(Reader: GK) Cult Abducts Cult: Now Twice as Crazy


Reader Post | By GK

Something I encounter over the years is what I consider to be the lowliest fighting tactic. Equivalent to biting a guy’s ear in the ring then punching him in the gonads.

It is when you are open and candid and allow people into your trust, and then they use information from that trust you gave them, against you. They never would have that information without you being open, honest which sometimes is from a place of regret. You know being human? How shame can sometimes teach.

Most people know my 22 years worth of movies from film school forward is autobiographical. I tell stories of what I am proud of and not proud of.

I also try and explain things like the government sponsored targeted individual campaign that takes millions of people all over the world and harasses and smears them because the government (Talmudic Babylonia Rabbinical dirty operations) knows that some people are smarter than the lowlife tactics used against their so called citizens, so the government resorts to lying and cheating. Using outside contractors for some of it.

Pence was interviewed about this “Community policing program” and was enthusiastic about its effectiveness. What have we learned about Pense thus far? The loudest dot dot dot dot…

When they tell a neighborhood watch program lies, going as far as to secretly talk to a person’s family to psychologically insinuate the target is doing something wrong, then they pay these stalkers and train them in harassment strategies such as street theater, the target sees it happening while others do not. They have parties to celebrate when they drive a person to suicide or an institution.


Do I have to go on finding words to describe how evil this is? The blogs are filled with government boiler rooms with fake characters that teams gather to write articles to try and persuade readers in directions that benefit the official lies, to put things mildly.

Here is one video I made on the subject.

Stasi stuff from the early 1900s in Russia.

Let me say, it is interesting that Victor uses David Hawkins as a way to try and sound smarter than he really is, because in my video I discuss SERCO which is one of the subjects Hawkins speaks on.

Victor also tries to use not so subtle psychological manipulation to imply I am a cereal killer– knocked off some raisin bran this morning. Joke. Serial. Oh by the way Vic, her name is spelled Goguen and you spelled break as brake.

But seriously, I contend Victor is part of a boiler room of agency mind rapists that include the likes of Kim Goguen and Juan– I never stop talking to breathe, how do you like my new boots and my million dollar car, Savan….


However maybe I need to be more vocal and not allow people to sit there confused. Because I am demonstrably just a media producer and nothing more but for all you other regular folks reading these blogs, and tasked with choosing your team to champion, part of the strategy is always good cop and bad cop. Everything likely leads to their desired outcome.

I had a childlike desire for Kim Goguen to be this wonder woman she portrayed. I kept an open mind. But that doesn’t mean as an independent journalist I didn’t point out every inconsistency and contradiction. The agencies hate it when you question what appears to be contradictions. Their scenarios are weaker and lamer than TV.

All sides are lying for NASA’s money laundering operation. Key to laundering the trillions the FED prints up for their demonic goals. Both Kim and Juan.

I covet my time and as much as I consider doing a huge documentary on her, I have the video in my files, I say to myself, but why waste your precious time on cartoon characters that aren’t cartoons from your own pen?

And I really despise being drawn into public sparring with mental midgets. Sometimes you know that most people see them for what they are — weak– but then teachers teach, and it is a duty that one is often forced to do when they rather not.

I love this new agey bullshit thing they call, service to self…

Does anyone have any idea how wonderful the world would be if everyone just took care of themselves? Ever hear the adage the road to hell is paved with good intentions?

We wouldn’t have Child abduction services or 17 alphabet agencies made up of Ivy League arrogant privileged pricks. LOL. That’s not going to help me but that’s what you get from me rain or shine is razor like truth.

Victor, know your weakness. which is pretty much everything. And be careful, obsessing on me might lead to stepping off the curb in front of a bus.



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