Restored Republic via a GCR as of August 12, 2022



Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Fri. 12 Aug. 2022

Compiled Fri. 12 Aug. 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

Trust the Plan

Together we are stronger,
Together we are unbroken,
Together we can do anything.
…President Trump

Sometimes it’s so hard, it’s a struggle to cope. But I use this opportunity now to release this burden unto you, oh Lord. Bring me through it all safely. Pay attention to my prayer, for my enemies insult me all day, and they use my name for a curse word. …Melania Trump

“Of Enemies and Friends”

May 15, 2022 – #4835 Music & the Spoken Word (

“The best way to defeat an enemy is in seeking to make that enemy your friend. The effort in reaching out in some kind way to someone who offended you, makes the World a bit kinder, a bit more understanding. Our compassion reduces the anxiety around us and brings peace and unity into our conversations. What a wonderful way to spend the Life & Time that God has given us!”




Judy Note: Everyone is frustrated when things like liquidation of the Global Currency Reset don’t happen like we think they should. Though, we have to remind ourselves that this wasn’t  about us getting rich off the RV, it was about taking down a worldwide and powerful Satanic Worshipping Criminal Syndicate that was fighting back in ways we may never know or understand. We should be grateful for those who have given up so much so that we could experience true freedom throughout the world. And, we must appreciate that we had a role to play in the greatest transfer of wealth that the world has ever known – which now appeared set to go by Mon. 15 Aug.

Global Currency Reset:

  • Liquidation for the Global Currency Reset has not yet happened, although as we were told this week, monies could be releasing from the Rodriquez and other Trusts, with Tier 3 recipients possibly bound to silence by their signing of strict Non Disclosure Agreements.
  • Mon. 15 Aug. was a suspected deadline for GCR liquidation, as the date was not only rumored by various sources to be set, but a while back Charlie Ward said Mon. 15 Aug. was a date the public could possibly exchange, plus Iraq, the kingpin of the Global Currency Reset, was also talking completion of their government organization and public release of their new Dinar Rate by next Mon. 15 Aug.
  • Thurs. 11 Aug. Bruce: Three different sources confirmed that they want Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) to start our appointments before Mon. 15 Aug, which means we should be getting notification Fri. 12 Aug. or Sat. 13 Aug. They want to process the Zim Bond Holders as soon as possible (Zim Bonds were backing the whole GCR). Thurs. 11 Aug. 2022 The Big Call, Bruce: 667-770-1866 pin123456#
  • MarkZ: “A contact in Iraq said the goal was still the 15th or before.”
  • Iraq had a new Dinar Rate that was trading in the international community, though it has not yet been made public.
  • We will have about 10 days to exchange or redeem our currencies and bonds (Zim) for the special rates. …White Hat Intel

Restored Republic:

  • Wake Up, America: Last week US Inc. Vice President Kamala Harris’s tie-breaking vote on the corrupt Biden Regime’s massive Climate, Health and Tax Bill, empowered the IRS to hire and arm 87,000 new agents—to the tune of $80 Billion. Hours later the Alliance’s White Hat Delta Force seized a massive Weapons Shipment headed for the new IRS Sniper School.
  • With this week’s FBI’s unjustified raid on the private residence of President Trump, corruption in the FBI was coming forward – as it was with other agencies, the CIA in the lead by far. At last Lawmakers were calling for nullification of the FBI, IRS, DOJ, ATF, EPA and DEA, although they left out the worst one, the CIA. Why?:
  • Delta Forces Seize IRS Weapon Shipment:
  • IRS to Open Sniper School – the reason Delta Force seized IRS Weapon Shipment:
  • Meanwhile the White Hats were shutting down BlackRock and Vanguard Banks after having seized Vatican City, City of London, Washington DC, Federal Reserve and Central Banks.
  • Lawmakers Call for Nullification of FBI, IRS, DOJ, ATF, EPA, DEA:
  • Entire US Government to be Invalidated: “Soon, at any moment a turn of events will trigger the unbelievable. Our entire government will be invalidated. Biden, Harris, members of Congress and the Supreme Court will be removed.”…Donald J. Trump Live
  • “We have it/them all.” A One Way Free Ride to Guantanamo Bay Detention Center with Death Penalty for High Crimes of Treason and Crimes Against Humanity. For all those who are still unfamiliar with the origins of the Q Military Intelligence Qperation and its purpose. A must Watch:
  • Military Earth Alliance Covert Operations have neutralized high-level parasitic elites, bloodline families and secret societies in recent years.
  • Vatican City, City of London, Washington DC, Federal Reserve and Central Banks have all been seized and are under control of the White Hats.
  • The US White Hat Alliance located in Cheyenne Mountain, has given direct orders to Agencies and Treasury Departments in all Red States to no longer do contracts with, pull money out of, bar and shut down Cabal owned banks run by BlackRock, Vanguard, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Next week seven European countries were expected to block Vanguard-Rothschild-JP Morgan Banks.

