(Reader: Empyyrean) Response to TruthIsUnbreakable, Does Anyone Remember the Snake Poem that Trump Talked about a lot



Reader Post | By Empyyrean

Hello readers,

Now there is a lot of talk about Trump and the behind the scenes

One thing that people are missing is the Snake poem that back in 2016 he kept repeating numerous times.

The Snake, written by civil rights activist Oscar Brown Jr in 1963, talks about a woman who tends to a sick snake and nurtures it back to health, only for the snake to bite her in the bed.

The lyrics describe the story of a woman who takes a snake into her home after discovering it freezing to death outside her home.

Things take a turn for the worse, however, when after nursing the snake back to health, the serpent bites her, infecting the woman with a deadly poison in the process. (sound like the vaccines?)

Asking the snake why he tricked her, the reptile replies that the “silly woman” knew “damn well” what it was when she took it in.




First of all you don’t take a deadly poisonous snake into bed with you, that is stupid just like those who lined up for the shots,,,,hmm stupidity and willful ignorance costing you your life, that is usually the price.

When he was mentioning it, was he really talking about Hillary or the illegal immigration…hmmm makes one wonder, he hasn’t mentioned the poem since after he became “president’.

Now I am aware the need for double, triple and quadruple agents when taking down a heavily entrenched regime.

It just been in the back of my head since 2016 when he kept repeating that poem, there was the sense he was talking about himself and how the Americans let him into their home, now the US inc was never the Americans home and it can be taken the other way as well, as he was the snake that bit the globalists.

a lot of what is going on is actually good, people stopping mindless consumerism, food waste, over production of things including food, getting back down to a healthy diet (one meal a day), less processed foods, self-sustainability,etc,etc,etc.

Take the fertilizer shortage and how that affects farmers…ahahahaha, the farmers stupidity affects farmers, because you can take a 5 gal pail of Bio dynamic 502 prep and fertilize 40000 acres to rich black humus soil….how many tons of nitrogen fertilizer is needed for the same size, many tons.

What is going on is a massive system cleanse a.k.a fasting type event where people are being forced to correct themselves or they will perish, that is fine there is more then enough information out there to do just that and live very healthy.




Did you know that if the world ate the western gluttony we would need billions of acres of more farmland to produce it.

how many billions of dollars of food gets thrown away just because of a simple blemish on its outer skin, while being still perfectly edible, that won’t be a problem anymore with people “starving” now isn’t it.

These are the things that are going bye bye, which is for the better.

Humans need very little 3d sustenance to survive, because that is what your fountain of youth & holy grail energy principle is for.

Just wait till people are force unplugged from their simulated intelligence devices,, that will be amazing.

and if you think the world is over populated think again, if everyone was given a Chinese style sustenance farm the entire worlds population could fit in Texas and a little bit around it and everybody would be just fine.

Still the snake poem is a tell tale sign if what is being reported about Trump is true, did you let the snake in, or did the globalists let the snake in, who is getting bitten, maybe both, who knows, what is clear though is that a lot of good is happening.

do you think you can get into 5th dimension eating 3 meals a day, impossible because your body is spending its whole day metabolizing instead of working on clearing and healing.

If you want to know  your healthy, the first meal  of the day should be at 4:30pm.

The picture of me with the halo seen is exactly that, first meal of the day at around 4:30pm, in the morning usually just a herbal tea with some honey and a couple types of pollen in there.




majority of the population are severe addicts with severe addictions and that my friends is what is happening  massive withdrawal symptoms,

On the side of mortgages you can easily beat any bank against a mortgage by demanding they show proof they put assets of their own into the mortgage, since they didn’t, then you owe them nothing, the mortgage payments are actually what the bank owes YOU, because you lent them YOUR credit and assets as a loan and loans have to be paid back.

People must love paying off the banks debt to them, standard Jewery trick, make money off of your money.

I have helped many people get out of their “debt”  by informing them on how to take on these criminal organizations and win.

The banks will tell you your free and clear, and if you want money back from which you paid then that takes litigation, but usually a well placed letter is all it takes to dissolve any unlawful debt.

many blessings

Will serving Creation



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