(Reader: timjoebob) MSM Still Controlling Minds


Reader Post | By timjoebob

The Branch Covidian Death Cult Big Pharma controlled by UN, CDC, controlled by Fauci/Gates/Schwab/Soros controlled by Satan/Lucifer/Bhal/Baphomet from the Vatican City and City of London etc etc is still controlling the MSM and the level of bs has not even reached the highest point yet…mask mandates coming back…lies are getting bigger…and bigger…and BIGGER…until the lies get bigger than the universe itself. There’s not enough room left in the universe to hold all the bs since lies are the new truths now.

Evolution. It’s great, isn’t it?

But, not to worry…everything is going to be just fine…because justice will be served…at some point in the future…at some point in the distant future…at some point in time…at some point in future time…at some point in time…always at some point in time…never in the ‘now time…like today…oh, no, not today, that would be moving way too fast for the good guys. Remember, the wheels of justice grind exceedingly s l o w…painfully slow…slower than sap dripping from a tree…much, much slower than a sloth.

I can picture it in my mind…the entire justice system of sloths moving slowly in their sloth custom fitted suits pushing buttons and tapping on keypads and writing on pads of scratch paper and talking on phones while working feverishly slow on things that matter not. I see, in my mind, the entire broken system spinning its wheels going nowhere…black SUV’s picking up other important sloths and dropping off sloths at different locations to attend slothly meetings that never end only to end up making yet mo re plans to attend other Elite sloth meetings to see how they’re going to implement the NWO smoothly and effortlessly while keeping the sheeple in the slaughter line.

I’m sooooo impressed. Wow! Gee, maybe I could someday aspire to be one of the ‘in crowd’. It’s all the go, man. It’s the new rage.

Business as usual. Nothing has changed since ancient times. We’re just in a new Era.

The summer of discontent is rapidly approaching. How fast can the sloths move to see that justice is served? It’s no big deal. The sloths have until 2030 to get this done. If the sloths can’t get it done by then…well…we know what that means.


I want to say something here, now, today.

I’ve enjoyed writing articles and submitting some of them here on this platform. Yes, I do rant about things. It’s venting that allows the pressure cooker to keep working without exploding. But, I’m going to take a much needed break from ranting. But, I will leave this in parting:

MSM is the #1 enemy of the planet because of obvious reasons. Information moves quickly around the world these days and sleeping sheeple soak up all the bs like a sponge. Now, all you have to do is add 2+2 and connect a few dots. The sloths in charge don’t appear to comprehend such things and if they do they must be unable to do simple math.



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