(Reader: Helen West) Ground Hog Day!


Reader Post | By Helen West

After reading and listening to all the suppose Intel,  I am personally over it. I believe most Americans are. It’s ridiculous.

Repeat after daily repeat. We are watching the movie Ground Hog Day!  I also must say that I’m very disappointed in the Patriots and the digital solders. I hear them (Charlie Ward and Others) actually say Get off the couch and DO something to change things! Stop writing in and complaining! Most of these Elite style patriots are able to afford vacations, new cars and housing of choice.  Maybe not rich but in a well off state. Do you not understand that most of the Americans are HURTING financially and their health failing. Oh, that’s right,  you have not really taken the time to notice since your busy schedule in providing nonsense Intel and taking vacations to promote yourselves.  The true people this MOVIE is effecting,  you yourselves are never really involved or rubbing elbows with. They are your “audience “.  I however talk to these people the movie is effecting daily, on the phone. My employment takes me into the trenches of the True Americans. You know the ones that are being evicted from the apartments hopefully having a couch to temporarily stay at to avoid the streets or a car to sleep in hopefully the bank has not repossessed yet! The ones not able to get medical care because they have no means to get to the hospital.  The ones losing their savings to help their parents or children to put food on the table.

The other thing I see and hear are how the people are giving up on the elections now that the fraud took place.  The people have been duped and they know something is a miss and will not vote any longer since the system was put in by the corruption in government. Yes, they “write articles” of complaints since that is all they have the ability to do. Raising their voices to be heard!  Guess that was the plan of continuing with this movie, to stop the True Americans from voting and giving voice to the treatment they are receiving.  Once they stop voting and giving voice to abuse, This allows the crooks to take over fully.  

The popcorn is stale and the movie is redundant and ridiculous. Life of the people has turned sour. Those of us that are able are trying to make a small difference, taking part in school  board meetings and local government, but that is not nearly enough when big business and the politicians control things. I’m in New York you see. In this state, it does not matter if your in the City or Country of New York, the criminals are in charge. We the people can not make any headway. Most won’t vote anymore, anyway. So the bad guys win again. Here in New York, the “Visitors” that come in swarms during the summer control the government and the politicians. In the city and country. They have their own “community’s” and consideration for the locals that live in the area year round are not in their mindset. I believe we are referred to as “Goyims” by their own language.  They own the politicians and the police and Sheriff’s so the average American New Yorker have taken on a very bad taste in their mouth for the entire lot!  Since the movie is droning on and has no real substance, that we are shown anyway, I for one will do all I can to help people in need and to hell with the actors that continue to string the American people along with the misinformation mission to continue the hurting of their own people in this land. It’s seems to be about saving the Elite once again. It’s definitely a bit one sided to be true. If Biden and his administration are all corrupt, why then are they allowed to stay in power and the Military does not intervene? It’s because one set of Elites are in control. Its definitely not about the Average American population.  We are being used once again to their benefit. If this is not a movie then we should be told that. Maybe then we would understand better. As it is though, this is straight up abuse to the American People. A movie that could end all trust in ANY government, in the future. American people do not deserve this.

Sincerely, Helen West


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