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Reader Post | By TruthIsUnbreakable

First, thank you KS for telling it like it is, same with you timejoebob and others striving for Truth and placing faith and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord.

Thank you Wayne for this piece as well.

Trump can’t be both a Christian and a Freemason as one can’t serve both God and the Devil. He comes from the bloodlines due to his upbringing, support agendas that benefit the few at the expense of many, and his places pay homage to pagan gods Apollo and Pan.  Those such as EnterTheStars on YouTube have covered the symbolism of Trump, as he serves his pagan gods, and time travel with the serpent in the chest a.k.a. demon possession.  Pay attention to the actions of those such as Trump and the rest, all about follow the $$ and associations thereof that reveal their true colors. There’s no telling if the person we are seeing is the real or the fake Trump’s? Why it’s so important to stop going into the repetitive nature of seeking someone such as psychopaths to rule over you. What happened to obeying God rather than Man?  Also, found it interesting that the Q channels & white hat supporters are wearing Black, are they showing allegiance to the one hat operation, death of the empire, who knows?

There are many of we the people who are beyond tired of these psychological operations, hopium, the false one party system, the black/white hat operations, and agendas that continue destroying our world that affect both our lands, air, the animals, and human beings. Have you supposed white hats know what is really like to be a human being, or you are really exposing your true colors as the new deep state bringing in the false light that leads to the antichrist system. The fact that you continue to use some Quantum computer to supposedly determine our fate, take orders, and other excuses. Apparently, your brains are gone supposed white hats and other good guy groups, and may God have mercy on your souls, you are going to need it. While moving the goal posts claiming there isn’t enough time to correct the 2020 selection, Flynn bros playing God, need more than 80% awakening before the military will do anything, we have to show them, it had to be done this way, it’s God time, everything is in control, and need more positive vibration because all of this negative vibration is bad for the community. What kind of crap are you smoking? Prove it that the good guys are removing the evil doers from society.

POLITICS & GAFFES BY BIDEN & PELOSI    Gableman: Decertifying Biden’s win a ‘practical impossibility’  After 24 min. mark of Gableman, former justice of Wisconsin Supreme Court on the legality of decertifying the results of 2020 WI selection results. In the article, Tim Michels is battling against Evers for WI Governor.

Victor Davis Hanson: FBI, RIP?

The Price Of Eggs Is Up 47 Percent As Food Costs In The U.S. Spiral Out Of Control




“China is One of the Freest Countries in the WORLD!”    Calling China a free society is like saying Nanshee Pelosi shows up to work everyday sober. Pelosi should live in China.  Biden forgot within five seconds that he shook Schumer’s hand.  How delusional these people are. Imagine being responsible for re-electing Skeletor Pelosi over and over.  Pelosi makes huge gaffe in calling China ‘one of the freest societies in the world’ after Taiwan trip, Here Are Your Top ‘Leaders’ – No.1 & No.3   ” One flew over the Cuckoos nest ” The sequel , They’re all mentally gone. Great job they are doing!


Gates Calls Social Credit Scores an ‘Asset’ — Are They Coming to the US? 

WEF Wants to Use AI to Automate Censorship of “Disinformation”

WHO Renews Push for Global Pandemic Treaty, as World Bank Creates $1 Billion Fund for Vaccine Passports   While the World Health Organization pushes ahead with plans to enact a new or revised international pandemic preparedness treaty, the World Bank and other organizations are advancing new vaccine passport regimes.

UN’s Digital World Brain Seeks To Track Everything And Everyone

France to Introduce Biometric Health Cards




“Cash Free” Central Bank Digital Currency Roll Out Coming In December?

Dozens of Whole Foods Stores Allow Customers to Pay with Palm Print Biometric Data    Conditioning the masses to accept the mark of the beast system.

Mark of the WHAT!? NEW “Palm Reading” Technology “Allows You to Buy and FLY”   Mark of the beast system….as when they promote this crap with a big smile on their faces too. As they love their overlords. No thanks….Jesus Christ is Lord!

King Leopold II’s Genocide Of The Belgian Congo

Human, Environmental and Wildlife Costs of Cell Phones, PCs, Laptops, DVD Players

Why the “New World Order” Is Impossible to Implement without Creating Mass Chaos

Boston children hospital gender identity at birth    WTF!!! Stay away from that hospital, these nutcases including the doctors pushing the transgenderism at birth or more deserve to be prison for starters!! Protect your children and don’t mutilate them because the world says so!


