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I listened to this soldier for the full 90 minutes. I even captured over an hour of it to put it on my channel.


Moving onto this soldier. I know he is right according to LAW. However, even he discusses how the original founders law of the Constitution was hijacked in 1871.

One would think this fact skews many laws moving down the line. Plus Trump was working within the same parameters as that corporate BAR attorney law when setting up what we have. And the “plan.”  The one we are told to trust.

According to this soldier who had high security clearance, Trump signed all the executive orders that make him President right now legally, and Biden is just part of the fakery of war. Truth being the first casualty of war right?

Many believe as he does. Using law to rule is perfectly okay as long as the biggest stick doles out justice. Hey if I have the stick I must be the lawful ruler.

All of this serves Noahide Law which serves Rothschild and Israel. We have Trump praising this elite Rabbi network who no doubt will point to LAW, and contractual Maritime Admiralty Law to justify a legal lawful purge of declared “enemies of the state”.

Sadly, In the last 72 hours I have come across material in several places, this soldier, Owen Benjamin’s recent rant and the post I made, that has me seeing my entire life through a different Lense.

Having been molded by the sex and drugs and rock and roll, British Tavistock delusions that gave me the hedonistic plan of Playboy magazine at age 12, Beatles, Rolling Stones, sex as some sort of trophy, and the idea that Hollywood movie making was a holy grail to achieve. All left me clutching a fist full of air decade after decade. I have manuscripts I am scared to publish because my mindset sees the evil that contributed to the thematic betrayal of right and wrong.

No one wants to hear that now right? Playboys are scoundrels not icons now.

Hollywood white hats in the 1940s always served righteousness.

Hollywood in the 1970s made heroes out of the outlaw.

I can even look toward my father who was in the military and a cop, and my grandfather who was a freemason, and my mother who really wanted me to be confirmed as a Catholic. I dodged that for reasons I won’t go into. But looking back on things that were very mysterious I do suspect that there were pledges my father may have had to try to maintain. Being that he had a charming sense of humor I think he wiggled around those obligations more than most.

He was really Groucho, he wouldn’t want to be part of a club that would want him as a member. I suspect he may have accepted some privilege like a house loan or job when really he was fiercely an independent type. But no one walks away from those types of oaths to masonic orders.

He never once mentioned one word about such things– and I believe he regretted all of it and thought keeping me in the dark was protecting me.

I am cryptic because I don’t really want to divulge weird things because I could easily misrepresent what was happening by speculating.

But in many ways– I saw the chaos of my generation. We did drugs such as acid and pursued sex as a hobby. Then flipping that on its head was the just say no generation just as cocaine was flooding our party scene.

And shamefully, many of us treated abortion as something that was just a medical procedure and not the crime it should be. 

Much like my father I didn’t really have the type of skills that provided true stability like carpentry or farming or auto mechanic. I studied the idiocy of screenwriting and cartooning. I likely could have made a very good living at it but when I had a foot in the door and the system wanted me to bend over, I called it out.

Movie making and entertainment is the real religion of Judaism. It masquerades allegories as some sort of spirituality. While nepotism is the secret word that gets you in the door of the speak easy slash temple. Or some sort of offering.

And yes me recognizing the cost of success was a good thing but I spent my 60 years as a guy who failed to compromise and that hurt me. I was essentially blacklisted other than low end, low paying grunt gigs. They never tell you the cost they just let you fail to throw yourself on the alter.

I went way too many decades not realizing that there were shadowy figures watching and recording. Credit scores was one way I displayed myself to not be a good bet to the matrix. In my defiant rebellion I saw things as really bad deals. Things such as income tax taking 40% of a tiny salary. I heard it was voluntary so why the hell would I volunteer for that bad deal?

But here I am today finally understanding the ruthless mafia that uses the rule of law as a weapon, has no use for me. My loyalties were confused, tricked, divided and conquered… In the devil matrix, pay the piper or die broke and discarded. You never joined a demonic fraternity of so-called friends. I never paid a due that they saw as contribution.

