Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 15, 2022


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Fri. 15 July 2022

Compiled Fri. 15 July 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

The US Supreme Court Cancelled Universal Vax Mandates After Ruling That

The Covid Pathogen Is Not A Vaccine, Unsafe and Must Be Avoided At All Costs.

Big Pharma and Anthony Fauci lost a lawsuit by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and a group of scientists:

In Preparation for Martial Law, Military Were Being Put in Place Around the Globe

On Thurs. 14 July Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas both resigned their positions.

Europe in Full Collapse
Elites Dumping Stocks
Chinese Banks Collapsing
Worldwide Food Shortages Increasing
Nano Technology Found in Soil
Brazil Reveals Nanographene Oxide in Jabs
Georgia Stones Destroyed
Vatican Obelisk Destroyed
Celebs Revealed as Satanists
Green Energy Scam Revealed
Trains to Halt in US

Trust the Plan

Pioneer Day Special:

“Faith In Every Footstep”

2019 Pioneer Day Concert with Sissel – Music for a Summer Evening – YouTube

Judy Note: On Thurs. 14 July an Insider Contact revealed that, “Events were moving at an accelerated rate all over the world. The Alliance was in full-throttle, obliteration mode – pushing hard and fast. Much should manifest soon.” 

Global Currency Reset:

  • Coach Jerry: “I’m estimating that the ‘Great Reveal’ Mass Military Action, coupled with us being at our appointments, will happen sometime before Sat. 30 July.”
  • Bruce: On Mon. 11 July certain Bond Holders were made liquid, with the rest to be paid out within the next three weeks. There were about 20,000 Bond Holders and about 20% have received monies in their accounts. They are paying beginning from the smallest accounts up to the largest accounts.
  • Bruce: Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) should be notified and start exchanges on Fri. 15 July or more likely on Sat. 16 July.
  • The Trustee of the St. Jermaine Trust has already released money to certain accounts.
  • MarkZ: Iraq contacts say the government will be organized in a day or so and then the release will be a day or two after that.
  • Reminder: No one, and I mean Absolutely No One knows the exact time and date that the Global Currency Reset would be finalized, with codes entered for notification of Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) to set redemption/ exchange appointments – it dependent upon an earth shattering Event such as a global financial crash. The exact time would be decided by the Military out of calculations of their Quantum Computer and based upon concerns for safety of The People. Trust the Plan.

Thurs. 14 July 2022 The Big Call, Bruce: 667-770-1866 pin123456#

  • The PM of Iraq was scheduled to announce their new Dinar rate on Fri. 15 July, or Sat. 16 July and Iraq would publish their new Dinar rate in their Gazette on Sat. 16 July.
  • On Tues. 12 July evening lower amount Bond Holders were notified that their funds were made liquid.
  • On Wed. 13 July another group of Bond Holders were notified that their funds were made liquid.
  • The next group of Bond Holders will be notified after 5 pm on Fri. 15 July and given access to funds on Sat. 16 July.
  • Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) should be notified and start exchanges on Fri. 15 July or more likely on Sat. 16 July.
  • Redemption Center Staff were on call to begin work on Fri. 15 July, Sat. 16 July and Sun. 17 July.
  • On Sun. 10 July gold-backed currencies were signed into law.

GCR Recent History:

  • On Sun. 26 June the Iraqi Dinar was connected to the Quantum Financial System and began trading on Forex Back Screens.
  • On Tues. 28 June Russia announced the BRICS Countries were establishing a Global Currency Reset.
  • Since Sun. night 3 July the approximate 140 countries that have asset-backed currencies have been trading on the Market.
  • At 1 am EST Mon. 4 July: The Fed lost it’s charter to print money in 2012, and they received a ten year extension that ended July 4 2022. Stock Market Crash predicted.
  • On Sun. 10 July gold-backed currencies were signed into law according to Bruce.
  • Bruce: On Mon. 11 July certain Bond Holders were made liquid, with the rest to be paid out within the next three weeks. There were about 20,000 Bond Holders and about 20% have received monies in their accounts. They are paying beginning from the smallest accounts up to the largest accounts.
  • The Chinese Elders have apologized for the delay in completing the Global Currency Reset saying, “The leadership just needed more time.”