Democrats Pass Spending Bill Before Midterms To Trick Idiots    Please check out this analysis by The Doctor of Common Sense.

Here Are The Winners And Losers In The “Inflation Reduction Act” “Reduction” bill to unleash TAX TERRORISM upon the American people   Amazing only thing I agree with Senator Cruz on is abolishing the IRS…what about end the fed as well?




Congress Is Supersizing the IRS. Here’s Why That’s Bad News for Everyday Americans$79,621,533,803 for the Eye-R-Ess!! 755 Pages of Tyranny Americans Haven’t Even Read   More like #youwillownnothingandyouwillbehappy bill that suits the NWO. #taxationistheft

UK Banks “May Decline Withdrawals,’ ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ – Americans, You Lose, Again

Can You Feel that “ZERO INFLATION?”   Fake Biden working hard for his WEF masters….to go from Inflation Reduction/Acceleration Act to this, WTF!!

6 Things Wrong With the Inflation Reduction Act Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 contains some good provisions, but it’s also rife with anti-environmental provisions, money and legal maneuvers that undercut much, if not all, of the good the legislation may create.  More like the Inflation Acceleration Act. Democrats doing something about Climate Change, what kind crap are you smoking? Any bill that is passed benefits not only the one party system, but corporations, the WEF, and satanic overlords that suits agendas. Climate Change is Weather Warfare that suits depopulation agenda. Look into the Weather Modification, the patents for wind, earthquakes, drought, bunker fuel operations, chemtrails, floods, EMF’s, Gwen Towers, DEW & Plasma fires, HAARP, etc. Every time these weather events happen that destroy people’s homes, towns, etc. Those area’s aren’t the FEMA regions, as the evil doers are pushing people into the stack and pack cities. Problem is we continue talking about the BS, but not doing anything to really physically remove all of these evil doers from society starting at the local level.

Don’t forget the 87,000 IRS agents created to really steal more out of our wealth that benefits the few at the expense of many. Even though the job listing has been taken down, but the intent is still there. Anyone stupid or insane enough to be one of those IRS Gestapo agents must be really desperate or evil?  But that’s okay because the supposed White Hats claim they are in control, while they allow evil doers to flourish and establish the AntiChrist system. Evil flourishes when good men and women who refuse to hold evil doers accountable for crimes against humanity. Tyranny at it’s finest. Prefer dangerous freedoms over peaceful slavery.


Doesn’t Trump have secret service protection? Where’s the camera footage?  Apparently, there are live streams of people on the ground filming the FBI swarming the place. More psychological operations?  They had to do it now before he announces, before he becomes untouchable again. They’ll find nothing. Is this another distraction for another FF event?

After 30 min. mark of EnterTheStars video Out of YT Jail, Pink Finger Sauce, CPAC Trump Updates & Birth of A.I. Bladerunner Barren Tree   You are going to see Space Force logo flipped upside down are the same symbolism as the Baphomet? 

Was Space Force/Farce initially created to serve the Beast? Their symbolism will be their downfall. After 37 min. mark about Trump playing people’s emotions & fear, gaslights in the false left/paradigm, and corporations, that even if he does get in policies remain the same, reverse liberal agendas in schools, he plans to kick out the homeless, the death penalty for drug dealers, and false hope.

FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago backfires spectacularly as lawmakers call for NULLIFICATION of corrupt federal agencies like FBI, IRS, EPA, ATF, DOJ




Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Home Raided By FBI – Can’t See The Tyranny? Wait, You’ll Eventually Feel It    “You may hate Trump, think he’s a part of the take down, think he’s playing his role in this raid. It doesn’t matter because it’s not about Trump. It’s about tyranny v. freedom, a country no longer ruled by law, & a government that will come after whomever they like. Nothing makes it more clear than raiding a former President.”

Was Judge Who Signed-Off on Sketchy FBI Search Warrant Raid of Trump Home, a Client Name in Ghislane Maxwells Little Black Book?

FBI To Begin Raiding Homes Of Those Who Criticize FBI Raid    News media assured the country the raids were completely legal as a federal judge formerly from Epstein’s defense team signed off on them.  “Proof” The National Archives Is Lying On Trump To Protect Obama And Hillary

Emboldened IRS demands new hires be willing to KILL AMERICANS … see IRS rifle team training photos and more

The IRS’ Job Posting, & Ever Hear Of PATCON?

