A Lightworkers Dream: Can you Hear your Heart’s Call Yet?


Operation Disclosure | By Luna, Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 30, 2022

A Lightworkers Dream:  Can You Hear Your Heart’s Call Yet?

I was once told that the way to change the course of my life was to envision the one I wanted to create for myself and just see myself walking into it!

Well since I live mostly in my head that was easy for me. It also felt right to do it that way. You see creation has to start there. Then through our mind we create it into our physical reality. There’s so much I dream about. Actually, to be quite frank, during these past two years I have had an opportunity to do it much more than I would of and I am so grateful I have.

Like many others they did the same thing as I did.  Since there were no stores open or anyone to visit and no one was dropping in, it naturally made sense in my world to go inside my mind and dream. I dreamed of the world I wanted to be in and then the individual things I wanted to see. Some of those things are unity among humanity worldwide. I wanted to hear the sound of children’s laughter again. Like when they were riding their bikes together and playing!

I love the sound of bird’s singing to each other and sometimes, I swear they were singing to me! Moments before I heard the birds, I thought of them singing and why wasn’t I hearing them today but there was not one bird sound I could hear and I always hear the birds. Then poof one appeared and started singing. I didn’t actually see him but I heard him as clear as I always did.

I’ve noticed something with my thoughts this past last week. I was thinking a lot and each of the things I thought of manifested within 24 hours.  I think there is something magical going on. That’s the quickest its ever been.


I fully believe that we can change the course of our lives. So if you don’t like where you are or if you are not feeling joy in your life you need to do a reboot and change the program.

Perhaps the program you are on isn’t of your doing but you are still stuck in it. Being stuck makes you lose your ability to dream because you get caught up in the drama you are involved in. I think that’s what happened to a lot of people I knew during the pandemic. Almost like the fear they felt conscious or not it held them in place. Yes it’s true that fear immobilizes us but most don’t even know they are stuck in a program. So if you are not courageous enough to break the binds that hold you captive then you will forever stay put in that drama like it or not! No wonder things didn’t work out for us in 3D!

 It’s the world of illusion. You are working on ‘their’ program not yours.

When I get the feeling that something is not right that’s usually my clue that something is not right! It’s my bodies way of saying “knock, knock” and I am never distracted long enough not to hear that knock. I never let anything take me away from my focus which for me is my JOY, my PASSION, my LAUGHTER, and my LOVE. I guard them with my whole being because it is that important to the rhythm of my life and I am speaking literally here.

I’m a Libra born under the sign of Justice (Balance) so everything has to be in balance and I am blessed that I also know how to create that balance for many that don’t know. If I am imbalanced I literally get physically sick and when I ignore it even once I get sick enough to be in bed. I don’t ever let myself get like that anymore because I have learned that I am important! I am not afraid to spread my wings even if I may fail because I am like the butterfly on a journey of self discovery and I have no FEAR!

I can hear the call of my life and I am so very grateful. My call involves humanity but now on a grander scale than ever before. I know why too. The call is stronger now because I am in the right vibration and timeline.  Also, when you are in the right timeline things happen quicker for you because you are aligned or as ‘Abraham Hicks’ says “you’re in the zone.”  In the zone means you are in the flow of your creation or manifestation!

So when I heard that call eighteen months ago, I became the co-founder with my partner Geo who jumped right into action and got us going. Now we are 1500+ humanitarians who know what we came here to do. We have projects almost in every corner of this beautiful earth. So many beautiful people here who care about humanity and I am proud to call them my soul family and I thank God they found WBG.


Have you heard your call yet? If you have and don’t know what to do about it, please contact me at and we can discuss what gives you joy! Let me connect you with your purpose and your divine vision. I know you have heard the saying

“We are not a human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings have a human experience.”

So, in other words, you have been born at this time in humanities history for a specific purpose and that is to help humanity in some way. We are all a piece of a bigger puzzle and we are to find each other so we can see that picture better and clearer.  My role here is to help you find how to make this picture clearer.  And all of us are being urged to find groups such as World Benevolence Group that you resonate with. Finding your spiritual family is paramount for your soul’s purpose. Everyone will eventually find their family but sooner is always better than later.

I actually a have story to tell you that just happened to me in this regard! This happened on June 24 this year. I received a short letter after I wrote my last article published on June 24 and he wrote me to ask if I was perhaps the Luna he had been told in a dream. Chris is from Tennessee and is 57 years old. He told me the back story and said that this voice in his dream was relentless and kept saying “listen to Luna.”  It wouldn’t stop even though he wrote it down. I told him when I am getting messages that I write them down and it stops but it didn’t for him. So he decided to stamp it on a copper piece which he carried with him for 15/20 years as a necklace and/or on his key chain. 

When I received this message a few days ago I felt so proud of Chris even though I didn’t know him and I know that his life hasn’t been a bed of roses but his JOY for life shows and his commitment to his spiritual path speaks volumes to me.  I had a zoom call with him on the 26th and I can see the joy on his face. I told him how proud I was of him because he had nothing tangible to go on except a dream where he heard a voice over and over again telling him to “listen to Luna.”  He didn’t even know if I was a real person and to me that is faith in action and it also shows that he trusted this voice which is our guiding force. Not everyone is blessed to be connected that way let alone trust something they can’t see.  I am so happy Chris to call you my family. You are now a part of the WBG family and we will all welcome you with open arms. Thank you for hearing the call!

What Chris’ story also showed me was that Archangel Michael was working on getting my tribe to me. It was over 28 years ago that he told me about getting this group.  Now today, in this timeline Chris and I have connected.  If either Chris or I, had changed one thing or one decision, we would not have connected at this time.  That’s crazy right? Most of us don’t think about our decisions having much of an impact but it actually can change the course of your life. Sometimes it will come back around and other times you just miss it altogether and go down a different path.  I believe we met now because he has a mission for humanity to fulfill and putting him with me now will fulfill that mission since it is also mine!  I feel sure in this case that we would have come together later as my mission for humanity is not for a few years but a lifelong commitment. Another reason I am so certain is simply because we are from the same soul group so we are family who said we would meet up in this lifetime and do our humanitarian work together. So when you ask for something and it doesn’t happen  right away it’s because it’s not necessarily on our time it’s always on God’s time! It’s much more complex than you know.

The lesson here is if you are not connected to your inner voice then get connected and if you are connected for heaven’s sake listen to it!  One thing I am most certain about and that is, that our inner guidance will never ever steer you wrong or into a place that will harm you. It has been the guiding force that got me here and believe me, when I tell you it wasn’t all a smooth ride but we had to survive it. In a sense, because it was written in the stars long before we were born!

I am so blessed that I have been able to help many people that God and my angels put in my path for almost 5 decades now. So, I am writing this article to tell you all that I am here for you too.

Can you hear the call yet? It starts off with thoughts that don’t go away and a yearning to find out what it truly is. When we are not focused 100% on ourselves it’s hard to hear the call.

This is why so many people online or even in your communities are teaching meditation. It is an invaluable tool a great tool to help you focus because it teaches you to be in control of your own mind and quiet it down. By accomplishing that task alone, you are then better able to focus and direct your thoughts thereby creating and manifesting that which you desire.  


One of WBG’s projects is to open Wisdom Centers. These centers will teach us about spiritual practices and just basically help you connect to yourself and so much more. May you all be blessed and remember that the heart has no boundaries.

Just let your love flow, stay in your heart and I promise you that you will feel beyond amazing! You can reach me at

Peace, Love, Light and Joy,


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