Helping Freedom Win: Our Freedoms


Our Freedoms 

What are our freedoms? Are we free, really?

The truth is we’re not really going to be free or stay free if we just sit by and watch our freedoms get taken away. Governments and agencies (FBI, CIA, IRS, CDC, AMA, etc.) have overreached their purview even by their very existence, and they often engage in downright totalitarianism. The 3-letter agencies are not in the Constitution. Every time anyone usurps a single person’s God-given, Constitutional rights they infringe upon the rights of all of us. No one has the power to take away any of these rights, yet they do. It’s time we take our country back and give ourselves and our progeny the freedoms we’ve fought long and hard for since time immemorial.

Fake News

MSM News: The big-tech companies and media work together on a left-wing agenda to steer us toward socialism. Our freedom of speech is under constant attack by these companies. When we say something they don’t like, it’s a “conspiracy theory”. This is a trick to make you think the mainstream media are the only ones with “real” news. This is far from true and all corporate media today get “fed” their news (news-feeds), they don’t actually research it. See post: The Agenda Behind Fake News Crimes.

White-Hat News: There is another kind of fake news going around, initiated by white-hat sources. This is either disinformation, given to throw off enemies, or misinformation erroneously spread by well-intentioned people. 

Don’t let any news source (or anyone) do all your looking for you, without you also getting personally involved in looking somehow and using your discernment.

If you hear something that you think is a lie, you don’t have to pay any attention to it. 


Today’s health authorities are also clearly corrupt. (Case in point: The current “Plandemic” we’re in) Don’t be passive in your own health-related decisions. Your health has every bit to do with your freedom. Learn the facts for yourself. Many of the leaders making health decisions for all of us, such as Bill Gates, Soros and Fauci, aren’t even medical professionals. Watch out for those who have personal “depopulation agendas” or who are “money hungry”.


If you rely on “authority” too much, it could cause harm to you or your loved ones. Many “authorities” in the world are motivated by money or something nefarious. Learn the facts for yourself. We need more personally involved people and fewer “authorities” if we’re going to be and remain free.


So many people are waiting for NESARA/GESARA, and some have been waiting for years. There is a growing impatience for it to roll out now.

I’m ready for it, but am not relying on it, personally. We are not going to all of a sudden have no need to work. After all, who will produce products if that happens?

The biggest reason for the GCR is to take access to money away from criminals, not to throw the world into confusion. The GCR will also mean there will be no more poverty, but that doesn’t mean people are going on welfare. After all, taking, without ever having given, is just a form of criminality or Communism.

Morals & Freedom

For years people have watched as the world’s morals and freedoms eroded. It’s not too late to turn this around, but you need to take action yourself. For instance, get involved in raising your own children and grand children. Don’t let today’s entertainment media take hold of their minds and turn them into hypnotized puppets.


We will never truly have freedom without responsibility. Each one of us has a responsibility to both the present and future generations. When we see things we know are wrong, we need to do something. Don’t just watch bad things happen without at least trying to do something about it or supporting others who are. What you do and how you do it is going to depend on you, but surely do something. 

Helping Freedom Win

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