(Reader: Wonderful Remark) Response to KS “Cats in the Cradle” and et al


Reader Post | By Wonderful Remark

​Message (of agitation) received loud and clear; please redirect to appropriate party if possible. You are not alone; dismay is rampant; please stand by; acknowledge no measure of certainty attainable at present;  populace emerging incrementally from cave of darkness; Deep State Illuminati-Khazarian Mafia-Elitists forced cloak of involuntary victimhood upon humanity for eons, now in  overthrow: Socialist’s New World Order Agenda rejected by the masses of earth; suitable surrogate best option exceeds survival mode-pending; humanity divided by cognitive dissonance and post traumatic stress symptomology – stop, assess injury, assess impasse; implement compassionate care as needed, repeat treatment; danger; suspend belief in anything; we/us of earth,  aberrated via great peril of deception, on path to circle drain as insidiously embarked upon by masquerading adversary; enemy being defined but elusive- find “friendlies”: stop ! “friendlies” nowhere; exercise extreme caution ahead; remember forced limits by Deep State, et al: Elites everywhere, proceed with caution; TRUST gone AWOL; HOPE not in sights; MERCY appears dubious;  SOS! We are rudderless,  murky waters- enemy ahead; enemy unseen; enemy behind;   We are surrounded; relay message to GOD almighty above, “Please SAVE OUR SOULS! HOLD for further direction; Stand by; Urgent Savior wanted; humanity weakened, humanity seeks higher ground; must find strong inner self; must re-assess value; recalculating (life) forces- stand by; path uncertain; seek clarity; attempt to reel in  hidden RESOLVE; O.K., COURAGE now deemed possible;  approaching a tree limb- -tree limb identified as “CHOICE” extended freely (MERCY above and over water circling drain (of our demise, i.e., death); REACH, or die ! ; venture toward the light; REPORT! Important: FAITH visible, appears as moving stronghold: we are adjusting our position; maintain posture of strength to TRUMP lingering doubt; BELIEF possible next to FAITH; navigating steadily through tripwires of falsity; DEEP STATE in deep SH_T!, White Hats report; Report: White Hat assessed as primary ally; evolving stance toward light; new development: “Q” movement solidifies hope; inspires hearts to hold trust; note: Rage over Deep State soul and life centuries-old insult on ebb and rise, sequence repeating; please advise where and who to direct rightful wrath response to ?! -may become urgent; un-aired emotion threatens to undermine upon conversion to toxicity; human souls beware: possible EGO surges wreak havoc, lead hearts astray; Use soulful energy with caution; heed warnings via TRUMP-SIR, “Qued up” -HEADS -UP-for- the-duration-mode-of-operation-strategy- advisements–breathe; anticipate invisible hazards and planned chaos; RECALL frequently: “Things are not always as they seem”, A tiny percentage (1%,5%??) of “The Largest Military Operation in/of the World’s History” is Unseen ( if it weren’t many of us may not emerge intact at conclusion as the brutality factor of this “World War of Good versus Evil” will not be assimilated by non-primary frontliners-thank God’s sense of goodness; heads up, the wake-up the sleepers/deniers mission in the form of a pantomimed-escalating drama movie is running concurrently with the the “take-down”-dismantle-Deep State Cabal operation, this means data points and details, reporting info., etc., will be both sobering and provocative by design. For all we know, because they can’t update us as the White Hat modes of communication are infiltrated by the “bad guys”; please keep in mind, disinformation is military necessary function therefore; you will not receive memo s informing you of angles, methodologies, tactics, etc., so do presume conclusions based on  what you think you see, understand; expect emotions to run high in continuous environment of little definite knowingness. Unchecked (permitting any one type of emotion to dominate your psyche or to run a more powerful emotion in defense of softer heart emotions will trigger an ego to imbalance and cause “acting out” behaviors.

For ex., anger is awesome when under stress to defend against uncanny sadness pain, disillusionment and when feeling vulnerable.

It happens, we are human. Many of us big thinkers with big spiritedness are extrovert in processing style so you will express your intensities overtly for us to see. It is o.k. Try  not to do the part of the sleepers by getting over-adrenalized. You are already awake. Over-function by the ” overly-responsive” takes function away from the under-functioning (sleepers, deniers among us). 

Our controlling, power-mongering, NWO elitist…, know how to unbalance us with the ready weapon of fear induction. Sometimes, as in realization of current horrors of victimization forced upon minus the victim’s awareness are cause for real fear. Unmanaged fear expressed by misplaced rage (sometimes in paranoid fashion) is a telltale sign of neglect, of chronic unmet need.  Fear in rogue form can turn your gentle hope into an ugly monster, called rage. Rage is a defense mechanism that shows up while fear is overtaking and disturbing emotional equilibrium. These are horrifying times. Emotion is a response to perceived reality. It is not reality…if one keeps emotionally responding to emotion, one is,  one emotional mess.  

Attention: warning, psyop in effect; heads up, heads on, keep strong: please advise direction of safety; stand by ; great things still possible; redirect; avoid spinning to moderate confusion; resume gliding but hold tight; disasters being averted; Leader 45 perseveres; Q provides ongoing principal support; Military Alliance White Hats perform stealthily;  TRUST then verify: ALERT: Unable to verify . . . TRUST anyway. Maintain TOLERANCE in face of ADVERSE circumstances provoking dismay.  

​The heartbreaking song “Cat’s in the Cradle” may be about missed opportunities in lifetimes. How apropos our current trending realizations. It may also be about attention going out perpetually in the wrong places all whilst no one seems to be paying attention to the missed possibilities of life’s soft beauty. 

I think we are so fortified in hope due to those paying attention. In doubt, we shall “be lifted up again”.​ ref.: Van Morrison

In earnest appreciation,
Judy Hickman
Wonderful Remark


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