Trump. Further, Trump is damaged goods whether he apologizes or not. He would only run again if there were no one else. There are in fact PLENTY of patriots who will say (in the words of ISA) “SEND ME”.

You will have to accept a LENGTHY period of military rule as Clif High described in a recent video (link https://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2022/09/new-clif-high-narradigm-investigation-law-sleepless-nights-2533584.html). There are a LOT of corrections to legislated law that have to take place, to penalties for lying in government office, to the way campaigns are funded, to the way entertainment is funded, to the requirements for voting, and to the ethics and morality of The People. The financial system has to be corrected. The ability of America to produce the goods it needs must be domestic. The illegals must be repatriated. There must be an acknowledgement of what is permissible and impermissible behavior by citizens, and what cannot be tolerated must be deterred by stiff penalties including retributive and summary justice.

And please STOP thinking we need to give in while we hunt down nukes or whatever. Let’s not give the enemy any more time to do more bad things.”

One of the readers then replied by saying:

“That is probably too tall of an order for the general to tackle, given that he is only in charge of the marines. The troop numbers required to keep order during this job aren’t available to him.”

To which I replied:

“It only takes the US Marines quelling ONE riot broadcast on TV in living color and HD to make the point. Since there will not be any politicians setting the rules, the rioters will be treated as non-uniformed enemy combatants. That means NO rubber bullets and NO tear gas and NO pepper spray and NO shields and NO clubs. I suppose you understand what that leaves.”



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