As much intellectual property I have assembled in 60 years, the devil matrix has concluded, “so what.” How did it ever help us?

Trump may indeed be the horse the devil matrix has bet on and propped up for a reset… But the laws that were and are being used to declare him the new king were never really the righteous laws of fair play. It’s always been opportunity and privilege by compliance to the lies by omission. Much like nepotism doesn’t brag on who one is related to but usually hides it. Most want people to think they got there by the sweat and talent they shed.

If you just followed the corrupt sneaky system by doing what your fraternity brothers demanded like bending over and enjoying whatever that spanking gifted, you were an insider. Even though many understand that loyalty was never loyalty that went both ways. It was a temporary placeholder at best. Will ask for more when we need you.

The same people who brought us fiat currencies and phony concepts of patriotism are the reset. Noahide law is going to be even worse, even though for a while we will cheer when they cut off the heads of the people we have been taught to hate. Well maybe more like they were taught to be loathsome. Ever notice how sitcom characters are usually lacking good character?

Rascals seen as loveable until one day they are just blights on society.

Owen Benjamin got me thinking just as this man from my first video posted above has. The video I posted from David Zublick also horrified me with the ruthless evil that his guest “Beth” confesses.

The majority of us are on the kill list because we did not “earn” our right to die as honored citizens. You know, held a dagger once in a while.

Does anyone ask who the hell has that right? The right to be the guys protected by the contract? It had to have started somewhere along the line. We decide.

Well, on Earth it is Lucifer and his/her minions. Up above the firmament, well our creator says, it has always been just a test.

Well, how did I do?

Sorta 50/50. Not the worst, not the best. At least you didn’t kill anyone or rape them… but you did help prop up many lies. You did live the life of the grasshopper and not the ant.

You get to do purgatory again. Lucky you. Next time try to remember the safe fun road isn’t the ticket.

In conclusion, Owen is essentially saying, “If you can’t beat them join them.” 


Only he is saying the cartels have a certain justice that is righteous enough to be respectful of. That they string really horrible people up by their necks — not average dummies. Because ultimately killing the people horrifically that everyone already hates, wins them power and respect. 

He uses Sharia law as an example but I know what he really means. Noahide law. The Rabbi syndicate has always been the puppetmasters of all the other gangs. Yes even the Vatican gang.

Owen gets that. He is on their team. When he went against the crazed leftists by calling out the trans movement, he knew it was a sacrifice he needed to make. He has good instincts. He also knew that the Noahide gang would award him with opportunity again– eventually. Dominoes topple. Then get set up again.

I still think I deserve success based on output, but I also am repelled by kissing the ass of those who captured evil in a jar and market it under such premises as LAW or ECONOMICS or HEALTHCARE.

Not being on their team pays zero dividends. So… Integrity is self-delusion. Selling one’s soul sometimes happens when you have no idea you sold it for something you wanted. Like that company you dedicated 30 years to was exploiting child labor and you pretty much knew it.

I know I did certain things like taking a school loan I never even tried to pay back. In my mind the money system was so corrupt –why help it prosper? Well, the rules of the game is to honor the contract. But debt based also profits off of more debt. Until the reset and or jubilee. The main goal is those who are in charge– get to stay in charge after the reset.

And a debt-based system wins whether they get paid back or you betray your own word. Punishment will find a way. When one can no longer get approved for an apartment. One such comeuppance.

By the way I removed Random Watch 3 due to the idea some of the people were innocents such as the young girls who were targeted by their adult family members. I may put it back up after removing some of that. It was wrong to leave it in. Kept me awake thinking that 14-year-old niece didn’t deserve to be punished by the media being out there.

A real reset would be making sure the same religions or families were NOT in charge again. Plus a system that actually explains what happens when one defaults on the rules, and that the rules aren’t based in predatory gain.

There I go again being idealistic.


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