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Reader Post | By timjoebob

I sat through a grueling 2 1/2 hrs (skipped 1st 30 minutes of waiting for the deciple/apostle to show up) of 107 on the Ethan Lucas Show. Juan actually had some good info mixed in with the never ending stories. Trump is going to save the world. Did you know that? Oh, wait. My bad. The Almighty Creator is going to guide certain people through His Divine Will to save the world. Oh, yeah, and we still haven’t reached the magical 80.1% or more of the population being on the same page…even with all of the exposure across the world of the evil doers. Like I’ve asked before, just exactly ‘who’ determines whether or not we’ve reached that magical mythical number? The military? A politician? The Poop? The media? Me? You? They? Them? 

Only the most high in the hierarchy can answer that. 

Bottom line: Only 2 or maybe 3 people in the world of 8 billion can answer the question whether or not we’ve reached that magical mythical number which will get the military off of their asses and help we the people take this country back from the Nazis…the Commie-nazis that came here through Operation Paperclip. A lot of us know that America did not win WWII. That was a lie…all staged. We merely won a battle, not the war. We are living in the proof of that right now. It is undeniable. 

According to Juan (107) we are going to see the greatest sting in history. That’s my take on it. 

We’re still here. We’re still waiting. Promises, promises, promises…Yada Yada Yada blah blah blah blah blah. Nothing has changed since ancient times. 

We’re still waiting for the call to all of the We The People who love freedom to actually take action on the physical level to help by force take control on every level starting at the local level…not through politics and voting because that’s the Devil playground. Evil has to be removed physically. It has to be kinetic. Evil will not be defeated any other way. Period. You can send love to evil doers but it will only enrage them. So be it. Send them love. In their rage they will get careless and make big mistakes because their arrogance is exceeded only by their extreme stupidity. That is a fact, Jack.

And then…and furthermore…

Trump, to my dismay, has not come clean on the vaccines…still to this day after all of the mountains and avalanches of proof of how deadly and evil they are. This is baffling to millions and millions of Americans who supported him. Just saying. 

Big talk is rampant…..on both sides of the war. It’s all bs. All of it. Why would either side say anything that would communicate Intel to we the people? Q drops? Really? Seriously? As if the enemy of the people don’t follow Q? Cmon, man. Really. Seriously. Disinformation…misinformation…lies upon lies upon lies ad infinitum…a never-ending river of lies on both sides. The truth can be found in what both sides are not telling you. It’s found in between the lines and stories being told. We must become psychics and visionaries and good listeners to our senses and feelings from God. The Holy Spirit is constantly talking to us and trying to get us to listen to Him. 

Only at the core of your being can you hear Him. 

‘That’ is mighty big talk, indeed. 

For what it’s worth,



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