Operation PATCON, Some Have Called It “The FBI’s Secret War Against the ‘Patriot’ Movement”   The I.R.S can’t show anyone a law that requires most individuals to pay taxes but yet has a law enforcement agency…?? First these overlords sent in the ATF to enumerate how many weapons we have in our homes, then they give the all clear to the armed IRS agents to move in and well. Water those trees of liberty, armed, and physically remove all evil doers from society.

Also, with the FBI Mara Lago raid as this should be no surprise as to what the Gestapo would do. Every time these bastards try to get dirt on Trump, they uncover more incriminating things they’ve done as they keep revealing their true colors and agendas.  No one should be surprised that the FBI would plant evidence to be used against Trump.  For those who claim this is a white hat operation to bait and trap so and so. How do you know that? If you haven’t noticed this is about Freedom vs Tyranny, not about Trump. As the fascist police state continues to gain more power and control. While other republicans such as Kari Lake seeks to nullify the alphabet agencies, why not all of them and evoke the 10th amendment meaning kick out federal agencies out of the states seceding from the union. Look at the 87k IRS agents armed to really protect and serve the crap out of you, while creating the conditions to destroy the middle class, and the poor out on the streets. But that’s okay “trust the plan”, everything is fine, it had to be done this way to wake people up, we are winning, need more positive energy, 80% awake level, etc.  Also, the battle of Good vs Evil will continue until Jesus Christ comes back to set things right.

STOP BLAMING US & LONG LIST BEFORE NESARA/GESARA???   You do realize that more of real men and women and others will turn our backs to you white hats for playing God always ends badly. You know the consequences and seems that you don’t give a damn about real people suffering, survival, deaths, removal of liberties, enslavement, and genocide. But that’s okay because you keep revealing your true colors by moving the goal post no different than the deep state, allow the evil to flourish. Yet, none of the supposed crew & other Q channels will speak to those with differing opinions such as myself to come on their programs to get questions answered and have an honest debate and discussion. Think about that. Don’t care what other excuses of NDA’s, to so & so is getting paid. Don’t you think you have issues within your organizations such as greed, power grabs, etc. Yet, you blame us for not operating the same as you do, huh? Accept the fact not everyone will be awake as you are, as they ultimately chose whether or not to seek the truth for themselves, remain willfully ignorant, under cognitive dissonance, ideological subversion, and mass psychosis. There will be those who are awake, don’t care, stupid, ignorant, insane, or evil. Again, accept real facts you can’t those who refuse to change themselves. Do you understand supposed white hats what others and myself have been at you for how long?

You can’t prevent the fact there are civil wars in various places and you claim with the list of things to do before Nesara/Gesara kicks in, seems that you are stringing us for many years of tyranny and total enslavement because you felt you had to WTF?  “A righteous man knows the rights of the poor; a wicked man does not understand such knowledge.” Proverbs 29:7

The more people wake up to the use of feigned words make merchandise. They will realize they’ve been played on both sides. More will turn their backs to you white hats for allowing the destruction of our world that suits the beast kingdom, instead of the creator. Because we’ve realized all of the time wasted that we could’ve have done more things in our personal lives with the time we have left. Just as in the parable of Cats in the Cradle revealed the Father wanted nothing to do with his Son such as play ball, as his Son grew older he operated exactly as his Father, ghosted him. The Father realized of the time wasted, regrets for not spending time with his Son.  The ghosting and the psychological operations are how you White Hats are screwing with we the people playing these games under the guise of setting up the AntiChrist system.  No, you don’t get a pass on anything white hats from the time you’ve wasted on us while helping the evil doers terraform our world into the beast’s image, nice job, you must be real proud of yourselves, good luck facing God’s judgment you’re going to need it. At the same time, you still have little time to repent from your wicked ways and follow Jesus Christ while you can. You still have time to change if you really are remorseful for starters, you know there is always a better way.




Some channels such as TheBigSib figured that out long ago, as he admitted he was still growing and over time he cut off certain channels, then refused to watch nor listen to anything from the outside world. As he chose to focus his time reflecting on God’s word, helping people with legal issues, and filing other lawsuits. He’s not a lawyer, but what I’ve learned from him are deep truths of the use of what words really mean and how you treat the Bible as a law book. He feels that information should be freely given & freely received. Never I have seen someone so humble and grateful, and happy despite all of the insanity going on. God’s temple is within us. There’s no BS coming from him.

