(Reader: Sheri) When do Meek Inherit Earth?


Reader Post | By Sheri

Everyone must understand who our God is here in America as our forefathers warned. Otherwise we will not keep our nation. 

Read your bibles. Go to the source!

The meek will not inherit the earth this year. That wont happen until after the second resurrection which is after Ez 37.

In Ezekei 37 God explains who He intends to resurrect to a hundred more years of life in the flesh in verse 11.

 Israel is America. America is Israel. Descendants of Abraham. Judah and Israel are two branches and represented by our 13 red stripes on our flag. He intends to unite Israel and Judah!!

Cant you see? Judah keeps the Sabbath but disobeyed and lost their homeland!

America lost our identity of who God annointed us to be! We’ve all been as blind as bats.


God plans are to unite us.

Those red stripes represent our 12 tribes with Josephs sons becoming 13. He had been sold into slavery….hmmm…..yes we were all sold into slavery people!

Jesus is coming to free us, our blindness.

Whose flags are red, white, blue? Those have our line/ancestory in them too.

There will also be representatives from the tribes of Ham and Japheth but are not being referred to in Ex 37. God has blinded you because He wrote in stone with His finger HIS LAWS, COMMANDS that were supposed to obeyed!!

Dear President Trump, for better assistance from God, next time dont kick against His laws!!!! God still chooses you. Sadly, you are very representative of our rebellious nation against God!



He doesnt need our love. And frankly it is stench in my nostrils. It’s not based on knowledge.


Only then will God stop speaking to you in parables. You are very blind! The blind leading the blind. For your sin of rebellion against GODS COMMANDS!!! He said KEEP IT and He meant it.

The Ten Commandments Ex 20 are not 10 Suggestions. That’s what’s keeping you blind! It’s the test command. And the key to understanding, being healed, unblinded.

You keep it, He unblinds you because it’s on Sabbath day 7 He teaches, not Sunday. Sundy, day one.

We dont need male or female preachers. But Fred Coulter is an excellent teacher. Him you can only listen to on line in your home.

I dare all people to prove me wrong for themselves!

CBCG Sermons on you tube. THE Original Order Bible canonized by Apostle John in 100 AD. Published today. Get edition 2. 


831-637-1875. With an additional approx 300 pages that teach TRUTH NO LIES.


There is no trinity, only GOD and His Son. 

The HOLY SPIRIT is not a third person.

It is an “It”. Absolutely clear in the Greek. This bible explains. It was changed by popes and probably the corrupt Roman govt. who had Jesus put to DEATH!!

Who do you follow? God or Murdering politicians?! Or corrupt ancient Rome?

The holy spirit is way more than most know. Way more than any mediator. It is the very essence of God! and Jesus! given to lead, teach, comforter, guide us into all truth. And so much more! It heals! leads us into knowledge of the truth, is a behavior guide. If you dont know that, you dont have it.

It is Gods very POWER, strength! given in a very  small measure at first. God needs to see how we use it and be certain how we will handle it. As we grow in truth, God gives us another measure of inner strength, comfort, relief. Line upon line,…

 I never understood I could remain faithful without sexual sin until after receiving it in baptism by full immersion. I could tell you about miracles in my life, but wouldnt you rather have your own???? Its possible folks.

God gives His gifts for OBEDIENCE, FAITHFUNESS, LOYALTY TO HIM at baptism into His spirit, attitude, …..


Stop being blind rebellious mules. And stop lying to us!

The truth is Gods Sabbath must be kept and obeyed by us for us to be free of our BLINDNESS and REBELLION and punishment! When we do, He will give us His holy spirit in baptism and bless everything, the whole world!

Prove me wrong! Challenge yourself at home in private on Sabbath, Gods Day. You dont owe me anything. You owe it to yourself and to God. Im nobody.

Block out the world. The early priests had shifts in service to God, always on watch, during Passover and other very busy times

 There were enough priests that their shifts were rotated. Its described in the bible and would make a perfect example for the president. He needs back up He can be with God on Sabbath and lead correctly and without need of any technogy!!! And with divine wisdom.

