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Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 13, 2022

They are all companies to be found in the commercial register, so a corporate crime against the population see the tax authorities, police, judiciary, municipality.

How do you get the media, and corrupt politics to completely clamp down on themselves.

The raid on Donald J Trump’s Residence is the trigger that was placed.

I cannot help but feel that this was done intentionally, using a 7 page indictment against Trump.

This will lead to his arrest.

The whole world will fall over that, all the MSM propaganda rats feast on it.




Then Trump will be led before, refuting all the evidence and publicly announcing the crime of the Cabal.

This could just be the order of the whole thing.

In this, it doesn’t matter what the judge thinks, because the Army will then arrest everyone, say the shot goes off but behind.

America first, a nation under GOD will then be the slogan, only about the rest of the world there are also people who are oppressed and murdered by the Cabal.

Here in the Netherlands, the court of Maastricht has recognized that no judge can serve a case with authority.

The Judge is a legal natural person, because he is a human being.

To then assume that he is a Legal Person means that he is acting as a corporation against someone.




Corporations are not competent to enforce a law or to administer justice if the defendant is not a member of the corporation or is not recognized as a human being by the system.

The legal system is not for people, because in the Netherlands people are not recognized by the company Nederland NV.

Then there is to term public body, a legal fallacy, because this can only be by a legal entity, association or company, where natural persons then shape this construction, so no one is competent and everyone who participates in this is 100% liable.

Here mayors are appointed by the Cabal government, so they did not come and have the accountability of their municipality.

On May 18, 1940, the administration of occupied Holland fell into the hands of the Nazis.

This is still the case today.  

So we were dissolved when Queen Wilhelmina fled the country with her entire government.

According to our constitution at the time, there was an article 21 of the constitution which stated that the government or the royal family could never seat the government outside the Kingdom, because then the constitution and kingdom would fall.

Occupied Holland thus became a direct province of Germany from May 18, 1940.

Through the effort of the Allies it was claimed that we were liberated, which is not the case.




The Netherlands as a province of Germany is still in place.

Germany is under the SHAEF laws which makes all mayors and administrators liable under martial law.

The Netherlands has been held hostage by the corrupt Elite and has been the testing ground for the NWO.

This only changed when Donald J Trump became president, so now all masks are going to fall.

Dutch jurisprudence cannot be valid if we are a province of Germany, after all there has never been a peace treaty with Germany.

So we are still in the phase of war, which has become a tacit truce, until the moment the EU Nazis started supplying the [redacted] with weapons to cover their tracks of human and organ trafficking in the [redacted]. MH370 / MH17 

The Western Nazis violated the ceasefire with [redacted] in [redacted], then it is [redacted] duty to protect his beautiful country with all means at his disposal.

Healthy Babies are being murdered to trade their stem cells.




The Population had voted against the Association Treaty with the [redacted] in a referendum.

Psychopath Rutte with the support and at the behest of Nazi Fake King Willy the gullible have taken the population hostage, human trafficking, and systematically murdered them with the [redacted] Bio-weapon.

So it is duty not to cooperate anymore and support these Globalists via fine and tax.

What king gives his country to a foreign power like the WEF, then you are aware that he is not a King but a stooge “stadtholder of occupied Netherlands which is like a company in the US Inscribed” De nazi-wortels van de “Brusselse EU” – Dr. Rath Health Foundation (

Maxima the Fake Queen told in 2007 that she could not find the Dutchman, this is true we are now state beings without a state held hostage for the NGO company Nederland NV led by Psychopath Mark Rutte and his crime team of Ministries Cabinet and Mayors who must control the population, the police who have no authority whatsoever behave like wild Nazis did in times from 1933 to 1945 the SS Nazis.

All contracts and treaties from 13 May 1940 onwards that have come into being on behalf of and with the Netherlands are internationally not valid as we no longer exist as a state of the Netherlands but as a company that has no authority for these crimes.

THE EU, UN, NATO, WHO, IMF, and ECB are not valid or authorized to act as an authority against the people of Europe, they have no legal authority because the SHAEF laws apply.

Each judge should have applied for a license for each individual lawsuit and made his legal form known, a natural person is not recognized and a legal person is a dead entity, a public body like government has no authorized directors to carry out this deception.

All the Doctors, scientists and nurses who participated in GENOCIDE at the behest of the corrupt politicians come before a tribunal under martial law.

Let the storm come.






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