Steve Beckow: Simon Parkes on the Announcement of the Queen’s Death


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

September 8, 2022

Simon Parkes on the Announcement of the Queen’s Death

Simon Parkes discussed the significance of the announcement of the Queen’s death.

I’ve transcribed only highlights. I’d like to add my comments after Simon’s, if you’d permit me.


Simon suggests that the Queen’s passing is less important to his mind than President Biden stepping down. He continued:

“With the Queen’s passing, officially [the Queen dies some time ago], it is not so much what it does to England, the United Kingdom, as what it means for the world in terms of control.

“You hopefully have followed the Vatican story where the Vatican has asked all banks to return the money by the first of October. What I take it to mean – it’s related to the Queen – I take it to mean that on the first of October the Vatican is handing over the responsibility of the world to the powers that be … we just call them the white hats.

“And in the same way, with the official announcement of the passing of the Queen, it’s not the passing of the baton to William or Charles. They’re basically saying that the royal line through Elizabeth II no longer has any control over the old Commonwealth, the United States of America, or indeed over any other country.

“And I think it’s not so much a great upswirling of activity that will occur after her passing. It’s the information it sends to the banking world, the financial world, the Freemasonry world, to any powerful hidden organization that their contract is gone. There’s no more contract.

“And that contract would normally be renewed with the incoming king or queen. But in this instance that contract will not be renewed with whoever takes over from the Queen. Because the royal line, while it may carry on in terms of the history book, in terms of its influence, is no more.

“And that’s why [operation] London Bridge was so important, because it changed the way the power structure plays out. ”

That’s what he had to say on the Queen’s announced passing.

He made an interesting comment about the Reval date game, where one date after another would be given only to have nothing happen. He offered the reason why.

“I’m talking about the RV [the Reval], which is so important for so many of us – bonds, currencies. The last I would say three months it’s been put out that they’re going to go on a Wednesday or on a Tuesday and that date comes and goes and that’s just been [like] a factory turning out one date after another.

“That’s not actually to make our lives difficult. That’s not to make us run around in circles. That’s actually to bring paymasters thousands of miles. They fly in and go to the banks or they go to one of the main reception areas, sit around drinking coffee and then they’re told … nothing’s happening. Go away. Or [they’re told that] something might happen. You’d better book yourself into a hotel and stay for a couple of days.

“That’s terrible inconvenience to those people because they do it ten times and each time they’re told by the authorities, it’s not gonna happen. Go back home.

“But what happens is that the deep state, or the very unpleasant people who are deeply enmeshed within the contracting groups, they go on alert each time. They devote resources to it. They show their hand, and more and more get caught so when we go on a well-known blogsite and read information it’s probably not meant for us. It’s probably meant for these other people.”

That’s very helpful, Simon.

Now we wait to see the full impact on the House of Windsor. Andrew facing allegations of pedophilia, etc. Charles facing questions over the death of Diana.  The dark side of the monarchy I leave to the Alliance to discuss.

Probably this was scripted by the white hats.  Remember the photos of President Trump walking in front of Queen Elizabeth? That would send a chill through anyone implicated in dealings with “the Firm.” That’s being interpreted today as a clear message of a capitulation at the time.

Coupled with the Vatican calling in all money from banks by Oct. 1, the crumbling of the cabal seems well in progress.

What was all speculation before seems about to become apparent to the world – or be swept aside as irrelevant, as with banks after the inauguration of the Quantum Financial System or the mainstream media after Starlink is fired up.


If I can speak personally for a moment, events are happening so fast that I find for myself that the most I can do is surf the wave of news. I can’t stay long in any one place and I can’t hold on to the flood of facts one confronts every day.

The predominant feeling I have as I surf the news is amazement at how things that were predicted a few years back – mainly that Trump had carried dossiers to a raft of heads of state and got them to capitulate – seem to be proving true.  OMG.

Russia is pressing in from the East. Germany and France stand to take huge industrial hits, as well as domestic. The British government has fallen.  Much more is rumored.

The big domino to fall now – the one everyone seems to be waiting for – is the fall of the Biden Administration.  You already know that the Supreme Court has allegedly overturned the election in secret hearings, using Roe v Wade as cover.

I’d say – for me, anyways – that things are happening at lightning speed. I suspect that the looming American elections are enormously influencing the timetable.

If it were me, I’d announce NESARA on 9/11, thereby closing the circle and offering completion.


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