Restored Republic:

The Real News for Thurs. 14 July 2022:

  • Chemtrails are real! Wake up! Watch this geo-engineering documentary here:
  • In the event of a nuclear attack nearby and to remove radiation from your body, gargle and bathe in baking soda and water.  That is called the Nagasaki Protocol.  In 1945 the staff and patients at a hospital in Nagasaki did not get sick from radiation sickness or die from radiation because they gargled and bathed in baking soda and water.
  • On Thurs. 14 July Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigned.
  • On Thurs. 14 July Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas resigned.
  • Thurs. 14 July Nancy Drew: I was pretty happy today seeing that all the concrete barriers which lined the streets and parking lots on the west side of the Capitol had been removed was a great sign. They would only remove those once things were completely under control there. They’ve been there forever it seems. Also, there were barely any DHS Protective Services Agents behind the SC bldg for  the first time in a while now with minimal Capitol Police in the area. To me, these are 2 small victories which ultimately will lead to our Yuge and long awaited victory, CHECKMATE.  Clearly, Patriots are in control!! Now we just keep an eye on all the fencing and see when they start removing it from The Capitol or the Supreme Court. I’d love to see the roads reopened, also. Oh, just wanna clarify, the fencing at The Capitol, other than on the west side where the “construction” is taking place, is only that silver 4ft fencing. It only has that tall black “hulk” fencing around the “construction” area. I did do an update on that area today if you haven’t seen it. That fence is a beast, and it’s the only one of its sort that I’ve seen the entire time I’ve been in DC. I’ve seen a lot of fencing guys. This is pretty much like prison grade fencing. Cut proof, climb proof, you name it. Ive never seen doors of that sort either.

Global Economic Crisis:

  • Inflation just hit ANOTHER 40-year high of 9.1%, which is terrible for our Country. Fuel prices up 60%, Airfare up 34%, Eggs up 33%—how can people survive this? How can businesses survive this? Our Country is so weak right now because the Radical Left Democrats have no clue what they are doing. All they want to do is “get Trump,” and they are willing to destroy our Nation to do it. America will not allow this to go on for much longer. Don’t vote for the Radical Left Democrats, vote for America First Republicans—Save America! …Donald J. Trump

Covid/Monkey Pox/Vax Hoax:

Global Protests and Demonstrations:

  • Dutch and German farmers meet at the border to exchange flags in an act of solidarity.

This Week’s White Hat Global Military Operation: The Fall of the Cabal, (White Hat Intel)

  • Kazarian Mafia governments in Estonia, Israel, Sri Lanka, UK and Ireland have fallen, while the Deep State governments of the US, France, Canada and Italy were in a state of destruction through Military operations, Hunter Biden Laptop revelations and global financial market collapse.
  • It’s the end of the Deep State fiat currency system as 3.2 billion people move to gold/asset-backed currency of the Global Currency Reset headed by the BRICS nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.
  • The fall of Sri Lanka with a planned quick rebuild through gold-backed GESARA currency.
  • Lebanon was in a Media Blackout as a Military Operation arrested Deep State generals.
  • Destruction of the Georgia Guild Stones was by Star link Satellite Tectonic Weapons, or Rods of God.
  • Operation London Bridge is Falling Down the Deep State UK Government as White Hat FBI retrieved servers and cabinet members and PM Boris Johnson resigned.
  • In Italy the Vatican Obelisk falls, fires break out as Underground DUMB Tunnel connected to CIA CERN super computers was destroyed, again by Star link Satellite Tectonic Weapons, or Rods of God.
  • The Vatican Tunnel once contained 650 plane loads of gold (that was flown to Cheyenne Mountain) and the computers once connected the CIA Fourth Reich Regime Jesuit – Rothschilds  – Rockefeller money laundering system to Asia, US and all of Europe.
  • The so-called (False Flag?) Assassination of Trump’s friend and former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe who exposed the Chinese Communist Party’s Fukushima Event, planned invasion of China and the connections between Dark Generals, Black Hat Intel Operations and Big Tech, Big Pharma, the CDC, WHO, CCP and 2020 Election Fraud.
  • This week a war inside the Pentagon erupted as Don Jingwei’s declassified revelations were proven true. Deep State Military Generals and intelligence officers in all Three Letter Agencies were feeling the pressure of Jingwei’s Intel and Military retributions. Panic has set in.
  • The Deep State was planning major False Flag Operations to cause distractions and cover up the exposure inside the Three Letter Intelligence Agencies.

Worldwide Cyber Attacks will Open the Door to a Black Swan Event (White Hat Intel)

  • Worldwide Cyber Attacks will open the door to a Black Swan Event – that every major nation and it’s military were getting ready for.
  • Multiple government agencies worldwide have released an advisory warning threat targeting managed service providers (MSPs).
  • These agencies included the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), FBI and NSA, in partnership with the U.K.’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC-UK), as well as the Australian Cyber Security Center (ACSC), Canadian Center for Cyber Security (CCCS), New Zealand National Cyber Security Center (NZ NCSC).
  • On The Clock meant that Cyber Attacks would shutdown all systems on the Planet so NSA could flood the Internet with a whole heap of incriminating evidence.
  • The Space Force will turn the whole planets power off and switch over to Free Tesla Energy.
  • Mr Pool showed us all Trains will be halted. They work on big Electrical Grids.
  • All Social Media Platforms will be removed and new ones will be replacing them with the new Quantum Internet controlled in space. It’s un-hackable.
  • Download your data if you don’t have 2nd copies of photos etc. We have been warned of the Global Cyber Security Crisis.

