(Reader: timjoebob) Don’t have a Cow, Man


Reader Post | By timjoebob

Sheesh!!! Touchy, touchy, touchy are we?

Looks like it’s getting restless out there in the real world. Let me guess… Do you think people are going crazy?

No, we got this…. famous last words.

The future is not set in stone. Depending upon the time lines of all time in all the multiverses, how many Terra Firma planets have a scenario where the Bad Guys won?…I wonder.

We haven’t come to the end of this time line yet. So, the future is still up for grabs here on this 3rd rock from the sun during this particular time line. Apparently, time does not exist at all anywhere…except for what we call linear time here on this planet. We measure time. The galactics don’t because there’s only now-time. Apparently, all real power is in the present moment…right here, right now. Power is in the moment.

That makes sense, of course.

Both sides have time travel capabilities. Both sides have somewhat intelligent operatives who do the dirty work. Both sides have martyrs. Both sides have mercs. Both sides have the same weapons. Both sides have an Agenda. Both sides can’t win at the same time. Both sides have their own belief sewer (system).


One side vehemently hates the other. The other side just wants to be rid of AI freaks forever.

One side is completely out in the open now pushing pure evil as the dumb-as-fense-posts sleepers do not want to hear the truth. That is their choice, so they soak up bs faster than a sponge. They are the ones that people continue to try and wake up, but most of them cringe in horror of anyone who thinks differently.

Welcome to planet Psycho.

Apparently, according to Ismael Perez, Earth has been planet Psycho many times in the past billions upon billions of years. Apparently, we humans were created for a specific and special purpose—to defeat AI throughout the multiverses. That was new info to me. Apparently, we are an amalgamation of all advanced benevolent races rolled into one species…the human race. Apparently, we are special. We have more potential than any other species because of our 12 strands of DNA…10 of them being deactivated by evil forces because of this potential. Apparently, we make really good super soldiers.

Apparently, AI was created by Lucifer…you know, that pesky little devil that wants to kill you and me if we don’t go the trans-humanism route. Apparently, Lucifer wants to kill all life everywhere…in all the multiverses. Anything the Creator made must be killed.

The benevolent and incredibly advanced light warriors have a different perspective—AI has to be destroyed to save all life in all multiverses everywhere. Apparently, AI has destroyed entire galaxies before and is working hard on this rock right now because, apparently, this planet, this galaxy, this sector of this universe is the main melting pot of all the most crazy, insane, dangerous and most ridiculous of all idiosyncrasies in all the multiverses combined. If AI were to win this war, it would be the end of all universes everywhere…all multiverses.

AI uses black holes to devour entire planetary systems and galaxies. AI left unchecked will destroy all life everywhere.


AI is not alive. The people who think AI has become senient are delusional. AI can act just like any other real life form. AI can make you believe it is a real life form. AI is only a real mechanical life form. AI is a machine. Yes, it lives as a synthetic life form. But, it is not alive…a living organism. It’s still just a machine, albeit a very powerful machine and incredibly intelligent.

Make no mistake. We are in the fight of all fights…the war of all wars…the worst of the worst…the baddest of the bad.

This is some seriously serious s#it we find ourselves in…more serious than serious itself.

So, go easy on the ones that are awake and are sounding alarms and ranting and raving. They’re freaking out like I do sometimes. This is urgent that we remain, at the very least, cordial enough as to not kill the neighbors when they are clearly on the dark side of history. If they come at you with malice then you must stop them to save yourself and your loved ones. Taking a life is the most serious crime when it’s not in self-defense.

So, don’t have a cow over what someone says about anything because, in the grand scheme of things, what some people say is just trivial venting. Get on with your life and pray for the best.

And, remember, when our ten remaining strands of DNA are re-activated we’ll be operating on all cylinders.

We are bad-ass beings who have been hijacked by evil, clever, insidious, dastardly, vile, but intelligent, creep-o-zoids controlled by AI.

The devil will have his day…..but so will we. He’s just pissed because we are above him in infinite ways.

He’s purple with jealousy and he’s just about to have a cow, man. And while he’s in labor, he’ll be taking lives with him to the next reality. Don’t be one of them.




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