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Reader Post | By Logan B

Happy Father’s Day. 

As a lark, being we are half way through this year, I googled psychic predictions for 2022 from December and January. After reviewing about twenty of them I was surprised that none of them predicted Russia’s attack on the Ukraine with the resulting economic sanctions against Russia and natural gas exports to the EU stopping to many countries. 

None of them predicted any form of quantum technology being implemented this year. All of them said that the federal reserve will have a fiat crypto currency sometime this year but none made any mention of a gold-backed digital currency from the Treasury or any mention of the Treasury at all. Predictions that an American public official will be assassinated and the Pope will die was common. It is being said that he will be the last Pope but they didn’t say that. 

These psychics are in tune to what the collective consciousness considers important such as the Oscars and sports. The collective consciousness knows little to nothing about quantum technologies such as the QFS, medbeds, antigravity vehicles, replicators, free energy, Qphones, Qcomputers or any of the 6000 patents that are being withheld. 

Is it that since these psychics know nothing about the world other than what is presented to them by the msm and the scientific community that they cannot make predictions about things that are outside this scope or will nothing of a 5D quantum nature actually happen. I think the former is most likely the case and any predictions of a spiritual nature are probably censored by Google. Two did slip through the cracks that predicted a general uplifting of spiritual consciousness will happen this year but she didn’t elaborate and the other said that a woman will take over American politics and a very powerful prophet will perform many miracles worldwide and be humanities saviour. 

A couple of them said that Biden will put out some kind of economic stimulus package that will be very nwo but the people will love it and he will stay in office for the remainder of his term or probably his CGI, clone or double will. They predict that Putin will be replaced because his health is failing. 

Two distinctly polar opposite timelines are possible this year but the psychics and so called expert future predictors are favouring the nwo agenda of continuing our demise above the Light’s agenda. I want all of us to focus our intention of an RV and GESARA starting next week to completely negate all of the nwo’s plans and negate the nwo supporters altogether. Believing is seeing. 


Clif High predicts that when the general population wakes up and realizes, after a few million die from Covid injections, what the nwo they have been supporting are really up to there will be a historical type French or Russian revolution take place in America and many countries when their people will drag the elite into the streets and publicly lynch them. We don’t want to see it have to get to that. It has never solved anything long term before and probably wouldn’t now either. Ideally we would like to see the current nwo system completely replaced without bloodshed. 

I believe that when the people are given the choice of a financial system based on abundance or the current system based on lack the overwhelming majority will choose abundance and the lack system with all the evil associated with it will quickly die. Their ability to wage a counter offensive against the new system will also be eliminated when all the people that work for them discover their paychecks are worthless. 


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