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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

After my house bank allowed a garnishment of our account, as it is common in Germany, without a judge’s signature, without a seal and above all without a legal basis, I remained surprisingly calm. What went through my mind in the face of this looting was a phrase that will be thought by bank employees, but especially by CEOs: “I wish I hadn’t done it!” The consequences of their actions will catch up with them sooner than they think. They are all still lulled into a sense of security and think they are in control, but the sword of justice has been hanging over their heads for a long time. And I had to smile, because first of all, it’s a title for a new article, and secondly, we’ll be hearing this sentence very, very often in the foreseeable future. In a modified form, depending on which topic of the cabal world it will concern.

“If only I had not done it!” we hear and read already from the many victims who have picked up the vaccinations and are now either severely damaged (more or less) or have to lament the victims who persuaded them to vaccinate. And it becomes ever more, world-wide. It is only unfortunately too late, it is always too late when someone has to say “If only I had….”.

Those who have initiated this seizure are already done. The evidence has been completed, certain acts have only been allowed to continue so that a complete set of facts is achieved, that’s how I see it. A friend of mine was in mandatory detention for one day (just under 23 hours), can you imagine? Because of a little sum of money. In my case, there are now more collaborators in the banks. It may be that they all think nothing of it, but someone can only ignore a missing judicial signature if he is indoctrinated and unaware of his wrongdoing. It is different with the initiators, they know very well that they do something wrong and above all WHAT they do wrong. If only they had listened to my letters. Now it is run and in the best case they see in their future life the walls of a cell, are “switched off” (biorobot) or see themselves, if they supported child and human trafficking, a rope, a firing squad or a lethal injection. There will be no escape. For no one from this system FRG.

“If only I had listened to a “conspiracy theorist”!”

So far we were right in many points, not only concerning the company FRG, or Covid, or the vaccinations, or, or, or.

” If only I’d listened when others reported on their research.”

” If only I’d done my own research instead of believing everything that’s on TV.”

“If only I had started asking questions!”

This is especially true of Germany because, you know this by now, we are still deeply divided and at odds here because there are still far too many “leaders” who want to go in far too many directions. And it seems to me that as soon as followers join a group or channel, they put on blinders and no longer look left or right, let alone up or down. Or, to put it more graphically, they go from a height they’ve reached to a lower one and only see parts of the whole picture.

“I wish I had trained my intuition!” When someone suggests something like this, that is, the training of intuition, he is ridiculed. Many are simply so convinced that their personal opinion is the truth that such immensely important advice is thrown to the wind. That’s where this phrase will come in, ” If only I had backed off a little myself!” This is a result of years of being raised to be an elbow thinker. The ME has been so inflated by education and indoctrination that there can only be a WE among those who can jump over their shadow. For this self-knowledge is necessary and everyone can have it. EVERYONE! Many peoples have already internalized a WE, it simply lies in the blood of many peoples. And they reach thereby a maximum of cohesion, if it becomes serious or narrow. And it becomes tight in the last months by the awakening programs, and they hold together. And what are we Germans doing? Instead of looking at this worldwide, instead of learning from it, we still think that we are doing so well and we don’t need to stand up. We still think in terms of the “I” and should have been thinking in terms of the “WE” a long time ago.

There are exceptions, I can’t ignore that. 400 farmers went to Berlin to demonstrate and show their solidarity with farmers in other countries. 400 is a start, but not enough with over 262,000 farms in Germany. There were also German farmers along the border with the Netherlands who demonstrated in recent weeks, I would like to mention that. But in view of the massive wake-up program with energy shortages, with politician scandals, with price increases in almost all areas, it is still not enough for the Germans. Those who have enough money are not interested in the needs of others. Those who can’t afford it all sink into existential fears, depression, despair and can’t get out of it. They are left alone because solidarity in Germany exists only in a dictionary.

“If only we had started earlier to defend ourselves against the arbitrariness of the company!”

“If only we had put aside differences and gotten together in time, based on the lowest common denominator!” I have had such thoughts since 2006/2007, when I started my awakening process. And I have failed with all attempts, despite initial support from channels and supposed helpers. They all stopped their help at a certain point or just stopped contacting me. And so I was alone and made mistakes in this fraud system, which had all the power on its side. I am not angry about it, I forgave all of them, because without that I would not be where I am now. I will no longer say such sentences that begin with “could have”. But I will hear them en masse. From all sides, on all topics, in all areas.

But especially these sentences here:

“If only I had given away my information/help/resources for free, or just asked for donations.”

“If only I hadn’t spent money on information that I could have gotten for free with my own research.”

” If only I had looked into the new world instead of continuing to power the dying world.”

Don’t misunderstand, everyone is still doing what seems right to them, what suits their own personal awakening process. We can’t and couldn’t expect that people, who for example have only awakened by the “corona alarm clock”, catch up in the shortest time all what “old hands” have known for years. Although I could really observe people who caught up at an incredible speed. To everything I have written now, there are of course exceptions, it is like with everything else, we cannot and must not always “lump everything together”.

Finally, it’s the turn of those people who still doubt, who fly at low altitudes instead of in an eagle’s eye view, who can’t see or don’t want to see the good things that have happened in the last few years. Who doubt about Q, about a plan, about White Hats or the Alliance, who are still concerned with how to fight against an illegal FRG system, who fall for many disinformers and their channels, who call Trump and Putin the bad guys, who thereby stir up new fears and despair and offer no solutions. I call it disinformation quicksand that many people are still stuck in and that inhibits them. I get sent such posts from a few contacts or their opinions, their beliefs. Sometimes I respond, but for the most part I delete such things. They are all allowed to believe what they want, I trust in the alliance. But what sentence might they say? ” If only I had had more faith!” or “If only I had believed more of what I was told!” or “If only I had trained my intuition and then listened to it!”. I’m not saying I won’t say these phrases if I have to take a 3D honor roll. I have faults, deficits and I’ m not omniscient, “elitist” or “enlightened”. How I am and how I appear is determined by others, and so an alliance can also say: “You did a good job, but still not good enough for 4D!” And I won’t be able to remember where I end up. I don’t care either, because I find the possibilities all exciting and challenging.

Fellow travelers, fellow patriots, stay the course, hold the line, continue to have faith and believe in a good outcome. We are almost there, the plan is picking up speed. I wish you a good transition, we will surely see each other on the other side or in another 3D world. We will know soon enough. Observe, don’t absorb!

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

If you like, send me good thoughts, or pray for me. Those who can and want to, may also send me a donation. I thank you for your support in any case!

Please use the temporary bank account: DE20 5866 0101 0001 0938 51.

A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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