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Reader Post | By Benjamin Franklin

There is so much, that even those awake, don’t know. And this includes the political shenanigans, of Trump, and his loyalists. The irony, of this statement, is that most patriots, including myself, are Trump Loyalists! And yet, the political intrigue coming, from Trump is way, off the charts. Everything, no matter What, is in disarray, and dissonant, on purpose, deliberately. The average patriot seems, to know less, than ever, before. The GAME has taken, on a whole, new aspect, of relativity, and relevance.

Is the DS playing tricks, and setting traps? Oh hell yes. Did Trump get caught, with his pants down? Honestly, I doubt it, because he knew about the FBI probe, months ago, and at the least had nothing, at his Mar Lago residence. And besides, Who knows? Everything, in 3D is Rhetorical, make no mistake, about that. The Real Issues are NOT being discussed, in the Too Hot to Handle category, of disinformation. Like Gesara/Nesara/RV, DECLAS, ARRESTS, and pertinent information/intel, of credible/authentic origin, has vanished, altogether. The rest is hearsay, rumor, and disinformation. Most, of the, so called, intel/disinformation is designed, pretty much, to have others, chasing their tails. What else, do they have to offer?

There is ONLY one thing, for which I am certain, the Upper Part, of the Alliance, comprised of ETs, and off world organizations are NOT clueless, nor in disarray, nor confused, thankfully. They do know how, to find their behinds, without directions, and a flash light. For me, this is just another example, in asking oneself, Who do you Trust? Men, trumped up organizations, govrenments, authorities, banks, medical doctors, militaries, and your local officials?

Wake UP Dorothy, we are NO longer, in Kansas.

Like all other, Universal Controversies, and Adversaries, already, the LIGHT, and TRUTH has won, another VICTORY, the rest is Clean Up, on aisle three. Does ANYONE imagine, that this is going, to be reported on, by the DeepState, LameStream Media??? And notably, NOT the gNN, for which is painfully, obvious.

Benjamin Franklin


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