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Reader Post | By GK

This is the best essay I have read on Patrick’s blogs. 

Many of us have said similar things, me over the course of late 2016 to present, but your essay says it all extremely well. If you count my essays on Fulford and all the other blogs, including my own, then 20 years of pretty much saying the same thing over and over again like a homeless guy who lives in the sand on Venice beach,

In actuality, since Trump proved to be a self-serving waste of energy, I stopped paying attention to the white hat/black hat script writers and resigned myself to knowing Lucifer is the joker who laughs at us all.

And that he may not be opposed by anything of flesh and blood we call upon like a 911 emergency phone operator for help.

A good God? Sure, I’ll let that hope hang for a while longer.

I post Kim because she appears to be part of some team who will administer a new system. It’s not that I believe she is a superhero who is taking on the devil, it just appears those who write the scripts may have written her character as a focal point for a new system.

She could easily be making compromises with black and white hat mercenaries to pay them off while the rest of us will be the recipients of some form of booby prize. Universal basic income being the likely default setting.


Frankly being rich within the old satanic system is not very appealing to me. I’ll accept UBS gladly if it saves the kids from the vampires and sticks those syringes up the Rabbi mafia’s asses.

My health has been a turning point. I felt really good all morning and then my left hand has gone completely numb. I know this is a sign of something urgent, Sort of hard to go to the hospital when those bastards are killing more people than Stalin.

The last few months I have had falls, broken my elbow and wrist, leaving me with both arms barely able to complete certain tasks, like playing the guitar or opening jars. I have had a stroke and a heart attack. Yes I know something is very wrong. I am having Parkinson’s type spasms at various moments.

I have seen a person leave my apartment, and had what I believe to be nefarious demons come to my door. I have dealt with stalking and dirty tricks for 20 years. So I am leaning toward the idea the Talmudic mafia who I criticize often, have poisoned me somehow with one of their designer disease bioweapons.

However, my soul seems to have work it still intends to finish before my timeline runs out. I am making videos and books about this impending timeline, so come to my channel and visit the videos. Follow and subscribe and a tip would be nice. But whatever, if you somehow think I am not worthy of support I say screw off. I’m over people. I have been right for twenty years. The Talmudic mafia controls all that is nefarious and that includes the Jesuits. Jew suits, get it?

Someone has to be willing to die for the truth. Right? A few good truth tellers are wanted and needed. World War Two was a major psyop to empower the Talmudic mafia for their efforts to rid the world of the goyim insects they irrationally see as a plague.

White hats and black hats answer to their own self-serving desires. Our time on Earth is short and a big pay day fixes nothing. Doing the right thing is the only pay day. You’re either with that or against that.


Nice work Wayne. Stay the course.

I was raised Catholic and when people blame Catholics, I don’t have a hissy fit. I know it doesn’t include ALL the Catholics. Jews should be able to ascertain the same conclusion and not be personally offended. That is a Pavlovian reaction instilled by Jewish owned Hollywood. Same reason Christianity is held in contempt by TV watchers, But a pecking order is a pecking order. All mafias are not some sort of equal opportunity fraternity. Even fraternities have pecking orders. Stop being hysterical concern fags. Best Q line ever.


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