(Reader: Maverick’s Ghost) What is up with Donald J. Trump?


Reader Post | by Maverick’s Ghost

I tuned into the Trump rally speech last night in Prescott, AZ with a slight hopefulness that the President might say a little something different than usual, considering some major developments that have transpired across the globe in the past few weeks…massive protests and the West hemorrhaging leaders left and right and the such.

But no, it was his usual cookie cutter speech with no mention of evolving world events.

He began as he typically does by contrasting his extremely successful presidential performance against Biden’s dismal results:

“…the border situation, hundreds of thousands of people pouring in, and they have no intention of stopping it.”

“Less than two years ago when I was in office, gas was $1.87, and now it’s $5, $6, $7, and even in some places $8 and $9 a gallon. And it’s going to get worse.”

“We gave you the largest tax cuts and regulation cuts in American history…the radical Democrats intend to impose that largest tax hike in American history…so they can waste it on the Green New Deal…”

“Trump administration had the greatest economy in the history of the world with no inflation.”


“We created seven million new jobs with the lowest unemployment rates for Americans…a record 164 million working…”

“We achieved the largest poverty reduction in 50 years, we lifted seven million people off of food stamps and ten million people off of welfare.”

“I rebuilt our military including our nuclear capability and creation of Space Force…”

“We created the safest border in the history of our country…we ended catch-and-release, we deported record numbers of illegal aliens and gang members and build hundreds of miles of border wall…”

“…we were energy independent and even energy dominant…”

He elaborated, again as usual, how badly Biden had botched the exit from Afghanistan, wrapping this part of the speech lamenting how our country has gone from dignity and strength into world embarrassment, calm into chaos, competence into incompetence, stability into anarchy, prosperity into poverty and from security into a total catastrophe.

He blames this all on the stolen elections under which, with Biden, the country is being systematically destroyed from the inside.  “Look at what has happened to our country in less than two years. Our country is like a different place, it’s so sad to see.”


He brags about the record number of votes he received having won two elections and teases that he may have to “do it again” – but he does not mention the gargantuan effort being made across the country to overturn the 2020 fraud elections (and that’s frankly shocking to me since there are many wins piling up to indicate that very thing may soon happen!).

You’d think he might mention that…

Odd, right?

So then he went into the campaign stumping part of his speech and ended the night with the oft-repeated recital of how bleak the situation in our country has become:

“We are a nation that has weaponized its Law Enforcement against the opposing party – I’ve never seen anything like it. The investigations, me everything I do, I make a phone call, he’s under investigation!”

“…allowing Iran to build an incredible nuclear weapon…”

“…China to take our tax trillions to build their military to rival ours…I wonder why they want that…”

“…we’re no longer respected…we’ve become a joke…”

“…our economy is floundering…stores are not stocked…deliveries are not coming…educational system is ranked at the bottom…

And then he said something, which he has said before, but it really hit me this time. I’ve never fully understood why he talks like this, I just figured there must be some kind of an ‘optics’ reason. But I don’t think that way any longer, not now that the truth is becoming globally manifest regarding Russia’s “[redacted]” campaign in [redacted]. This language is extremely poor ‘optics’ for Trump in light of he fact that [redacted] is in the process of saving the whole darn world!


He said: “We are a nation who allowed Russia to devastate a country, [redacted], killing hundreds of thousands of people, and you know it will only get worse. Because nobody can talk to anybody. It would never of happened with me as your Commander in Chief and for four long years it didn’t”…“even the other side said Russia would never of happened if Trump were there…”

Ok, so aside from the 35,000+ children the Russian Military has rescued from child sex trafficking out of [redacted] so far, and the fact that those “hundreds of thousands of people” being killed are soulless [redacted] pigs that are not even human, has anyone here not heard about the massive network of Biolabs FUNDED BY THE DNC, connected to Hunter Biden, that was churning out varieties of bioweapons – Covid 19 for example – being used in a near-extinction level depopulation scheme headed up by none other than Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and George Soros? You know, the Biolabs that are IN [redacted] that the US has already admitted exist and for which there is rapidly growing global support for Russia and their intentions to invoke Articles of the Biological Weapons Convention…yes, those Biolabs!

[Follow BioClandestine for all the related news:]

All things considered, shouldn’t Donald J. Trump be the head cheerleader in support of [redacted] [redacted] liberation operation?

And why isn’t Donald J. Trump telling his base the truth about the manifold fraud election wins occurring across the nation?

According to the popular intel consolidator Judy Byington, “On Tues. 19 July at the US Treasury several Chinese Elders refused to sign a modified document that would complete the Global Currency Reset. They demanded the US Treasury revert the document back to their original agreement by Sun. 24 July or the US Treasury would lose all the gold they had placed in it’s custody.”

Is Donald J. Trump going to take care of business or is he going to leave us hanging?

What is up with Donald J. Trump?


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