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Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 26, 2022

Dear Tiger

I read your article.

I know that I wont make a lot of friends with what I am saying, therefore I would like to write some words before I start with what I actually wanted to say.

when we look at our actual situation we see a lot of lies. lies in the media, from governments etc.

today and in the past.

and a lot of what we think, how we react, how we resonate on certain things and topics, is of course, NO DOUBT related to these lies.




you can not deny them, nor can you avoid being subject to those lies.

Those among the readers, who have already eyes wide open, are more resistant to those lies, those, who just started, still have their trouble with it, but move forward anyway.

those who still have their eyes closed rely on those lies as being the full truth.


when I read your article about direct descendants I could fully understand why you are writing this.

and it hit exactly a big part of my research in ancestry.

those who read my book know, that I did a lot of ancestry research and have a family tree right to the beginning of our biblical humanity.




(that doesn’t mean there was nothing before, I just don’t have the data yet. however, I am in contact with one researcher from Korea,

who has researched a family tree where Adam and Eve are in the middle of the timeline, so he goes much deeper into the past than I do).

So, when you do ancestry research, you can follow up the different lines of families and peoples and of course, races.

and of course, there are people who can follow up their families tree, some for 100 years, some for thousand years and some for even more.

but many people cant follow this line.

because they don’t have data.

and some of these people without data are true descendants of adam and eve, but simply don’t know it.

some of them are true descendants of whatever kind or czar. however, they don’t know it.

and many of those who can follow their families lines down into the past are no descendants of such kings or whatever.

and of course, when kings of the past told their peoples, that they were send from god, descendant of gods of Jesus,




the people HAD to believe that, partly doubted it (of course!), same as we mostly do today, because we don’t have the proof for it.

well… the proof is there.

its in my book.

they were really descendants from gods.

most of them.


you said, that we have to stop talking about “direct descendants”, which also implicates we should stop talking about races.

which both is a general topic of todays media and already was 100 years ago in different words and magnitude.

please let me remember you of Benjamin Disraeli who said:
“EVERYTHING is race.”

all is a question of race.




if you deny race, you deny nature.

if you deny nature, things ca only go wrong.

please get me right.

I am not talking about “Herrenrasse” or so

Let me give you some examples.

take a look at sports.

name me the best runners, short and long distance, of the world.

there wont hardly be any white people in this list.

tell me the best musicians of the world.

there will not be many black people in it.




tell me the best inventors of this world.

there wont be many peoples / countries in it, but only a few.

I remember well when I was in northern Germany, working for a company there.

we had a big company area there with lots of industrial machines for sale.

and from time to time we had a black guy from Nigeria coming to us, buying some of those machines and working on them with his tools to get spareparts out.

so it was in summer, he pulled of his shirt and worked.

and he, as he drank a lot, was smoking a lot and did no sports at all, had a body like a Greek god. you could see every muscle. it was beautiful to watch.

and we white men look at each other and thought “well… there is nothing we can do about it. WE will never look like that”.


I am fully with you when it is about the argument, that we should stop talking about “he is a descendant of whomever and therefore priviledged”.




however we should also stop as seeing the discussion about races as something bad, negative, criminal, or politically incorrect.

in contrary, we should finally start seeing the advantages of different races, and start learning how to use these advantages for ourselves.

not only economically, but also psychologically, mentally.

we do the same with animals for example in agriculture.

would you use a horse to search for hunted ducks?

would you use a dog for pulling the plow over your fields?

would you use bird to take care of your sheep?

of course not.

because you know about the nature of these animals.

do you think it is much different with humans?





I would say, it is not.

certain races have advantages in certain areas of life compared to other races.

and these advantages often come combined with more happiness if you can follow your nature, rather than doing something you are not good in nor made for.

so, I would like to express, that

I am with you when you say, we should stop thinking of some people being “better” by birth,

but we should finally start thinking about people being born for certain things more than for other things and guide people to be more happy and more successful in life by using this knowledge.

I do NOT have this knowledge about who is good for what.

but can see patterns in life on this planet.

and I am very sure:





if we do “multi-culti” nations, if we mix everything, we will loose those advantages.

ALL of us.

we will all be the same.

could be nice.


could be.

but it would be a step back.

NOW we still have those advantages of different races.

and now we still can try to work on using those for all of ours benefits.

we should finally recognize that the argument, that talking about race is politically incorrect and a bad thing was planted in our brains by bad people.

and from other bad people came the argument, that there is a superior race and a Herrenmensch and that all others are useless eaters.

and the “useless eaters” again pop up now in Davos at the people of the WEF, who are now working successfully on the decimation of humanity.

the fact of our given nature (given by whomever) is simple: there are different races with different abilities and specialities.

the political arguments to use them, or to spread hate or fear amongst them, are different in different areas, countries and ages.

and whenever you look at a political situation telling us certain things about certain races or that there are no races at all , it always is the same pattern:
there are some very good arguments coming in a mixture with some hardly noticeable and not conspicuous but nevertheless gamechanging lies.

it is ALWAYS a mixture with truths and lies where as the truths are used to get the consent and the lies are sold as necessary and unimportant bad part.

and this bad part is the game changer and leads to the main aim.

difficult to recognize, because its camouflaged.

it again shows that the evil part is not only evil but also a very intelligent player.

those who want to read more about ancestry and how probably made us humans what for may read my first book (please see below).

shortly after I started my own research, I went to present my results to an author from Germany who wrote a book titled “thousand years are for me like one day”
in which I wrote about the same topic: who made us what for.

and that entity surely made different “models” of humans for different purposes.

you may neglect this argument because it hurts your pride as being a natural being.

however, the facts are on the table and they show VERY clear evidence, that the evolution-“theory” (it is still called like that for a reason!!) is wrong and can not explain history.

so, for me it is a bit like:
you can close the eyes and tell” it´s not there and there are no races and if there were races they wouldn’t be there for a special reason and don’t mean anything”

or you can deal with reality.


And for all who want to know more about the history of this Planet, the Secret Space programs and more…

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