Global Financial Crisis:

  • White Hat Intel: Soros is breaking the Chinese banking systems and Rockefeller controlled banks are pulling money.
  • Inside sources say Bitcoin will rise before the crash, and then bust. The ripple effect will be felt from country to country as China Stocks and companies reach into all nations.
  • The Great Reset Agenda of the UN, WEF, WHO, World Banks, GPMB, Obama, Bush Elites has always been to break the Markets and then bring in global currency and digital tracking/ human tracing.
  • The Market Crash was imminent, with effects of growing food shortages, inflation, rising gas prices.
  • When the CRASH happens Banks will not move money, Transactions will freeze and electric companies cannot pay for natural resources such as coal and delivery companies will be at a standstill. This leads to closed markets, stores closing and hunger.
  • Biden’s War on Americans will affect the Markets. Half of Americans are rejecting Biden’s mandates, threatening to quit their jobs: Police, Doctors, Nurses, Military, Blue Collar citizens. That’s over 85,000,000,000.
  • Million citizens were rising against Biden’s dictatorship War. This amount of Americans can crash the Market.
  • Deep State Biden, Obama, Vatican World Bank will make trillions by pulling money from Retirement/Insurance/ and Benefits. (Most average Americans are owed 50_65 thousands in retirement $$$$).
  • Joe Biden’s declaration of War on Americans is to break the economy, make Markets crash and divide the country.
  • JPMorgan Gold Traders Found Guilty After Long Spoofing Trial:
  • Fulford: Central Banks are shutting down — bankrupted. Old financial systems bankrupted. Congress, White House, IRS, Feds, Federal Reserve are shut down — U.S. Corporation is bankrupted. Gold-backed currency, digital assets, QFS, Nesara Gesara is growing! QFS Nesara Gesara is manifested. The Global/Galactic Alliance are still working on removing the vise-grip on humanity from the DS cabal — currently removing the satanic spell on the global mass. The Great Awakening journey will be more intense & get more turbulent.
  • Australia’s Central Bank Working With BIS To Launch Digital Currency System:
  • ECB can’t go bankrupt even it suffers losses. The European Central Bank could “neither go bankrupt nor run out of money” even if it were to suffer losses on the multi-trillion-euro pile of bonds it has bought under its stimulus programs.
  • Chile: Chileans Take Refuge in Stablecoins Amid Economic Turmoil. Latin America’s most steady economy in the last three decades suffers a slump. Locals are turning to crypto for protection.