My guess that other Q channels and the crew haven’t taken notes from him, while continuing their psychological operations leading more astray from the truth. While getting rich, cult followings, and other tours promoting more BS, while encouraging you to get out and do something. You do realize not everyone can operate the same as you do. Have you not forgotten those who going or are homeless and hungry in this world?  What about those destroyed by weather warfare operations, economic crash, increased cost of living, just surviving, healthcare/murdercare, etc.  But that’s okay we’ll send you seeds, and a program so you don’t have to pay for electrical bills, and send you to stack and pack homes & FEMA camps for your safety, really?  Would highly suggest you check out NeverLoseTruth1 and NeverLoseTruth 3 KAFKA as Carol shows and tells the reality of what is really going on, tells it like it is, and backs it up with links in the description section. She encourages you to seek the truth and the truth about within ourselves.  There are plenty of times when it’s too much for her.


China & Dubai Weather Mod, & Massive Floods & Destruction – S Korea, China, Japan, Pakistan, India, And Manila. No amount of torrential rain could bring about this kind of flooding. Millions affected just this week in just this region.

Doppler Radar Pulsating Like I’ve Never Seen Before; Biological Effects

World Economic Forum brags that China is controlling weather with “cloud seeding” chemtrail operations   While admitting that these evil doers are controlling the weather for depopulation agenda purposes.

A Horrifying Drought Is Causing Widespread Crop Failures Throughout The United States And Europe

Crazy FLASH FLOOD at Lake Mead!!!

Just Talking: WHO – Pox Vaccine, Another Food Processing Plant Fire, &WHAT CAN’T YOU SEE, AMERICANS?

It’s Not Hypocrisy, You’re Just Powerless; PSA For Class B




Another Food “Coincidental” Processing Fire, Taking Down a Criminal and Other Craziness    Most people can’t see the pattern going on with the fires and equipment failures breaking out at the food processing centers. They believe whatever authorities, years of indoctrination, and the TV mind control tells them how to think without question. Talk about cognitive dissonance, willful ignorance, and mass formation psychosis. Just how that scientist takes all this credit for Tesla’s work. Tesla had a similar patent. Now we know where his stolen notes where sold to. But of course control and depopulation sells big.

New CDC COVID guidelines throw out quarantine, allow for benefits of natural immunity   Gee you don’t say, as Monkeypox is the next Convid Scamdemic, blame everything but the clot shots as they can’t kill us fast enough.


3 Woman Stealing Underwear Out Of Kohl’s Stores For Their Hood   Qua’s stealing Men’s Underwear? LOL!!

Woman Wears Monkeypox Makeup  Nice job crisis actor, who has a go fund me page too. So now on national media, the Monkeypox/Makeuppox can be spread through touch money, then touching your face. It’s blame everything but the clot shots again.

HILARIOUS Audit! Old Woman Offers Pacifiers & Vagisil to Constitution-Trampling Cops    Katie’s channel:   Great to see those such as Katie so educated on the law. Knowledge is power! Qualified immunity needs to be revoked so people can sue the cops when needed.

Free Brittney Griner     Great job including Chris Farley, a legend! The Brittney “I’m pregnant” LOL!!! She is really a He with an Adam’s apple and is a woke giant.

Did it get cancelled?    The fact that this crap is still on the air is truly mindboggling!  Hope The View/The Bitches/The Poo is long overdue to be cancelled, but first needs to be raided by the FBI. We should be concerned about the people who watch the show and buy into their BS. Great nod to The Outfield.


Benjamin Fulford — August 8th 2022: How much evidence is there the top leadership of the planet earth is non-human?  Apparently, there many high-level intelligence agency types insist we are being liberated from alien control. Plenty of evidence to back up the existence of alien beings, secret societies, mysterious religions, Vril reptilians, and bloodlines and control. The need for full public disclosure and scientific evidence on the alien stuff and more. “The bottom line is we do not need secret or alien controllers to decide how we live and what we do. We humans must be free to decide our own futures.”




House Passes our Worst Nightmare – Just How Advanced Were We in the 1800s??    The Inflation Reduction/Acceleration Act making our lives more tyrannical. Of course they destroyed it. How else would they make us pay for electricity.

Americans Are Mad As Hell And We Are Feed Up  Tell it brother the Doctor of Common Sense.  We’re mad as hell and are aren’t going to take this anymore!

