(Reader: TIGER) IRS 87,000-Man-Army-POW Status and Warning


Reader Post | By TIGER

By report we are facing the development of an IRS 87,000-man-army armed to a large degree with sniper rifles. By another report the IRS has advertised for persons to join this army based in part on being willing to use deadly force. 

When Operation UnSwamp (or whatever it ends up being called) goes down, there is the question of what will happen to whoever is in this armed force and those similar (such as in the FBI). One might ask whether they satisfy the requirements for POW status under the Geneva Convention. By that convention they would need to be speedily repatriated following the conclusion of a conflict. From what we have seen, the plan is for these persons to be a uniformed force, and this is an important distinction, in that non-uniformed military combatants acting on behalf of a foreign power have NO rights, are treated as detainees, and face military tribunals with the prospect of summary justice. The famous example of such justice is in World War II where any German caught in a US uniform at the Battle of the Bulge (Bastogne) would face a firing squad, since in that conflict the Germans had an organized effort to disrupt US forces using falsely-uniformed soldiers.

Now we face the prospect of a uniformed force BUT that armed force does not acknowledge it acts on behalf of a foreign entity. It wears the markings of a domestic entity, the USA Corporation; therefore, the Geneva Conventions DO NOT apply, as there is no claimed international basis upon which any treaty obligation would apply. Under the Constitution, the IRS army is totally a “Domestic Enemy”. Therefore, if the IRS army is taken prisoner, its soldiers will have NO rights under international law. It is likewise impossible to repatriate this army if in fact it is composed of citizens and not illegal aliens.

It appears that there will be evidence that all of the IRS army, as the elements of the FBI army and CIA army, sign agreements to use deadly force against Americans based upon the decisions of their superiors. This agreement looks for its justification as “law enforcement” but we are dealing with a situation in which persons are acting under the color of law but are it is at best vague legislated law that delegates to the agencies the right to enforce regulations. This year the Supreme Court has overturned the right of Congress to delegate authority to agencies. The Nondelegation Doctrine has been an ongoing discussion, and the recent ruling in West Virginia vs EPA i s a landmark decision that invalidates regulatory power without specific legislative authority. It is unarguably and unquestionably an unauthorized step to collect taxes at gunpoint; this has no color of law associated with it. Further, even if it did, the US corporation from which that authority is offered is, at this point, both a bankrupt and defunct corporation, and a domestic enemy at war with the American People. Consequently the recent article, President Trump Declares War On The Federal Government may have more than casual standing behind it.

An important element to consider also is, in the United States, armed forces are subject to the laws of military conduct. All military forces are trained in the doctrine that while they MUST obey all the legal orders of their superiors, that equally they must disregard and refuse to obey any illegal order. In other words they are charged with constantly evaluating the legality of orders. In practice, under fire and with time being of the essence, there is some degree of excusal for misconduct. However, here we have a different situation. Those joing an IRS army are willfully acknowledging the intent to kill Americans based upon, apparently, the denial of enforced access to homes or places of business. This is the only logical use of sniper rifles, other than assassination. This use, on the face of it, should incur question as a legal order, and should fail that test. As a consequence, the use of deadly force to collect taxes most likely is a war crime, at best, since the war is an undeclared war. Anyone willing to do this, even if they never actually do it, anyone who signs up for this is acknowledging they are willing to kill Americans for their own profit. This is a profound statement and probably requires at the very least incarceration and a complete change in personal attitudes and beliefs, ethics, and morals, something difficult at best to verify. 

For any who actually act on the orders of superiors in a domestic army, against American citizens, probably the best example of what will happen lies with what happened in germany in the US forces liberated American POWs. In that case, the liberating forces asked the prisoners to identify anyone who mistreated them, and such persons faced prompt summary justice.

The purpose here of discussing this, it might be a good idea to advise anyone who might join the IRS army, or even those participating in FBI army-type operations, that they are liable to prosecution and justice for misconduct, and specifically, that the IRS army is designed to carry out such misconduct. A specific warning should be posted in such a way that it reaches potential recruits. This would be much more humane, in my opinion, than the treatment that some Americans had who went to Ukraine without understanding what was going on there and suffered for it, who were never warned. Consequently, it is my hope that alternative news and even President Trump will speak up and caution those who might join the IRS army, or who might continue to participate in similar operations on behalf of other agencies, to reconsider their participation, for their own safety and peace of mind.



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