Identity Theft!


Operation Disclosure | By Thinker2, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 12, 2022

Every American is a victim of Identity Theft and your ID (Drivers License) is evidence of that theft.

Your name in all caps (JOHN DOE) is the name of a “dead entity” (Trust, Corporation, Natural Person (Corpse), Business).

Your Date of Birth is the date the “Corpse” was Incorporated.

Your SSN is a Bank Account Number (123-45-6789) the Routing Number (1234-5678-9) is the Federal Reserve Bank number where you were born.

Once the Municipal Corporation has your NAME and DOB or SSN, they can write a check against your Trust Account (SSA) and collect Service Payments for the Charges the police have brought. It’s all about the MONEY! The Judge does not give a dam about right or wrong, he just wants to get PAID! As the Godfather would say as he puts a bullet through your eye; “It’s just Business.”

Corporations are required by Law to do business with LIKE KIND (Corporation with Corporation or man with man) not man with Corporation (Real with Fake or Lawful with Legal). Man is Lawful (Natural), a Corporation is Legal (Unnatural).

A Policeman with his name in all caps, is doing business with your all caps name on your ID (License).

When you give him your ID (License) you are informing on yourself VOLUNTARILY as LIKE KIND.

You have given police Jurisdiction over your Corpse (Body).

The BAR Mafia makes no claim over the “man” (consciousness, soul, spirit) inhabiting your body (vessel / temple).

As mankind (man / woman) The Legal System has no Jurisdiction over their employers.

When we use Public Roads for Commerce / Transportation (Profit) Motor Vehicle Code Applies to make roads Safe for the public.

This is because Corporations are motivated by GREED, and cut corners to make a profit.

Inferno: Dust Explosion at Imperial Sugar

The Police Department is a Service Company, providing a service no one wants. When you show your ID (License), they assume you know what you are doing and treat you as a Driver. If you are not a Driver, don’t give them document which claim you are a Driver. If you fail to provide ID the police assume you do not know what you are doing, and throw you in handcuffs. (Heads I win, Tails you lose.)

It is a crime to give false information to a peace officer. If you are traveling and give ID to police, you are screwed:

  • Police are not peace officers, peace officers obey the Law, Oath, and Constitution (Unincorporated).
  • Police are not concerned with Law, they work for a Corporation on Public Roads and are GREEDY.
  • Police are not concerned with Justice, they are after a promotion or raise in salary (Mercenary).


The 5th Amendment protects “We the People” from providing evidence to corrupt government actors who will use anything and everything against us.

Travel (personal use of public roads) is not now and never has been regulated by Motor Vehicle Code. No place in the Code are Travel, Traveler, or Traveling mentioned, for the same reason Satellite, Space Shuttle, and UFO are not mentioned; NO JURISDICTION!

A  “driver” is a “person”, and a “person” is not a man (or it would say man), a man is a “living person”. A “natural person” includes a dead body. What does a “natural persons” have in common with; “firm, co-partnership, association, limited liability company, or corporation.” they are all Dead Entities.

How can a corporation be; “in actual physical control of a vehicle”?

  • The missing link is not; person = man…
  • The missing link is; person = dead entity…

Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive.


If your Natural Person (Dead Body) was roaming around the land, I would want it to have a License (permission) too. That way its permission could be revoked. As long as you are a live man, you need no permission from a Nanny State.

When you appear in Court the Black Magician in Black Robes (Judge) is conducting a Séance, unless you say; “I am here by special appearance.” You were Summonsed by the Wizard to appear.

Don’t take my word for it, here is David Straight:

David Straight – Utah Seminar, Part 1 of 5 (Discern For Yourselves)

David Straight’s Channel:

I do my best to make it clear, we are being ruled by Narcissists and Psychopaths. “They don’t give a f*ck about you.” – George Carlin

George Carlin They Don’t Give a Fu@k About You

What pisses the owners off is; they can’t control you.

The way to TRIGGER a Narcissist is… just say; “NO!” It works on Cops and Judges too.

Peace, love, and blessings,



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