(Reader: timjoebob) Response to goldstarfish about “The Trump Vaccine”


Reader Post | By timjoebob

The article/video by Greg Reese on Forbidden Knowledge TV was no doubt a cherry picked speech segment that never mentioned hydroxychloroquin ivermectin etc etc Dr Zelenko formula. I briefly remember the first time Trump mentioned the aforementioned but it was hushed up by msm demons a long time ago.

My beef with this whole thing is the lack of specifics and absolute clarity when he talks about the jab in the segments shown to audiences everywhere. Most people think he’s talking about the poison jab. Even I thought he was talking about the poison jab. What about the booster he was bragging about with one of the hosts. Both were apparently jabbed and happy and booster-jabbed to boot. Neither one talked about what they were jabbed with. Was it big pharma jab or Zelenko formula? That is a deadly game to play with the people…not being specific. 

So, generally speaking, the video segment was clearly geared to piss people off that are against the jab. You could hear some disgruntled people in the audience when he promotes the jab. They obviously were thinking like everyone else…that he’s promoting the big pharma jab and boosters. 

Games are afoot to be sure. Now the freaks are blaming Trump for all of it because big pharma is exempt from prosecution. They literally get away with murder…legally. The DOJ and every alphabet agency is corrupt to the core. Good luck fixing a broken system with a corrupt system. It’s never going to be fixed using the devil’s system. It has to die and be replaced with Law of the Land and followed to the letter. 

How many honest and decent people are in politics? Politicians are parasites. They’ll say and do anything for a vote. They’re order followers…the worst creatures on the planet. If nobody followed orders given by unscrupulous order givers, imagine how amazing this planet would be. 

So, let’s get this straight. Everything anybody writes or says about anything is being scanned and logged by AI…Everything…texts, emails, phone calls, etc etc etc…including everything on this platform. Trolls, moles, deceivers, and evil doers abound in the cyberspace where we all connect. 

They’re watching and listening. They’ve got almost everyone pegged. They know more about you than you do. It’s like the movie ‘Eagle Eye’ or ‘The Net’. 

September is going to be…well, intense. And it will continue to ramp up. They want us to die but we, apparently, aren’t dying fast enough. Give the jab a few more months and then it will start to go exponential as fighting starts in the streets in major cities near selection time. The 2020 election will not be fixed, obviously. So, the stolen election will stand as a marker. All the bs about getting 2020 rectified will just fall through the cracks. Just like the jab, clarification will just fall through the cracks. 

I may be wrong about all of this, of course. I can live with that. My venting through bitching and moaning, however justified, is an indication that I’m picking up on a world that is frustrated, pissed off, and hurt by lowly people in high places…the scum of the sewers. Yes, they are our brothers and sisters who have chosen their path of darkness. Trust me. I’m being incredibly nice.

Now, all we have to do is forgive them and move on with whatever ‘the collective’ forces us to confront or endure. 

And such is life.



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