If you wanted to supposed White Hats, you would’ve taken over the fakesteam media control from the over a dozen billionaires. But you allow them to spew more lies and BS as usual. As from the financial front is concerned, if you can do a wire transfer that takes a day or so. There are no excuses for making the switch to the quickly take control of the media, the banks, etc. If there is any good news that came from the insanity, more are have woken up not only through the use of feigned words, but the truth about other things going on, including ourselves, and your true colors. No more games and blaming up for your crap, while you sit in your mansions and who knows what else relying on some crystal ball quantum computer to get your orders and other following orders from your masters who benefit from evil control. Have you thought about that? If you supposedly used the real MedBeds owned by the evil psychopaths, how can one claim this requires you to be in the 5th Dimension? Don’t you think they used this for their own purposes 5D or not? What happened to the other 6000 patents that are supposed to help humanity, because there are many people who need healing and help as of yesterday? What happened to the supposed 100 years of food from the DUMBS, or is that a lie as usual among other things? But don’t worry it’s all part of the plan, as evil flourishes when good men and women who refuse to hold evil doers held accountable for crimes against humanity.

If anyone is wondering what happened to the children from the tunnels, check out Jason Shurka’s channel on YouTube called “Disclosure” series. Shurka has a site called UNIFYD TV as when you look deeper are more New Age practices that is concerning.  In the first two series was discussing what happened with the children were rescued from the tunnels. A much older spiritual organization called “The Light Source” (TLS) is light just like the Jedi from Star Wars in the Old Republic was involved with other good guy groups in an operations worldwide. Ray is the person who is affiliated with TLS agreed to be interviewed whose identity is concealed. In the 2nd Disclosure series, Ray revealed by in 2020 those children rescued as apparently most were clones, were taken off world. Even with the advanced technology, most kids didn’t make it due to the trauma. Kids who did survive live off world live with other families. There were discussions on energy sites worldwide, artifacts underneath Jerusalem’s the Dome of the Rock, how religion should be abolished used to divide and conquer, and more. Earlier this week, I did see part four of the Disclosure series was interesting, but there were more questions than answers in the spiritual side of things. Apparently, God resides in the 10th dimension, most people are in the 2nd-3rd dimension, & the evil doers want to reach that level to become like the most-high that will end badly for them, because God wins. A lot was discussed about souls, reincarnation, etc. For some reason Ray may not realize but Rabbi Bebbe (who was a new & completed his mission & isn’t being reincarnated) that played a major role in Chabad Lubavitch society was promoting the Antichrist, that’s what he meant by promoting the Messiah. Even Jared Kushner met Bebbe and was raised in that sect to be ultra-Zionist.  There are various sects such as the Zionists that teach people that Christians are evil and need to be killed.  If your soul reaches above the 5th Dimension, your soul won’t reincarnate, but become light sources. Nothing about Heaven or Hell? So far, when you listen to Ray at least he’s straightforward and to the point, unlike other channels that drag you on for hopium purposes. Thought it was interesting, but again Question everything.

The one hat operations are surely playing the divide and conquer so well. While moving the goal posts for personal following and financial gain $$. You know the consequences of playing God ends badly, do you? Am not the only one who is beyond done and infuriated with the lies and deceptions thereof. We the people aren’t stupid of this battle of good vs evil. Those who give up liberties for temporary security really deserve neither. We the people need to take action ASAP. Why bothering voting for starters, stop paying taxes, and stop accepting the chains of further enslavement. The real greater reset comes from we the people such as the farmers, truckers, veterans, and patriots worldwide. At least from there is true unity, despite our vast differences. Ultimately, mass noncompliance and the physical removal of all evil doers is necessary. A return and glory to God and Jesus Christ first is necessary. What else is there to be said, because I haven’t heard a peep whatsoever of offering my help to take down the evil doers? From all of the ranting I’ve done, am not trying being negative nor knocking people down, just calling out like it is of what can be proven. I don’t pretend to know everything and am not perfect by any means whatsoever. For those who are doing good things in freeing humanity from the evil doers, all that I can say is thank you a million times over. There are good people in this world doing what they can in their own lives with the time they have. Either way, the truth needs to come out, not these psychological operations of dragging this out for many years that ends up destroying we the people. You know there is always a better way of handling things, do so with the time that you have and do so ASAP.


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