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

Global Weather Manipulation:

FBI Raid on Trump’s Residence:




The Real News for Thurs. 11 Aug:

  • White Hat Intel: Where is the Director of Beijing China CDC? The same director who made a quarter of billion on PCR test…. and had his country unnecessarily locked down? Word is… He and his wife are missing since last Saturday. When do birds sing?
  • Their All Connected: NASCAR Brian Vickers’s wife was Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime scheduler. Sarah Kellen was represented in litigation by Bruce Reinhart, the magistrate judge who approved the raid on Mar-a-Lago.
  • Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg’s real name is Jacob Greenberg and he is the grandson of David Rockefeller. Zuckerberg in German is “Sugar Mountain,” their clandestine word for Facebook – a mountain of information from which they can extract billions. The Rothschild’s own nearly 10% of all Facebook shares, and Facebook was funded with $500.000.000 USD from a CIA-owned bank, which was not a secret.
  • It was well known that corruption in privately owned US Inc. Agencies has been present since their beginnings. The latest: How the FBI – including Director Hoover – framed four innocent men for murder and how Robert Mueller tried to protect the FBI after the scandal was uncovered.
  • Nancy Pelosi’s son – who secretly joined mom on her controversial trip to Taiwan – is a top investor in Chinese telecoms company, despite House Speaker’s campaign to tackle China’s corporate influence in the US.

White Hat Intel:

  • There will be leaks and drops in the Ghislaine Maxwell Case, but the Judge-Prosecution- witness- jury were all heavily infiltrated. Yet, this Maxwell case must go forward no matter the legal out come. The case was staged and the Deep State Obama- Clintons  compromised the case in many ways.
  • It’s important the Election Fraud & Exposure continue no matter the legal outcome. The connections to Deep State, Soros/Obama/Clintons/ Chinese Communist Party/ Vatican/ Micro Soft compromised the Election.
  • It’s important that the Durham Report exposes Clintons, Obama, Five Eyes, Vatican, Israel that were connected to Russia Gate and the Colour Revolution Coup against Trump – including how they compromised with Wuhan Covid-19 to bring in the fix in the 2020 elections and bring in totalitarian world government through the CDC, WHO, WEF.
  • All three branches of government have been infiltrated and the US was under foreign occupation. The courts were heavily infiltrated.
  • In the End, after the fires and Martial Law and exposure of the failure of the three branches of government was when the Military would step in (currently the Military courts are documenting all the failures of the three branches of government.
  • This will be used later in Military Tribunals. That’s when the real exposure of  Epstein-Maxwell, Election interference, COVID-19 creation will be held.
  • While difficult, it is important to understand this must be done by the book. Q The Military could not legally launch operations against U S. Citizens (Deep State Cabal US citizens) until all failures of the three branches of government happened. Winter on Fire.
  • Clinton Cash – the Russia connection: The New York Times reports on multi-million dollar donations from a Canadian company anxious to sell American uranium mines to the Russians, which required State Department approval while Hillary was Secretary of State. The sale gave the Russians control of 1/5 of all uranium production capacity in the United States. Since uranium is considered a strategic asset, with implications for national security, the deal had to be approved by a committee composed of representatives from a number of United States government agencies. Among the agencies that eventually signed off was the State Department, then headed by Mr. Clinton’s wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  • As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation.  Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.
  • Whether the donations played any role in the approval of the uranium deal is unknown. But the episode underscores the special ethical challenges presented by the Clinton Foundation, headed by a former president who relied heavily on foreign cash to accumulate $250 million in assets even as his wife helped steer American foreign policy as secretary of state, presiding over decisions with the potential to benefit the foundation’s donors.
  • Joe and Hunter Biden were major investors in Metabiota Inc.
  • Metabiota was a Data Collecting service which partnered with industry and governments worldwide to build resilience to epidemics and a company which was “the main supplier of equipment for Pentagon biolaboratories around the world.”
  • Nathan Wolfe founder of Metabiota is partners with Peter Daszak from ECO health alliance, which is where Anthony Fauci was funneling money for the Gain Of Function project. Collaborators on this project include Conservation Medicine and government partners in Malaysia, Chulalongkorn Hospital in Thailand, Duke – National University of Singapore, Uniformed Services University in the USA, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the USA, Duke University Durham.
  • GHISLAINE MAXWELL a close friend with NATHAN WOLFE (aka Virus Hunter), who in 2011 published a book named “THE VIRAL STORM” about the upcoming PANDEMIC. In the book, WOLFE thanks JEFFREY EPSTEIN and Dr. SANJAY GUPTA for their contribution Support and donations.
  • All was being exposed, which would connect to BIDENs selling of U.S. SECRETS , CLASSIFIED INFORMATION TO WORLD ELITES AND SEVERAL COUNTRIES 

