The President and the Vax


Operation Disclosure | By RT, Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 19, 2022

Yes it is an old topic but there are still areas to clarify that when clarified might stimulate the kind of questions from among those with access to real intel sharers, that could easily give us a helpful breakthrough at this particular phase.

You see, I am wondering if there may be more to this child (and adult) deaths from the vax issue … That it isn’t as straightforward as it presents.

To be honest (and I know I am not the first to make this point) if I was a leader of any significance, intelligence and sensitivity and I was aware of the potential of the vax, the very last thing I would be concerned about is public opinion of me and the corrupt media’s ability to effect it – i.e. of political expediency.

My every statement both in public and on social media would be: Don’t take the vax and certainly don’t submit your children to it, do anything at all to avoid it …

Indeed, if it were you, you wouldn’t care what the media said or how they branded you would you. Your sole concern would be how many american lives both young and adult could be saved at this extremely crucial moment. In such a moment heroes show their true mettle.

You love america … The wellbeing of its citizens is of paramount importance to you? Well here is the truth make sure it reaches every ear even if the media bury you in manure because further down the timeline when reality washes it all away everyone will see what an upstanding and mighty angel of light you were in her very time of need, because when it came to the crunch you let nothing stand in the way of speaking out to save lives.


And if you were such a public figure and you were out of the loop and unaware of the needle and the damage done at that time … of what use were you at the very point your voice above all the others could have made a world of difference … Of what possible use could you be now to have proved you could so easily be sidelined into such a cloistered view of reality by either those around you or your lack of curiosity when so much harm was being done.

Now here is the real point I am making. My every read on Trump is he is neither a coward or stupid and incurious, but is just the kind of person who would have made such a stand if the situation genuinely called for it.

In fact I am happy to let my conviction that he is just such a leader trump what I am beginning to consider are my under-informed ideas about the vax. Not that the vax is at all harmless. No. More that there is a layer of complexity to the issue yet to find the light of day. There is more to this scenario.

Unless the silence came because of threats to him (or more likely) his family. Something like: of all the problems currently besetting the country you may speak openly and freely (this is reminding me of eden) but this one program you must fall into line on, or else …

I do genuinely think when the mystery cracks and the truth shines out the President will emerge shining along with it, but for the time being a certain amount of bafflement is in order. So c’mon interviewers, make it a real priority on your question list. Let’s see if under such a constant stimulus, when the meetings are held to decide how much and what kind of intel to drop at this stage, we can persuade those concerned to give us something major on this. It might release a jigsaw piece that by bringing others together, really contributes toward our overall confidence in the direction of things.


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