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Reader Post | By timjoebob

You nailed it. I’ll bet I’m not the only one who thinks you were reading the minds of those of us who can plainly see without distractions.

The one that really chaps my hide is MSM. The favorite phrase is, “It’s a captured operation.” The illustrious 107 loves to use that one. It’s his ‘go to’ when confronted with “What’s up with the MSM?” How convenient. He always has a reason/excuse. The so-called enemy knew this one thing that would control the minds of the masses would be their greatest weapon. So, in reality, the so-called White Hats got their asses kicked thoroughly regarding MSM…which should have been the #1 priority if they really, truly, honestly wanted to wake up the masses. But, no! No! No! No! Oh, no!

It’s the same old crap. Trust the plan. Oh, you mean the plan that involves destroying lives and the planet? Yeah, that plan…we know about it. The White Hats are in total control. We know. They’re in total control of the DS. Is there really a difference in Black Hats/White Hats. It’s the same as Liberal and Conservative parties. It’s all one big club. They’re all rich. They’ve already got theirs. They do not suffer like we the people. They never will because they are not ‘we the people’. They have proven to everyone who is awake that all they do is kick the can and continue to spew bs…blah blah blah blah blah.

Problem. Reaction. Solution. Nothing has changed since ancient times.

White Hats use it. Black Hats use it. All powerful controllers of the planet use it. Remember, this is for all the marbles. This is the Big Danny. This is it. This is the finale. There is no other next time. There are two groups of entities vying for the planet. One group supposedly good, the other is bad. They both use the same operating system. The system being used is no different than the system used thousands of years ago. And now after listening to 107 on Michael Jaco channel yesterday it appears that the 2020 stolen election will not likely be corrected because of (drum roll please) there’s not enough time to get it corrected. WTF? Oh, yeah, and there’s still not enough % of people who are awake to meet the almighty 80.1% or more, yet. You can’t make this s#/t up. Guess what people, there’s not going to be enough to satisfy them.

Somehow, they expect people to wake up when the masses are fed Bantha fodder through MSM. I’ve said it countless times. MSM is the #1 enemy. The White Hats couldn’t care less about MSM. It’s blatantly obvious. If they truly wanted to, they could capture the MSM and start telling the truth over the airwaves and prove that their claims are valid. But, no!

They have zero proof about their claims. That’s why the MSM is still in control. If the so-called Hats had absolute proof of their so-called claims, then why is it not plastered all over the MSM? It’s because they have no proof. It’s because they’re letting MSM have free reign over the media. The Hats are in control. Yes, we get it. I see no difference in the two. Both are working to destroy the people and the world. ]

They said it themselves. They are in control of a controlled demolition that involves the death of innocent lives and the destruction of natural resources and animals and nature while telling us it has to be this way. This is for our protection. OMG! What a load of crap. It reminds me of ‘V For Vendetta’.

Hey! If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it and take my shame like a man…I was wrong. So be it and I’ll live with it.

One thing is glaringly obvious. They do not want we the people to get kinetic. That would spoil their plan. Just pop some popcorn and enjoy the show/illusion/movie while the WH/DS do their thing, but keep the ‘we the people’ people out of the picture.

We’re all being played. That is a fact, Jack. I’m not wrong about that. I’m dead on accurate.



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