Japan Crime minister Abe Shinzo (assassination or avatar killed): The back story of Shinzo:

  • After the Mass killings of Japanese through the Fukushima planned Event, False Flag operations of the Jesuits/ Rothschilds were to take full control of Japan economy resources and people. This major event was to take half of Japans population (over 50 million) and scare them into Mass Migration. The scenario would include UN forces to help evacuate the country and cause Mass Hysteria with the Controlled Mainstream Media covering the details.
  • This Deep State plan was designed by the Davos Group/ Bush/ Jesuit/ Rothschilds and much of the Deep State Regime. The goal of the plan was for breaking China into smaller countries and by first creating a False Flag Event of Fukushima.
  • At the same time 8 trillion$ would be stolen from the Japanese economy and system.
  • The Event started by banks stealing hundreds of billions in pension funds from citizens and companies.
  • Then the Deep State ran by Military Black Ops, set up three simultaneously attacks on Fukushima Nuclear power plant. First tectonic weapons were used to trigger an earthquake. Second two underground nuclear bombs were exploded under the ocean of the coast. Third Thermite incendiary bombs were placed directly at Fukushima power plant.
  • The Deep State Plan was to mass migrate Japan to North Korea. (Korea would militarize the Japanese and attack China from the south). The U.S. would use Japan as a staging ground for attacks from the East. Russia would come in from the north against China. Taiwan would head staging grounds of the coast of China and hit Southern China. All G7 countries were expected to join the fight (invasion) against China.
  • The planned failed after India, Russia and Taiwan rejected the invasion – as did the Pentagon.
  • All the military reports and analysis reported the same outcome of world scale NUCLEAR fallout as China would unleash it’s arsenal and cause a blackout of the northern hemisphere and the over 80% of humans would die.
  • After the Fukushima Event and the attempted 8 Trillion$ heist of Japan’s economy, GDP and gold by the Rothschilds, the Chinese Elders and Dragon Clans came together to protect Japan and caused hundreds of earthquakes through China’s platonic weapons against Atlantic Island of La Palma.
  • After these Earthquakes the United States Military came to agreements with the Chinese Clans and families (that are part of White Hat Operations in the Chinese Communist Party to end Communism).
  • The Deep State was in great fear of China coming to the brink of creating their own digital currency and bringing Asia into their system. That was part of the reason Bush/ Obama/ Vatican/ Jesuits/ Davos Group/ Cabal wanted to invade China. (But China’s new digital currency/ gold back trading system was in play as half of the world has switched over their system with the BRICS countries and more applying for membership).
  • After Fukushima the Davos Group installed a fake President in Japan: Abe Shinzo.
  • Shinzo knew of the corruption and evil War Mongering the Deep State was controlling and creating and all the dead bodies (intelligence classified information/ Deep State Operations. All Agendas connected to the killings of innocent Japanese citizens and politicians for control by the world Deep State Cabal.
  • Military Intel said that Shinzo became a turn coat (much like George H.W Bush before his death) and had all details to White Hat Military before his death. Hence, the Clintons-Jeffrey Epstein exposure.
  • Did Shinzo sing? UK Prime Minister resigns, Sir Lanka falls, Russian-Chinese-Iran forces start Military drills, exercises and plans in South America, Japan Prime Minister assassinated, Europe collapsing.

Compartmentalization: The Deep State has aggressively concealed the Master Plan of its heinous agenda.

