(Reader: Mondexmomma) When is this Movie Going to End?


Reader Post | By Mondexmomma

After two years of this plandemic, alas I have been caught with the infamous covid virus.  While it is awful being sick the bright side is I finally have natural immunity.  That’s right I am a pure blood. It took me two years for the dreaded disease to track me down.  I have a wonderful medical team that has given me a bunch of supportive things such as vitamins, antibiotics, nebulizer treatments, prescription quinine.  A pulseometer too.   Even a dedicated advisor to contact on a daily basis checking my vitals.  Right now I am pretty sure I am on the tail end of of this thing.  Got my employer wanting me to come back to work still sick.  Guess what?  According to the new CDC guidelines I can.  Isn’t that just wonderful? I can cough all over your food or you at work and apparently 5 days after the first symptoms I am no longer contagious as long as I am not running a fever.  So I guess this illusive virus they can’t even find a sequence for is really a hoax and CDC is actually admitting to it by their new standards.  Oh,  but don’t forget to get your genocidal booster!!!! 

Now we have another flour plant that just went up in flames?  How many does that make in the last 18 months? I have counted over 100.  Funny how all these food processing plants started on fire when The Biden Regime started their reign. 

This past week we had our favorite president’s home raided by the FBI not first without them sniffing our first ladies panties….disgusting perverts! Then they steal the presidents passports on top of taking boxes of already declassified material.  Yes, I am not stupid nor is the 80 million plus watching this circus stunt. 

The Biden regime is itching to start a war somewhere.  Couldn’t get in Ukraine, didn’t work in Taiwan, so now they are trying for civil unrest here with the raid of Mar a largo.

Let’s not forget the 87,000 new armed IRS soldiers that is now being formed.  The real reason?  America Corp is bankrupt so they are going to squeeze every last dime from the middle class they can to fill the coffers of the parasitic cabal.

Probably to send to Ukraine.  I say let’s send the 87,000 IRS soldiers over to Ukraine to take back our tax dollars.  

Has everyone seen 2000 Mules yet?  Or the Pit?  What is it going to take and how much proof do we need to prove 2020 election was one big fraud. When are we going to get rid of the corruption in the Supreme Court, Congress and better yet,  get rid of the sitting Fraudulent Biden Regime.  

What are we waiting for?  If people are not wide awake now with gas prices, food prices, interest rates,  weaponized 3 letter agencies, crazy spending by this administration then the rest of the sheep are just collateral damage.  We need the military to step in Now. 

My nerves, and my pocketbook can’t take much more.  I can only do so much as one person. I am already shadow banned on Faciastbook sounding the alarm. I find funny because my page is public. 

I pray to God constantly for His hand in this war.  Today I am just feeling overwhelmed, scared of our government, and just looking for a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Please tell me when is this movie going to end….it isn’t a movie anymore it is turning into a nightmare. Please dear God send us some Hope in this war. We need you Heavenly Father. 



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