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If we do, indeed, create our own reality, then it’s obvious that the Dark Side knows this and has known this forever long before the common folk. We, on the other hand, have been, for the most part, relatively kept in the dark on this knowledge until the movie ‘The Secret’ came out many years ago to my surprise. Surprise? Yes, surprised, because I was shocked that the movie was allowed to be released at all considering the tight reigns imposed on the populace, even back then.

Its release was an indication that the powers that be are, and were, in complete control of the future time line because people were finally controlled to the point of not being a threat to the NWO Agenda. They knew that we the people would probably never be able to catch up to them and their scheme. They’re not far off the mark. They’ve been proficient at using the law of attraction to their benefit. They are professionals at it…better than us.

We are playing catch up…again, for the millionth time in the history of this 3rd rock from the sun…and possibly this whole universe…and maybe the multi-verse. It seems good always plays the catch up game.

The point is that the controllers wrote the scripts as evidenced in the never ending plethora of religions scattered throughout the world to keep everyone divided and fighting over who’s religious beliefs are right while condemning the others and all the while laughing at the stupid and gullible population because the sheeple will do anything they’re told to do. Humans are sooooo easy to manipulate and control…all by design…since day one.

Write the script (story) in a religious format as the absolute Word of God Himself written by men via the Hand of God. Sounds pretty awesome. …..sounds like a control mechanism to me. Get the masses to believe a certain way and live their lives accordingly while the masses envision the teachings afforded them through the particular sect and you have the perfect senario for creating the future time line because the collective consciousness is literally creating the reality that we see unfolding before us today. Can you spell Revelations? Can you not see the obvious divisions? How many wars were, and are still, being fought in the name of God because this religious doctrine is superior to that doctrine etc etc etc…and it goes on and on and on in a never-ending cycle of perverted knowledge disseminated throughout the world.

The controllers seem to be geniuses, but in reality they are the lowest of life forms. This is evidenced by the ‘now’ awakening ones. The truth of what’s happened to the world is now available for everyone to see if they will just open their eyes and ears and their hearts as well. When will people finally wake up to the absolute fact that Creator did not create religion? Religion was created by mankind for the sole purpose of controlling the population. You can’t control the minds of free thinking people who are united. You have to divide them in order to control them…divide and conquer. Now you have control of the future time line to fit the script and as long as the actors (people) play their parts (believing and creating a certain reality) the law of attraction will simply manifest the desired outcome. The controllers are using the very same law of attraction technique to envision and feel their desired results. It works for good or evil or by default.

Thoughts, actions, and feelings create reality as long as the focus is clear to the laws of the universe or law of attraction.


“What you focus on creates your reality”

The collective (world population thought) is literally creating the world’s reality.

“See, everything is happening as is written in the book of Revelations.”

Of course it is because we are making it happen. We, as a whole, are literally creating this whole nightmare. The controllers are salivating and are giddy with apprehension. As a collective, we the population of the world are responsible for all that is happening here. We have been duped into thinking and believing certain things which has created this world error.

We are responsible for all of it…wittingly or unwittingly. Now, we trust in a so-called plan to save the world. There’s no stopping it now. Revelations will play out. John the Baptist saw two distinct scenarios. It could go either way.

So, the thousand years of peace may or may not happen. And, remember this: (paraphrase) “at the end of the thousand years, the devil would be released for a short season.”—Revelations.

So, according to Revelations, the world will still not be finished with the devil, even after all that.


I smell a stinking rat…a dirty, filthy rat.

If we are really that gullible, then we deserve what we get.

Am I the only one who can see this?

Until we truly wake up to how things really work in this universe, we will continue to face a reality that serves darkness and we will continue to be slaves to it.

Creator gave us free will….everyone gets to choose…even the dark side gets free will.

The supposed higher consciousness beings and advanced civilizations in the cosmos are all part of this journey. If we don’t make it this time, there will, eventually, be another time in which to attempt the seemingly impossible.

To free ourselves from the chains of negativity and mind control and be what we truly are meant to be will prove to be the ultimate challenge.

Food for thought.




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