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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

A few days ago I read this article here. It must have been published on Facebook by Eva Maria Eleni:

Do we have to create the “New World” for ourselves?

The way we have been conditioned in our thinking, we believe (believed) that without making and doing or tackling, nothing would work. We (should) believe that we have to come up with great ideas first. Know what exactly we want and then work VERY hard to achieve it – especially when it comes to really big things!

You know what? The magic of life goes quite differently!

In fact, that’s not how it works in the New World! That is/was part of the old thinking matrix! In fact, it is this thinking that we need to question. We must look and investigate whether there is something else behind or under it! That does not go of course also with the same thinking.

But how does one let the thinking remain, if we were almost condemned everywhere to always think along, to think, etc.?




This exploring becomes possible only if we become completely quite – thought-still!

Simply once BEING in a state which needs no thinking at all! A state in which you do not seek anything! That is the beginning!

And then, if we can do this already a little better again, then impulses come there from itself. We would have to let ourselves be found by them, so to speak, remain still and let them show us! We must accept the process of relearning, unlearning and forgetting! Yes, that also hurts.

Because there things break away, or also up and with it pain is connected.

It is the fire of the truth which begins to work now! But these are healing pains!

Change your focus from “thinking and having to work” to “being still, being aware and letting it show you”. This gradually changes everything in you.

Everything is shaken up, what made up your identity in the old game.




But YOU were not that anyway!

You only played for a while as if it was you. But unfortunately, you also very much believed that it was you. This separation hurts – at first!

But the fire of truth releases you from the illusion about you, which had kept you entangled in so much suffering! To continue to hold on to it creates further suffering!

But if you watch the things, let them happen, let them show you, while they fall into a new form, you make it possible that the “new” world creates itself – before your eyes, together with you! FOR you and for all!

The Divine Power is already taking care of it, but you must not stand in its way! You are that being, which may watch this gigantic miracle! What a grace!

WOW, thanks to Eva Maria (whom I do not know) for this text.

I felt at first that she was expecting from us what so many have already gotten wrong about the Q-Drops. Namely, sit on the couch, hands in laps, eat popcorn and wait, or enjoy the show. But if you read the text several times, this misunderstanding quickly dissolves. It doesn’t say anything about couches, does it?

I have already written about thought loops and thought carousels, that we have to stop this, because it is useless. Also, when I deal with the future, thoughts come. All kinds of thoughts. But I don’t need them at all. Since nobody knows how our future looks, it is uncertain. Everyone just assumes, we have had this topic long enough and often enough. Whether it’s the RV, the GCR, the exchange. Whether it’s the LWS, the WBG, or other “organizations” offering programs and solutions for the new world. No one can say today with absolute certainty what is coming. So I CAN PLAN NOTHING in these relationships. No, sorry, that was not quite right, I can ONLY plan with the TODAY circumstances. And what is left of that? NO ONE can tell me that with absolute certainty.

I said goodbye to planning a long time ago. Thoughts come up that keep me too busy, as loops, as roundabouts. They keep me from doing what I need or want to do here and now. I have a basic idea, a basic plan to present at a possible exchange date. Nothing more. No elaboration, no business plan, no project description. I count at the appointment, not the idea or the project. And for an after or for an implementation of the idea, I have enough time, first of all. After the RV, the marathon does not turn into a sprint, just because many have changed. I myself have been waiting for over three years now, and I’m supposed to rush after the exchange? No, I won’t. I will get everything I need for the idea. And better and more beautiful than I can imagine now. I’m here for a reason, as are many others, and honestly, we’re exchanging our currencies, and it’s going to be a competition to see who converts the fastest? Folks, the run on Oklahoma is history, there are no more times like that. Maybe those who think like I do will only get “the leftovers” because others stepped on the gas after that. Does anyone really believe that?

To worry or think in the current situation, in this information war, in this chaos of news, in this confusion, because chaff has to separate from wheat, is like sitting in a rocking chair. We get busy then, but we don’t get anywhere.




Since I’ve relaxed, put myself in the observer role, the more Intel bounces off me and the less interested I am in what’s going on out there in the world (in the show). It already feels like it’s not my world anymore. But with this world, the future one, I deal in dreams, visualizations. The HOW comes all by itself. There is a very intense, intimate trust in new technologies, but especially in the quantum computer. It will support us in a way that we have only seen in science fiction movies so far. But it will all be possible, and it is coming. I’m a firm believer in it.

I don’t know if you all can go along with what I’m doing, but you don’t have to. I am not a leader or a guide, I am just Stefan. Everyone is individual, everyone can do, leave and believe what they want. If you prefer to have thought loops, that’s OK, if you prefer to plan, that’s fine, if you prefer to question everything and want to know all the details, that’s fine. You are individual and may do everything the way you feel is right. I feel my way is good, I resonate with it, it feels right to me.

No matter what you do or don’t do. Please keep the faith, keep your trust in the plan. Don’t let anything or anyone get in your way. It will all work out, one way or another, surprisingly for some, expectedly for some. It will be good. It will be good, our new world.

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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