That is Gods example of how to be wise against enemies. Even Presidents must know their enemies. And theres only hundreds of millions of them. He definitely needs a powerful spirit of God more than even a VP. Because they are only human too. He needs Gods wisdom and help and all of our prayers continually.

Stop attending political events or any other outside distraction or entertainment on Gods Sabbaths. Thats a very temporary high and not working. OBEY God and God will open a way. And support our President and Gods TRUTH. Argue with the word of God and you lose. God chose atrump. Quit moping. It’s your fault too. Just sayin.

The Sabbath belongs to our Lord!. No buying or selling this day. No yard work! Read Gen 1 again. Go all the way to the end of the Sabbath.

Its plain as day, very clear. Basic enough for any Kindergardener. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3….all the way to tbe 7th day!

Read it to the children. Unite your family with special breakfasts prepared ahead. Just warm and serve. And dont forget a very special  dessert please.


They will get it! It’s a blessing. Focus on family. Find ways to unite our families. First get to bed early. Rest. Then get together for Sabbath brunch and maybe chocolate coffee? I live it..I add lots of cinnmon, raw honey or Maple syrup, just a tad to cut the bitter. Not much, A pinch of pink.salt to rehydrate me, cream if I have any, or milk. Cut the amount of Navitas cocoa and coffee in half. Doesnt take much. Omit cream if you like. heaven.

Make Sabbath your personal  BLESSING from God. KEEP IT.

Only then will God begin to open your eyes. You must be faithful in keeping it and building a personal relationship with God.

Not politicians!!!!

Boycott all politics and start obeying GOD. Only then will the scales begin to fall from  eyes. Keep on violating Gods Sabbath and see how far you get. Start obeying God and be amazed. He can do miracles.

I know you can do this Trump. It would do a world of good in your personal family relationships too. God will bless them. It’s what our world needs. God. Family, Job. Be a  light to our world. 

Sabbath =  sunset Fri to sunset Saturday. And read Gen 1. The first thing God wants you to know is which day the Sabbath is.

 Its created by God for YOU. It’s not the first day. It comes at the end of a long week of work and entertainment, etc  its #7.

They’ve been altering calendars in Europe and putting Sunday last. Tricky buggers.

You’re going to learn to appreciate it very quickly. And see rewards, blessings.


Sabbath Iis a gift and the basis for everything, for our very existence.

The Sabbath represents the 

     …..Day of CREATION!

when God rested and enjoyed all He had made. That’s why we keep it! And for that matter all Hods biblivsl holy days. They all remind is, teach us, and represent very key things in our journey home. He are meaningful. 

831-637-1875 for all sorts of FREE literature you can prove in your own bible. We’ve done the work for you.

Use it together with your bible. We give scriptural reference to everything we print!

And we have stacks of printed material. I think I heard ot was over 300 pieces.

Poor secretary! Poor us trying to keep up with Mr Fred Coulter!

Bible says “prove all things ” that’s a big job. Weve made it easy. It will ring of truth to you. You can prove it yourself each Sabbath. Just get started. Time isnt getting longer. Focus on obedience to Gods Sabbath and watch life become easier. Really true. God will bless us when we OBEY.

He will lead us.


Keeping Sabbath is the secret key that will unblind us. Took me a while to figure it out. Noe its served on a platter for you.

Dont get me wrong, I’m still learning deeper dimensions. Sometimes it feels like time stops while God is opening your understanding. It’s his gift for obedience and so awesome. You can feel a Fathers love toward you. Its peaceful, precious. its like a wonderful childs story book that opens and you walk into the beautifully colored pictures and pages.

It teaches about war too. Everything we need is in that book. God will provide for you. Stretch peace and quiet stomachs. 

 Liberty & Freedom begins in our loyalty to God.

Punishment for violation of His Laws is automatic. But hes starting to get irritated with us. Soon He wont withhold our due punishment for disobedience to Him! Its called the Tribulation. Make sure you get on His right side! Hecwill fight for you. Get behind Him. Our literature will help answer questions, guide you. But you have to seek.

Yes, this is a warning from one who cares deeply about America and all people, a child of God, probably your relative somehow way back. We all came from Adam.

