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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

The journey to the finals is slowly picking up speed and the events are totally overlapping worldwide. In places, we can no longer keep up, right? And since still much bullsh*t is tapped out, from more and more channels, one or the other can be already once something confused, that we must admit. Especially in the MSM we can see changes. In the German BILD, both newspaper and meanwhile a TV channel, by the way with an American owner (KKR, Trump supporter) is running a massive wake-up program. A German channel operator, with whom I am friends, finds several times a day in reports, broadcasts and other publications, (you will not believe it possible), the “17”. Be it in the texts as a number for victims, policemen, money sums, be it as a cross sum of mentioned dates, publication time or other numbers. And again and again he writes about it, “How many times does 17 have to appear before a “coincidence” becomes mathematically impossible?” Believe me, it appears so often that it is unbelievable. The alliance has everything under control, especially in the media and on social networks.

And yet there are still a lot of people – and here I have to disappoint the rest of the world – in the German-speaking world who still have their blinders on, even though a gigantic wake-up program has been going on for months.

There is nothing wrong with blinders. They are used, mainly in horse racing, to focus the horses so that they can’t be distracted by what’s going on to the right and left, so that they don’t shy away when something scary happens there. So these are flaps to keep from shying so the horse can focus on what’s important. In our case, however, I’m talking about blinders that are rather massively damaging to the person who has put them on, consciously or unconsciously. Especially in these times we have, especially in the German-speaking world, there are many blinders on offer.

That operators of channels and websites can have blinders on is natural and also somewhere plausibly explainable. I know of few channels that simply disseminate news, give little assessment of it and still remain neutral. Most channel operators have topic-related blinders on. We experience that with the gurus here on Intel, we experience that with organizations that have already formed or been formed. And every person who believes or follows such channels is narrowing themselves. You don’t need to roll your eyes at that, that’s how it is, I’m witnessing it live and in color over the last few months. That’s why I’m so insistent, as are some others, to get on neutral ground, at a distance, at 40,000 feet and just keep watching. That’s so important today and tomorrow, important for all people who want to go into the new world. And that’s what we want, right?

Blinders are adopted by followers, especially when they are offered in a tricky way. Tricks are necessary because they keep us from remaining neutral and simply observing. Sometimes it’s unconditional love, sometimes it’s our hearts, sometimes it’s an RV carrot shoved in our faces every (damn) day. And often it’s supposed news about incidents that catch our attention and bind it afterwards because we’ve become addicted to news. It took me a very long time to realize this, and I only succeeded because at a certain point I managed to become truly neutral and get to sufficient altitude. Believe me, with all the temptations, this was the most difficult but also the most important task in my development. And without help from others, who may not even be aware of their help, I would never have managed it.

Blinders inhibit us, they are like handcuffs that immobilize us. We miss opportunities because of them, we should be aware of that. And we should have learned that we can only really go further if we increase the number of our opportunities. What use are hop or top for us? That’s two possibilities, and one of them could be a mistake.




I always get suspicious when my options are limited, when I only get the choice between two options, i.e. a hop or a topp. And these offers are becoming more and more. Even from established channels that I used to follow. I have become brave to change my mind. In many areas, about much of what I am shown in the outside. And the change of my opinions had only one consequence for me: neutrality by observation attitude. So no more taking sides for anything or anyone. There are enough weather vanes in the German-speaking world or opinion changers, depending on how it fits into the current belly-launching stuff.

Oh yes, of course I have opinions and views. But when I bring them out into the open, I put on blinders and force everyone who reads my articles or is on my channel to put them on as well. It is a dance on eggs or walking on a fine line, because the temptation to publish an opinion is very big. Because still the EGO wants to play along. It also has a lot to do with frequencies or vibrations. I read the following on this subject from an “HD” on the Quantum Stellar Initiative channel:

“We are energy beings. We radiate vibrations. A vibration is a thought that you have engaged with long enough for it to evoke an emotional response. When you return to a thought and continue to think about it, the vibration is SUSTAINED…. and your practiced vibration begins to draw *everything* that has a similar vibration into your experience.

In other words, it doesn’t take long for the EVIDENCE of your VIBRATION to show up in your life. (A perfect example of this is how many orange cars I see…. I have orange activated in my vibration… and the Universe MATCHES my vibration with about every third orange car on the road).

Your vibration is of your own choosing. You could say that energetically it is your free will that is being expressed. And no one and NOTHING can shake your vibration! That is why your family and friends cannot “hear” you when you try to share points of view with them. Your vibrations do not match. People go back to sleep because their old, rehearsed vibrations are stronger than the new found ones … because they are thinking the same old way again.

Others become afraid that they have been deceived and allow negative thoughts to overwhelm them. The result is that they are convinced that Stellar is a scam, and they destroy their wallets/wealth.

Vibrations MUST match. This is a universal LAW.




So when people leave your experience, see it for what it is – they just don’t match your vibration anymore! That takes all the drama out of the situation. The shaking is nothing more than a vibrational adjustment. That is why it is SO important to keep your vibration as high as possible. Because the vibrations ARE matching; we are seeing the evidence of this faster than ever before.”

Not only in my channel, subscribers come and go in other channel operators as well. This is also related to vibrations. Often I worry about maybe changing something in what I’m doing. But then comes, usually immediately, the thought of not doing exactly that. Because I have a vibration that not everyone can go along with. And I don’t say or claim that this is high, because I can’t judge or estimate that myself. Either it would be self-underestimation or self-overestimation, but in any case inappropriate. So I leave the assessment to others, because I certainly don’t claim to be anything. I don’t want to because it would be equally inappropriate. So I leave that to others, who probably need it more or less urgently.

I try to act in such a way that I increase the number of my possibilities, and I succeed in this through a neutral attitude and an observer role. I simply lack too much information to commit myself or to act in a certain direction. And no one can give me that at the moment. So several options are simply better for me. For example, I stand on several pillars for a revaluation, I have several options there. Not only ZIM and currencies will revaluate, but also precious metals (gold and silver) and also regulated coins (ISO20022). And currencies that remain in the new world and are only gold-backed afterwards (Vietnamese dong, Afghani, etc.) will also revaluate. Here, there will only be smaller denominations. These are points I have connected over the last few months.

On this, a very important post by Emily from the QSI channel on ABDC (asset backed digital currencies):

“Right now it’s all about psyops and compartmentalized information (A compartment is a delineated area or space. The term compartment is used in horticulture for planting areas or in medicine for body areas.)

If you don’t understand this after all the years of following Q, then maybe this is what you need to learn first to make it all make more sense too

GESARA crypto is one of the most esoteric and misunderstood parts of the plan. If it were easier to understand, there would be many more Stellar information channels, just as there are countless Q information channels. Think about it. That means that hardly anyone outside of WhipLash347 and QSI really understands how important Stellar is to the future, and that’s why they don’t focus on it, but still worry about the military moves, the election stuff, the lizards and the bean bags.”

Here’s how I see it. Any restriction or limitation CANNOT be in the spirit of the alliance that wants to take us all to a new world. And anyone who wants to restrict me or leave me with only two options is trying to put blinders on me and keep me from a diversity of options. And I, as a sovereign human being (or one who wants to become one), do not allow that. And so I remain neutral, continue to observe everything calmly and with distance, and let time and future development regulate everything. The alliance works FOR US and not against us, it wants to lead as many people as possible into the new world. Because many of us should be better off, that is the goal.

So let’s take off the blinders, OK? They only hurt us and don’t get us anywhere.

“Always act in such a way that the sum of your possibilities increases!”




Heinz von Förster

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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