Watching the World Burn by Gilbert Francis York lll


Reader Post | By Bob Gilbert

By: Gilbert Francis York lll

Watching the World Burn
I stand here and watch the world burn – some people never learn

Without love, evil thrives – It controls all our lives
Without laughter we cry – as we watch the world die

The Evil fire was lit so long ago

Most never see it – they don’t even know

Perpetually burning, the evil is bright
Mindless sheep feed the flames, no need to re-light

Programmed to be blind – can’t use their own mind
Why can’t they see – what’s so obvious to me?

Can’t get in their heads to try and explain – they enjoy all the pain
Buried deep in the sand – they don’t see the blood reign

So strong and loud is the battle
But deaf little slaves can’t hear the death rattle

Competing for crumbs – absent of thought
Chasing a dragon that can never be caught

Born with shackles on their wrists
No escaping a prison you don’t know exists

Enslaving mankind like a fish in a bowl
Propaganda so hidden – It crushes their Soul

Living in fear – don’t even know why
Perpetually suffering until they die

Fighting the current in a sea of despair
If I had any left, I’d pull out my hair

Enslaving mankind – Evil leaves no one behind
Use your own mind – weren’t you taught to be kind?

I’ve walked this earth with a burning rage
Fighting the demons from my mental cage

I dove after the rabbit – there’s no turning back
The hole in my heart grows ever more black

No filling this hole with drugs or booze
Once I get started, I only lose

Standing here watching – all life burn
Hating this Pain – they never learn

Do as your told – don’t ask why
Follow the herd – there is no “I”

Knowledge is agony – When will they learn?
Trapped in a matrix – Nowhere to turn

Knowledge is agony – Why can’t they see
Trapped in a matrix – So obvious to me

Knowledge is agony – Why won’t they learn
Trapped in a matrix – Destined to burn

Stop the madness – Stand up for yourself
Don’t be a coward – take your balls off the shelf

Say no to the nonsense – do not comply
Fight the evil – don’t fall for the lie

You can dream of freedom every night
Without all united – There’s no winning this fight

But, standing together – the battle is won
We outnumber the demons a billion to one

There are no inherently bad people in this world.
There are only the lost, the misled, the mistreated, and the manipulated.

Forgive those who have wronged you – they know not what they do.
Forgive those who are still asleep – you were one of them too.

Treat everyone you meet with love, compassion, empathy and respect.

May God Bless Freedom Loving Patriots Everywhere!!!

I Love You All,
Gilbert Francis York III


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