  • The ratio of ‘We the People’ to Deep State Players is around 100,000:1 (0.001%) in Western nations. Few people supported to have any role in crimes against humanity if they understood the Master Plan.
  • The major way that the Deep State executes its sadistic agenda is by hiding the true roles that lower ranking public and private sector employees, i.e. pawns, contribute to their overall schemes. This grand agenda is shared only with those who need to know. Others are told the bare amount of information required to contribute to the Master Plan. Sharing minimal details with pawns is known as ‘compartmentalization’.
  • Lower rankings did not know that some sealed coffins flown home on military aircraft are loaded with Afghan opium for Deep Statists.
  • Missionary nurses did not know that ‘life-saving’ vaccines they compassionately inject into Africans are deliberately loaded with HIV.
  • Deep State criminals aimed to depopulate and financially rape resource rich Africa, America, Australia, Asia. Deep State criminals aimed to depopulate and control the whole world.
  • Commonality: A repeat theme in Deep State diagrams shows citizens at the bottom of the hierarchy, based on socio-economic status. It was the aim to keep this bottom hierarchy; we the people, a sleep. They considered humanity as Sheep Slaves.

A Nutrition Protocol to protect against Graphene Oxide found in Covid Vaccines.

  • Coated Silver (1-6 drops per day, depending on degree of exposure) (Coated silver blocks the sulfur-bearing protein on the spikes from entering the cell. Sulfur-rich amino acids on the spike protein interact with silver causing them to fold incorrectly).
  •  NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) (accelerates detoxification and is considered a producer of the super detoxifier glutathione in the body) Dosage: 1200-2400 mg per day on an empty stomach. NAC is recommended to detoxify graphene oxide and SM-102. NAC is tough to find after the FDA recently made it illegal to purchase over the counter in the USA.
  • Zinc (30-80mg per day depending on immunological pressure)
  • Vitamin D3* (10,000 IU’s per day)
  • Lypospheric Vitamin C (30ml, twice daily)*
  • Quercetin (500-1000 mg, twice daily)*
  • Iodine* (dosage depends on brand, more is not better. Iodine is a product you have to start with small dosages and build up over time.
  • PQQ* (20-40 mg per day)
  • Shikimate Main Sources:

Pine Needle Tea for shikimic acid or shikimate (from green edible pine needles) There are toxic pine needles, be careful! When drinking pine needle tea, drink the oil/resin that accumulates too! Shikimate, shikimic acid and their derivatives possess: cancer fighting, antiviral, antimicrobial, anticoagulant and antithrombotic properties.

Fennel and/or Star Anise Tea: These are also an excellent source of shikimate or shikimic acid (which is known to neutralize the spike protein)

  • C60 (1-3 droppers full per day)
  • One of the issues we are seeing with those who have been injected is disturbances in their energetic field (magnetism) and hot spots of inflammation. C60 is a rich-source of electrons and acts like a fire extinguisher to inflammation and simultaneously (because it bio-distributes throughout the body) drives a normalization of electron flow throughout the body. In this category, we offer two products, the traditional C60 product* is made by yours truly and the C60 Super Concentrate* is made by a carbon scientist friend of mine and contains a higher concentration of electrons. C60 is recommended to neutralize spike protein, detoxify Graphene Oxide and SM-102.
  • Charcoal (2-4 capsules a day) Charcoal is the pre-eminent detoxifier and when taken on an empty stomach, works its way down into the intestines and activates a blood purification process known as “interstitial dialysis”. Our Kohlbitr* product is the premier activated coconut charcoal in the world and we also now offer the more gentle birch charcoal.*
  • Citrus fruit (especially blood oranges, due to their high hesperidin content — hesperidin is a chalcone like quercetin that deactivates spike protein)
  • Peppermint (very high in hesperidin)

Must Watch Videos:

[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

Read Full Report (Doc):




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