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Reader Post | By TruthIsUnbreakable

As of recently, I found one those who claim “are you part of the problem”, as so and so believes all of the complaining of the Alliance and Trump isn’t working, so instead of reaching more people on this site, just write to Trump.  Let me explain a few things, if you don’t like reading articles complaining of the reality of what’s really going on, believing that so and so are hijacking the site, as complaining lowers one’s vibrations, etc.  That’s great that you are in different place and in your own world, but please don’t assume that everyone will operate the same as you.  If you don’t like reading articles about the evil and destruction thereof, and those of us informing and ranting real issues within the alliance and with Trump, then find something else to do.  But there are real problems within the Alliance and with Trump, and within our own communities.  Part of it is due to greed, “drip reference”, saying one thing and doing another, etc.  If these people were really in control and the what would’ve been can only go so far, as more are sick and tired of the BS.  Yes, we are being destroyed on all fronts from humans to the animals.  It’s very difficult to get everyone on the same page because we have our own ideas, as more would end up fighting one another in the same room and can’t get anything done.  Parallel societies are another great option as well, as for those who think and operate this way go here and there.

For example, go to NeverLoseTruth 3 Kafka on youtube and look up “Just Talking: Comments, Nanobot Sky, Extreme Radar Pulses, & Destructive Power Of Nanotech Weather”.  You’ll see depending in your area, more are sick from the weather modification programs and EMF frequencies that contribute to making us sick and unable to get better nor fight back on the spiritual and physical level.  If the Alliance we’re really in control, there was no need to be allowing these evil doers to continue their agendas and operations that poison our world.  That includes allowing children to be injected with the Convid poison clot shots as they are sacrifices to Pharmakeia/Moloch.  Consider that if you will, that’s on top of more are having difficulty of making ends meet, due to higher cost of living, as more are going Homeless, Hungry, and Dying from various causes, etc.

Great for those with all of the time to work on raising their “collective consciousness” and increasing their positive vibrations.  Please don’t rub it in and assume that everyone must be on the same pace as you.  Why the alliance who push for 80% to 100% awakening level before they will do anything is a load of BS, and is another system of control that benefits them and keeps the gravy train $$ going.  I brought up in the few articles that I’ve written so far, you will always have those who are awake, in the middle, don’t care, in the middle, stupid, ignorant, dead, or evil.  Besides, you have people seek someone to rule them.  If so and so says “we’re not going to stop until evil can’t be refinanced.” That’s great, but when you solve one problem, you create ten more, there will always be good and evil out there, and this battle of good vs evil will continue, until Jesus Christ returns.

Just so you know, Truth Social is not a free-speech platform, as Dr. Sherri Tenpenny posted something and her account was terminated, please see for yourself.    One of the many reasons why you shouldn’t sign up on Truth Social, they censor the crap out of you and aren’t for truth nor for free speech as claimed.  Please read their terms and conditions, they are no different than other platforms. Gab is one of the very few social media sites that are true not only to principle, but to free speech and they have their own server as they tried contacting Truth Social to give them tips of which they have had no response.  You are of whom you associate with.

Why those such as myself have spoken out because we’re tired of the BS and aren’t able to do everything.  Please know those such as Trump, who lives in a different world, he’s a narcissist, hypocrite, greedy, and is driven by ego.  Don’t assume by writing to him nor his team will accomplish anything.  No different than writing or calling your local parasite politician, the only thing that speaks volume is big $$.  Anything that promotes control, depopulation, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree.  No matter how much or how little one prepares lasts temporary.

We’re all working on ourselves in our own way with God’s help and will be doing so from cradle to grave.  But there is no excuse for this B-rated film to continue as more are being destroyed.  Why evil flourishes because good men and women who do nothing to hold evil doers accountable for crimes against humanity.  Mass noncompliance is the only way to end this.  You want to talk about raising vibrations, what about honesty, dignity, and truth?  The longer this insanity continues the worse this gets and there will be nothing to rebuild. This battle isn’t just between good vs evil, but we the people vs the globalists.  If you the Alliance are reading this and are truly on the side of God and are with we the people, please get the job done ASAP and not months or years down the road, and give us the tools to do things on the local level, is that so hard to ask or what?  Along with listening to those such as Benjamin Fulford, who has repeatedly informed you the Alliance to go to certain locations within the US and takeover the mainstream media and this would’ve been over.  Fulford believes the Alliance military is paid $$ off by Hollywood, so don’t you think you have issues within that need to be addressed including the leadership as well, as in 1 Timothy 6:10 of for the love of $$ is the root of all evil.  None of us are perfect, but there is no excuse to be blaming everyone else for your own problems, that includes you the Alliance as well.  Because the longer this goes on, the less the people will ever trust you for the suffering and deaths of their loved ones and animals as well.  Don’t give me this crap all of this was done to wake people up, while using God via “God’s timing” as an excuse, really?  Please get your act together, enough of the psychological operations and hopium, it’s show and tell gator done time.



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