The Deep State UN is headed to Uganda, (White Hat Intel)

  • The UN has turned off flight trackers and was moving in artillery and munitions sound to Uganda where 31,000,000 million tons of Gold was found struck in a deposit. That’s worth over 12,000,000,000,000.000 Trillions $.
  • Military and rebel forces from Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Sudan were flanking the borders of Uganda.
  • The Deep State Cabal was already setting up assets and False Flag Events to remove the President and take over the country.
  • Gaddafi was killed for wanting to start his own gold-backed banking system and Putin was labeled a War Monger for wanting to go back to a gold-backed global financial system.
  • In the past hundred years several countries have been infiltrated by the Deep State Central Banking System. If they did not join the system and give control of large portions of their wealth to the Elites, then wars were created in those countries using False Flag Operations.
  • The wealth of those countries was stolen by the Deep State Cabal through false trading in financial markets and installing corrupt regimens. Colour Revolutions created civil unrest that lead to wars and over throw of the government, after which the Deep State installed their Central Banking System.
  • Now overnight Uganda has become one of the richest countries in the world and the UN controlled by Davos, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Dupont and Bushes want the money.
  • We all know that the Mainstream Media will vilify the current president and help with the overthrow of the country in order to put it in the hands of UN Deep State operations.
  • The Uganda president has reached out to other African countries which, against UN policies and regime, also included Russian president Putin and Chinese president Xi. It’s going to heat up.
  • Fulford Report:
  • Insights on Japan, Fulford and Mel K:

Military Alliance Operations Captured CERN Super Computer Tier 0, (White Hat Intel)

  • In early 2012 Military Operations began to infiltrate the CIA CERN facility and map the underground tunnels systems that connected the European continent through the world using super fast Maglev trains.
  • By 2014 over 300 military operators had infiltrated the Deep State CERN operations as workers, technicians, engineers and scientists.
  • By 2014 the first wave of Tectonic Weapons, or Rods of God, were used to collapse tunnel systems that connected France, Italy and Austria to the CIA Lake Geneva underground headquarters. Operations were conducted from Norway via Germany with the Alliance Military force ops.
  • By 2017 the sabotage from within CERN and outside tunnel corridor’s that housed Nuclear Energy had been dismantled by Special Forces, while a short battle took place beneath Lake Geneva.
  • By midsummer the Supercomputer came into the hands of Military White Hats.
  • Orders had been sent out from CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva to 11 CIA substations around the world, one of which was located in Langley, Virginia.
  • More than 150 “Tier 2” institutions were subsequently connected to the CIA’s 11 “Tier 1” institutions, creating a network of CIA sub-stations that doubled as Research and Education Network (NREN) centers. Although NRENs are allegedly dedicated to supporting the needs of research and education within a given community, they actually served as the CIA’s secret sub-station which conducted assassinations, espionage and terror attacks.
  • BY 2019 Whites Hats Military Operations had taken full control of CERN.
  • The technology inside CERN was deeply connected to the Roswell Crash and Tesla classified technology (both connect time traveling. Roswell UFO technology opens doors to portals 400 Mile’s below the Earth’s crust and mantel that houses another ocean and hidden society).
  • The French Rothschilds Elite family who helped to create the FBI with descendants of Jesuits Army and Napoleon blood lines, stole the technology from the United States military in the 1900s.
  • The Q Classified Operations has finally back in it’s grasp, one of humanities greatest machines. CERN measures 17 miles in length and has the power to recreate time; has healing properties and connects civilizations across the universe through the Earth’s inner most planetary secrets.

Q post #11 30-Oct-2017 4:20:11 AM CET (White Hat Intel)

  • Key: Military Intelligence vs. FBI, CIA, NSA: No approval or congressional oversight. State Secrets upheld under SC
  • Who is the Commander and Chief of the Military?  (Trump)
  • Under what article can the President impose the Military and take over investigations for the Three Letter Agencies? ( Military Occupation 11)
  • What conditions must present itself ? (Foreign interference in a US election and/or US captured operation by a foreign power, of all branches of government)
  • Why is this so VERY important? (When the Deep State falls in the US Territory of Washington DC, the World Deep State will collapse). 
  • Who surrounds POTUS? (US Military). The Deep State lost this very important power – the one area of the govt not corrupt and directly serves POTUS.
  • OMICRON (OMI =ODIN /CRON) = a Command to an operating system or server for a job to be executed at a specified time = Project Odin: Military Sats or control of the worldwide grid MSM, Grid, Internet, TV, Radio, EBS.

Q last post time stamp at 11:05:50 (White Hat Intel)

  • 11:5 Omicron B (B is a note or KEY) 1.1.529 Q post 11 KEY (K=11 E=5  y=25) Title 32 National Defense 11.5
  • Law of War, Chapter 11: Military Operations ending foreign occupation.
  • 11 means Military Operation. 5.5 means Loud and Clear
  • Military Operation Loud and Clear: Delta, Omicron = Media Control
  • Stay vigilant World Wide Patriots

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[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

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