 Something only God teaches, not our politicians! Ever notice how it all begins and ends with them? Who comes first in priority? 

GOD OR TRUMP? satans Sunday or GODS SABBATH. Simple.

You prove it to yourself. I already have proven it to my satisfaction.

You better understand this.


THE MEEK WILL NOT INHERIT THE EARTH until GOD SAYS SO. No one else. They are liars

And still my best president ever. I just have a thing for Andy Jackson. Its bred in me to appreciate his style. Hecwas a Dickens. Gave the bankers hell. Have you heard about his duals? He took a bullet and scrapes for us. Held them off to his death. They screwed up after.

Now we gotta do it AGAIN. And this time they gained a very powerful foothold. You cant give dickens like then an inch. Now Trump gets clean up. You Americans out there better be on your knees on Sabbath and crying out to God for all of us.

Let’s finish it! Ok Pres Trump!!!

God SAYS we inherit earth but first we have to win it back, right Trump. You dont think Gods going to hand it over to that easy do you? To whom? A bunch of rebels?

I’m not rebelling against the truth of Hod and I dont expect a silver platter. I’m willing to fight. I’m telling what we must do to.hear the words, “Well done, hood and faithful servants!” Then we get the reward..not before.  I cant do this alone. No one can. And some wi br stubborn rebellious against God until He knocks em out a while. They will get some sleep. He will make it easier for them. Wish you knew How good He is. Will after JESUS RETURNS! Look out. God expects you to obey!

And that includes abortion. Not just the Sabbath. Do not kill, ever, at any age of life, even days.

When that sperm meets that egg there is a tiny but brilliant spark of light! Black hats know the frequency. They use discordant ones to harm us. But the spark of life is harmonious, Gods love and life song. Once it occurs = life and the sperm and egg do a dance even! They spin in a spiral together on their journey home inside you. A promise, a bond of life and love.

Let our loving children, our tiny babies LIVE! Give them to a couple who cant have children, a good dad and mom. A relative if possible. You can reunite later. Incude that in the deal. They  can give that child what you cannot, a dad, a home, everything. They will love you too and so will your child 18 years later when you meet and hug. You gave life and you are responsible for it.

Once your children have been led by Gods word and grown in their own personal relationship with Him, we can begin to change the world.

That may be after Ez 37. It doesnt have to be that way now for you. It isnt for me. Pray for one another.

If we dont correct these two great sins, then comes Armageddon! God is fair.

And we will reap what we have sown. Lies OR obedience to Gods truth and great joy and blessings

I know it’s a war in a very corrupt system. Do your personal best. We can all do that.

We need repentance for our neglect. We didnt know. We arent to blame. We dont need to blame anyone!  Forget blame. It’s a waste of time

 But now we know the truth. It will break our bondage. If you cant you see, you noe know what to do. Jesus is hoping to find faith on earth when He returns. Dont disappoint yourself or Him.

That doesnt mean He will hold us guiltless. But He will reward us for our efforts

Today truth exists. No excuse. Ths is the time, it’s now. You are blessed to I’ve now. GOLods strongest generation ever. Seek and you know what happens! You find! But you have to seek. 

Seek! Sounds like a command to me. He but you? If it’s a lie you decide. You can choose. God expects us all to make a choice. Life or death? Blessings or curses?

Shame on our fake christians and fake politicians. They dont represent Gods will.

They represent THEMSELVES. They want to do right but are BLIND, POOR (in spirit) and naked in understanding. They dont know it either. We can cut thru the bs. Go to the source. Theres no mediator today.

It’s you and me and God.

Put God First! It’s your patriotic and personal DUTY!

Dont let any fake politician or anyone lead you so astray ever again. Trump knows. Hes been trying to fix this mess

But he must not neglect God.

You’ve got doubles! Wish I did. I’d have fun confusing cops that track me. I’d send em on a goose chase!

That’s a job they can do.

You’ve got top advisors, military. They will guard and provide a Sabbath solution and break. Where there’s a will, …..but I really think things can go a lot quicker and a lot smoother if you do….


I’m praying for everyone!

No one escapes this alive, so GO FOR IT.

You’ll be surprised! XXOO love you.


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