Thomas Anderson: 2nd Response to TIGER “Direct Descendants”


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 27, 2022

Dear Tiger

no doubt that you have more friends of your opinion on your side.

however, I think your feelings and reaction on my comment have grown on decades of misleading education and infiltration.

of course you are right, when you are favouring that everybody should have the chance to develop the skills he wants to.

and maybe there will be some good white runners among those and may be some brilliant black engineers and architects.

these, let me call it, exemptions, are a reality, no doubt.


but you are neglecting the reality when you tell the reader, that some races are better in certain things than others, which is of course targeting NOT the exemptional individual, but the overall generality.

when we are talking about the planet and humanity, we are walking a path of “big data”, huge numbers, and we are not talking about exemptions.

one the one hand we have to make sure that exemptions are possible, and on the other hand, we have to make sure, that the majority has the chance to fulfil their lives

in a way that respects their genepool and targets their special talents.

and the main reason is to make them happy and successful!!!

take an escimo, a man from some far remote Siberian village or from Alaska or Canada, put him into some African country, let us say, kenya and tell him that he has now the chance to become the worlds best runner.

how would you judge about the outcome of such experiment?


would you think, “no matter where you come from, you can become whatever you want”


would it perhaps be more plausible, that there are far more young man and women from Kenya, tall, slim, long legs, that will be much more successful in running then him?

please always remember:
this is NOT about being “better” or “superior”

this is the reflex the massmedia has planted in your brain and which rightfully leads to rejection.

this should be about “how can we use the potential of every individual on Earth to give him or her the chance to become successful, respected and happy.

this can be anything in every country.

of course also running in northern Canada.

why not. EXEMPTIONS are everywhere and shall be promoted and helped.

remember also:


this is not about discrimination, not about any negative argument.

we have to face the truth!

what would be the chance of a new society when we still build the fundament from arguments that were planted in our brains by bad guys with bad intentions?!

your argument about public education shoes that you didn’t understand public education.

in public libraries your very rarely find the truth, because those wont organise and put books in the shelfs which are argumenting agains what is “publically agreed and scientifically approved”

the whole covid scam is based on such arguments and what can you find there in those public libraries?

only books which follow the mainstream.

your problem is that you have “learned” that elites are something bad, probably something “white” and there almost sure “racist”.


elites can be anywhere and member to elites should be possibly come from anywhwere and any race and country and family.


our problem, American and European and probably everywhere with some very rare exemption is that our so called “elites”

are not scientifcial or physical elites, but ONLY financial elites.

look at geoge bush jun. look at biden jun.

look at so many examples of the so called “elite”.

to call those “elites” is of course embarrassing for all real elites, who don’t have the chance to step forward and to do something for the planet and for their society, because they have not been born in the right family.

so, here we find the joining of your and my opinion.

to be automatically member of an “elite” is scientifical nonsense and a very bad starter for a good government and for a good fundament of a society.

to become member of an “elite” you should show exemptional abilities in certain areas, very welcome on more than only one topic.

to automatically say “I am a descendant of “ whomever and therefore I am rightfully king or czar or whatever is, for me, also nonsense.

however to automatically neglect that the bloodline of certain areas , certain families, certain people show GENERALLY a tendency to be stronger here, better there, faster here, slower there, worse in this and very bad in that,


to generally say “all human are equal” is also scientifical nonsense.

I understand your argumentation as a wish for equal chance

which I can only underline and print in bold letters.

we need this.

however, we need to learn from nature and from the past and we NEED to use the material we are given.

for our all´s best future.

what would bring it to you and me if the new government wants you to become a worlds famous ballet dancer, just because you fit in the right list of coming from a certain city, having the right name or whatever other reason?


you wont be happy with it

your dancer-collegues  wont be happy with this decision


and the audience wont be happy, too.

we need to accept the FACT that there ARE different races and those races bring with them an individual tendency for certain talents and certain nontalents.

when you were born in a barn that doesn’t make you a horse.

same for an African who is born in hamburg – it doesn’t make him a german.

he may speak like a german and he or she may behave very similar to a german

and also his talents and abilities might be an enrichement of the village he lives in.

but he still is not a typical german.

however, he should be able to become a member of an elite.

in whatever area.

sports, science, music.


if (IF) he or she shows the talents and results.

governments should be built on the principle of the round table of king Arthur.

primus enter paris

first among same.

it should be an honor to become member of an elite, not a right by birth.

it should be a standard for everyone to know about his or her genepool and what could be a good thing to work on in his or her life.

and everyone should see this as a gift.

if you like it or not, you are born like that.

use what you have been given at its best.

(yes, I know, some people do not feel to be born in the right body. this is a grave problem. may this very small number of people get the best chances to do some medical changes to feel better. why not. but this is NOT the majority and shall not be the main headline in the news!)


the way to become member of an elite should be open everywhere and for everyone,

but not based on racial discrimination or certain racial quotas, but ONLY on delivered results.

America has a huge problem of being a “melting pod” and the same problem is now delivered to European countries.

very successful we the see the destruction of peoples.


and the target is not the save this “richness of cultures” which every idiot is promoting when it’s about some indigenous people of 300 members at the amazon river,

but which is totally ignored when its about a people of 85 million germans, or French people, whos ressources are given away and in other hands, just and only to destroy those peoples.

America had peoples. but those live now in reservations.

what came in came from France, Germany, Spain, China and elsewhere.

indeed : a melting pod.

and still you see right in front you your door:

certain people tend to live in a certain way and tend to be good in certain areas of business and culture.

why would you try to neglect this?

it is a fact.

in the past decades, probably very much longer, our governments were very successful in neglecting certain facts and arguing politically to promote their aims and reach the status of today.

yes, we are divided.


because we still neglect given facts because our re-education program has infiltrated us so much that we have difficulties in discussing the reality

because certain arguments “trigger” (thank you that you used this word) certain reactions.

elites are not bad by nature

we NEED elites.

if we try to rule our countries with john doe from next door…

well… then good night.

we NEED elites.

REAL elites.

not the financial elites.

we need moral elites

physical elites

scientific elites.



and we should do everything to help them to climb up the ledders.

Russia and China have long understood this fact and are building elites.

may be brainwashed elites, but still elites.

I don’t think brainwashed elites are a good thing but at least they have elites.

without any elites you wont even become a successful nation,

you simply die.

on the spot.

we need elites, educated in a loving spirit and with great encouragement and engagement and strong demands on those children and students and grownups.

being elite is not a kindergarden.

being elite is a challenge.

being elite shall be rewarded.

being elite shall be an honor to be proud of.

no matter where you come from.

and going there should be guided.

you can do of course against your nature.

you may be successful in it.

may be.

more often and more plausible and more probable and even much more easy: follow the path you were given.

and again:

this is NOT about being generally better

not about a country, not about a person, not about peoples.

this about being different!

and this is about saving the advantages of such differences in a planetary society of peoples who are aware of these differences and respect the others abilities and talents and weaknesses.

we can not save those differences by melting together.

they will disappear and we will loose (!) all those special talents and as we see in the general development of the western countries: the IQ goes down with more different people melting together. in all of them.

and they are more easy to control

more easy to govern.

easy going for slave-keepers.

owners of slaves hate true elites.

they are the only real danger.


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