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Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 1, 2022

Dear Reader

Some weeks ago I posted a video on my channel about a Tesla Sound Therapy Machine.

The basic principle sounded quite easy to me, so I built one.

(this is the link to the video)

The basic components are 6 devices for producing a certain frequency sound wave, arranged in a circle around the patient.


I tuned those device exactly to the given frequencies. The resulting chord was “nice” but not pure / clean.

The harmonic was not reached. By mathematics: yes, but not by physical sound.

So I remembered my book and what I wrote about the Earths original time being different from our time today.
The Original sound being different from the second length today.

To fully understand the background of this, please read some older articles.

Originally the Earths day was 52 minutes longer than our days today. making 1492 minutes a day instead of our 1440 today. in seconds the difference is 86400 to 89520. the factor between those two is 1,036111. so the Earths original second was 1, 03611 times  longer than our second today. meaning every frequency (“Hz= HERTZ = swing per second”) is mathematically ok but not physically in the place it should be / originally was.

(just a question: what could be the reason for nature to develop a biorhythm for plants and animals and humans on the basis of 24h and 52 minutes???? Wouldn’t it be much more logic if it would have been developed on the basis of 24h?)



I calculated the given frequencies (see picture above. red numbers the Tesla Mathematics magic numbers, in black to actual frequencies how they should be , measured with todays instruments, on the basis of todays seconds length.

I tuned the sound machine with these new frequencies and: BANG. a totally clean accord, tuned to the max to harmony.

The sound is now (for the musicians among you) F, C, F, C, Es = F7(no3) = dominant Sept Accord of F.


if you buy yourself such sound generators, or if you produce the tones with 6 mobile phones and each having a sound generator app on it, or with any other device…

try the comparison!

use the TESLA numbers first and then check the sound/ the accord. and then check out the corrected frequencies.

If you use the original frequencies you can go to your piano and try to play them: you will not find a single key on the piano which exactly fits, but you will find some who fit quite well. this will be a Fis7 accord = dominantseptaccord of Fis

However, if you use your piano and search for those frequencies I have calculated, you will find a nearly exact match with the F accord.


Note: that doesnt mean Tesla was wrong. mathematically of course he is right!! but the medical effect i am very sure will only come on the basis of Earths natural time system, so in this case we have to live with crude numbers, which are in fact the 180, 270 etc Hz if we would measure Hz on the basis of the Earths original seconds length.

If you find a machine or frequency that works fine with what you want to do and you want to find out the “original” frequency on the basis of Earths original second length, take the number of the frequency you are talking of and multiply it with 1,0361111.

If you have a mathematically resulting frequency and you find out, it doesn’t work well on the patient or thing you are examining, try to DEVIDE it by that number and tune your machine down to that new frequency, that is now based on the longer, older, original seconds length.

For the complete background of this seconds length science please read the chapter in my first book “World Conspiracy”. there you find the connection between our calendars, our time, the Earths orbit and its disturbance in geologically recent times…

Or read the two articles to get a short version.

And in case you have the piano and play that accord of F you will have the sound, but remember: you will NOT have the geometry.

The geometry in this case I assume is extremely important.

So if you have 6 pianos….


You could take 6 mobile phones with a sound generator app on them, if you can not do such electronic devices.


Then you have the geometry AND the sound.

That´s all for now

Kind regards



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