(Reader: Hawke) UK PM Boris, He did Not Resign, Please Get Facts Right


Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

My apologies as this should have been sent last week… I wanted to see how the USA side of news pushes out what is fact, what is true. It is clear, it doesn’t understand nor is bothered to obtain correct fact or correct truth…

The 07th July is synonymous in the British public’s eye & mind as the worst terrorist attack in the UK. It’s basically the UK’s 9/11. Again, all horse chit & lies as the whole thing has been debunked but I won’t go into that – instead

Last week that led to the day that UK politics crumbled…

-Firstly, this is all distraction… Yep, truth is – WaR in [redacted] by the sending of troops to help out the [redacted] army to help them fight against [redacted]. This has seriously ramped up this week but they won’t tell you they are doing this… No coverage – just the Brits & Politics they will aire / stream as distraction.

-Secondly, Arrests has been served by ‘Common Law Constables’ to arrest multiple political figures. These included Rishi Sunak – UK’s Richest MP Who’s wife is 1% shareholder of Infosys – India’s Tech billion company & she’s richer than the Queen. He himself is D|S implemented as some ‘Saviour’ with his policies during the Plandemic… Only for these policies to change when ‘We the People’ began to realise the doom & gloom hence stopped with following the CAB-AL agenda… If my source is correct – The Head of the BBC also has been served for arrest.

-Thirdly, I watched the live statement by Boris Johnson – UK’s Prime Minister. He DID NOT resign as Prime Minister!

He cannot resign as he is appointed by the Queen. He is her First Minister who carries out her orders. Honestly, it doesn’t matter of all the MP’s resign – he cannot go, step down, resign as it is his primary duty of care to ensure the orders of QE2 are carried out – that means, elect a suitable successor. Now once QE2 is gone – he can step down unless this farcical play runs until a ‘general election’ in Sept / Oct 2022… If no true winner will emerge & a ‘hung parliament’ with be the status quo. The very reason for this – Yes, you guessed it – It is the D|S playbook. No fuel, no food, no power, no finances…

-Forthly, The last closing line from his speech addressed at 12:30pm – “Even if things can seem dark now, our future together is golden”

-Fifthly, The reason for all of this farcical play unfolding – Lockdown Baby!!! By removing the UK government, introducing ‘new people into those positions’ they have given themselves the excuses that they cannot act therefore – expect that in not 10 days – no – in less than 14 days from now – expect Lockdown… The war in [redacted], No fuel, No food –

They pulled the pin from the grenade & have tossed it – Chit is about to get very real… So for those that want you to believe – London is the trigger – No… It will & always is – the U.S of A.

-Finally, Remember folks as you may choose to believe or not however – this is the D|S playbook…

This is all drama, acting & horse chit taking place. The D|S control it all – Just look at the World Bank’s agenda – CoNV|D response or similar P|andemics… There is no GCR or RV until 2025 –

COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Program – SPRP. Expected Project Closing Date  – 31st March 2025!

That’s just one of the projects…

So go check out the World Bank’s projects – https://maps.worldbank.org/projects?active=1&closed=1&covid19=true

Ask yourself this:  Why is there hardly any Northern Hemisphere projects? Apart from [redacted] & few neighbouring countries but mostly all Southern Hemisphere….

Once again, get your facts correct before you push out – Bulletins or Posts… Not once has it been corrected that Boris Johnson resigned as Conservative Party Leader – Again, this proves to me that you have no fact checking truth validation process – In other words – disinformation…

Prove me wrong then, push the right truth…


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