Steve Beckow: Who will Go First?


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

August 20, 2022

Who Will Go First?

I’ve just completed a major update and expansion of Building Nova Earth: Towards a World That Works for Everyone. The original has been divided into three volumes now. You’re welcome to download it at:

Building Nova Earth 1/3: From a World That Doesn’t Work at

Building Nova Earth 2/3: Thinking the Unthinkable at

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Military tribunals are rumored to be taking place in Gitmo, Guam, Greenland, Diego Garcia, Patagonia and probably other places. Extremely regrettable if true.

It isn’t the idea of tribunals per se. But the thought of the summary justice being said to be handed out to those convicted will be, in my view, something we feel deeply ashamed of later on.

Slaughtering our enemies is no way to enter the Golden Age of Gaia.

Must we perpetuate vengefulness? Is this not the way it’s always been until now? Can we not stop?

I’m taking my revenge on you for something you did, taking your revenge on me for something I did, taking my revenge on you….

What I’m doing to you now you’ll resent with a burning fire and vow to take revenge on me if it’s the last thing you do (which it well may be), and the cycle of vengeance goes on.

Someone needs to call a halt to it and accept the losses that result. That’s why we don’t go first, right? I’ll lose so much if I do.

Someone has to be willing to accept a loss. What do we call it? Cut our losses and run? Except, for us, there’s no place to run.

Here’s an example. So many aspects of Canadian deep-state life have been revealed that probably have wounded the pride of Canadians. A dictatorial prime minister, shoving vaccines down our throats, from which he takes a cut, using “UN” troops to harass truckers, answering to the World Economic Forum, etc.

Meanwhile, the speaker of the House of Commons refuses to allow a Member to ask the question, how many cabinet ministers have a connection to the WEF? Is he too in on the fix?

Vaccinations widely promoted, people fired, careers destroyed. Censorship is flourishing in Canada.

At the same time, as a cultural historian, I know how deeply rooted racism once was in Canada. (1) It isn’t as if we have an exemplary past, by any stretch of the imagination. Hundreds of unmarked graves bear testimony to it.

Then again, since the Second World War, Canadians, particularly under Lester B. Pearson, looked to earn a reputation for peacekeeping, refugee law, multiculturalism, etc.

Then again, their peacekeeping operations have been severely criticized and some companies have sided with dictatorial regimes. (2) Back and forth we go. And the pain won’t cease as more and more is laid bare. Everyone is hurting.

I believe almost any country finds itself in a similar position since the deep state’s reach is worldwide.

Yes, the Earth Alliance will step in when things get so bad that people begin to look for what’s really happening and discover the truth. When people can get over the fact that their own governments have been part of the same global plot and recover from the shock.

In the meantime it hurts.

Having my bank account threatened by my government hurts. Thinking they’re reading my emails, listening to my Skype calls, or monitoring Siri hurts.  Since when is the government supposed to be the perpetrator?

What new frontier of control and depopulation will they explore next? Having us eat bugs?


(1) See for instance Stephen M. Beckow, “Keeping British Columbia White”: Anti-Orientalism in the West, 1858-1949. National Museum of Man/National Film Board, 1974

Concepts of Anglo-Saxondom: The Ideology of Race in English Canada, 1895-1900. National Museum of Man, 1970.

“From the Watchtowers of Patriotism,” Journal of Canadian Studies, Aug. 1974. Anglo-Saxon race theory in turn-of-the-20th-century theories of literary development. (See

(2) Now we hear news of the crimes of Canadian peacekeepers and Canadian mining companies.  See for instance “The Bloody History of Canadian ‘Peacekeeping,’” The Maple, June 30, 2022, at

Download here:

Building Nova Earth 1/3: From a World That Doesn’t Work at

Building Nova Earth 2/3: Thinking the Unthinkable at

Building Nova Earth 3/3: To a Golden Age at


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