(Reader: Rambo) Questioning “The Plan”, Part 3


Reader Post | By Rambo

First of all, I read the responses from TJB (Your latest brought me back down to earth), Nightwisp, Helen West, Ponder Everything, Tiger (which I read 10 pages last night of your expose, which is AMAZING!! And I’ll continue to read) and it was shocking to me that I had touched a nerve with all of you.  But then, not surprised because that would be NORMAL for individuals who have been sullied RELENTLESSLY not only within the “Q” paradigm, but concurrently with the Matrix tricksters pushing their programming on the masses and our awakening to it!!

I couldn’t sleep a wink last night as I kept thinking about the TOTALITY of the position that we’re in, and felt like we were at a crossroads at this moment in time.

One of the things going through my mind that Helen West touched on was the fact that the Whitehats are bloviating about how the Devolution Plan brings the power back to the states, including Roe vs. Wade, which has occurred.  Well, that’s great, but babies are STILL going to be murdered in Democrat States, so WTF are we going to do about them?  And “WOW, SUPER”, we don’t need our 4th Amendment stomped on by having to get licenses, really?  

Now, let’s back out a bit.  I live in Northern Idaho.  I’m currently pounding away on my laptop in a Starbucks and quietly listening to the conversations around me.  EVEN HERE the Sheep exist, talking about non-consequential B.S. while our country is on the verge of a meltdown.  It just proves our point to the Whitehats that the SHEEP need to be pinned down and the TRUTH shoved down their throats, which is only going to happen in one way, Martial Law and FULL DISCLOSURE, not 30%, not 60%, no, FULL MONTY 100% TOP TO BOTTOM SHOVED IN.

With that being said:

I think that at this moment, we should all take a deep breath and not let our emotions, which I’ll describe as an inordinate amount of RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION, get in the way of finding the truth, even if the truth is something we don’t like.  We shouldn’t barricade ourselves in a manner that we’ll regret later because we’ve been close minded and impatient.  I get that we’re frustrated, but let’s remain open to the possibility that “Q”, even with the ridiculous timing, is potentially real.  

Now you’re never going to believe what was posted last night, right as we reached our “precipice”, something “Q” said we would be taken too.

Anonymous had requested and was confirmed by Dan Scavino, at least 8 months ago, that when this was ready to kick off, he would tweet out a picture of a Bald Eagle!!  And right after we were all chiming in last night in our frustration, that tweet came out by Dan!  Come on, that’s not something we can dismiss offhandedly, at least not for me.  And trust me, I’m NOT saying at this moment that “It’s game on” or anything, just that it’s a pretty damn coincidence, OR, they’re is something at work here that we have to be open too.  

In my post that I do everyday, I’ve been saying to everyone that this will be “THE SUMMER TO REMEMBER”, because I truly believe with all my heart that the “kickstart” is about to commence.  The EBS, PUBLIC disclosure including the mass arrests which have already occurred and those that remain, 10 days of darkness which I believe will be the Mainstream Media takedown and the reboot of Starlink Internet, along with a myriad of other things, including moving to gold backed sound money.  Wishful thinking?  Maybe.  But as a God Fearing Man (Well, not anymore, because fear based control extends into ALLLL the churches) or should I say, as a guy who loves God, I believe in MIRACLES!!!  Which I’m open to at this moment in time because there sure is a lot of evidence pointing to this becoming the 1000 year reign/second coming of Jesus time!!  With God being God, he apparently is setting this thing up for himself to be the ultimate HERO!!!  Maybe the Whitehats are getting instructions directly from him?  I have no idea, I’m just asking the question, it may be possible.  We’re being told of all the technology and “supernatural” Quantum Systems coming, heck, if that is possible, what the hell isn’t???

What we seek above all things, with truth being so convoluted in this day and age, is the TOTAL ACTUALITY OF IT!!!  That is the anxiousness that I feel everyday, and with “Q”‘s comms, we want to believe it, but we’ve NOT seen anything which increases our confirmation of them, therein lies the angst.  We all want to believe that the Military is taking down the NWO/Offshore Mega Bankers because we all YEARN for “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW”, and have YET TO SEE IT!!!  So I feel each and everyone’s pain, believe me, I’m living it too.  But with that being said, how I’m going to approach this thing is simple, I’m going to give it a bit more time, prepare for the worst, but continue to pray that God gives me the strength to endure.  Cliche’, I know, but I’m not going to lie, that Dan Scavino tweet was something I’ve been waiting for.  And next will be Trump’s tweet, “My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us….”.  When we see that, it’s game on.

I so appreciate the responses from everyone, as it totally surprised me that so many people are feeling the same way I was!!  What do you all say we give it till the end of August, see what transpires until then, and if we’re all still being given lip service, we then set our sights on our next move, which I’ll be in full support of any suggestions.  I guess you could say that I’m giving it a little more time, all the while being sceptical with a “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude, because I cannot risk the life of my son on being wrong.  Maybe, just maybe, it will end up being “THE SUMMER TO REMEMBER”!!

Come on Whitehats, we need a bone, a real big bone here.



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